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Negligee of Protection

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Protection
  • Physical Appearance: This is a translucent white silk negligee.
  • Dimensions: The negligee will loosely fit most human or elven women.
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Effects: The negligee provides 3 points of magical armour. This will not stack with other forms of armour in any way, but it has the advantage that it may be worn under other forms of clothing, and of course the wearer may sleep comfortably in this garment. If worn alone or with light clothing it provides a 10% bonus to stealth - however this may well be negated if the wearer is plainly visible to admiring eyes of the opposite sex. Should the negligee be worn alone it provides a +2 bonus to PB with respect to the opposite sex only. The wearer may benefit from Armour of Earth and similar spells, but gains defense only, the armour value of the negligee cannot be increased.
  • Value: 1000 sp

Assassin Outfit

A jet black skin-tight black leather bodysuit

This is a very well made form fitting tight leather body suit that is suitable for Aurora to wear. The bodysuit adjustments are made using straps along the side of the bodysuit in order to make it tighter if needed. The bodysuit comes with fitted hood and detachable leather face mask to provide a completely black outfit. The bodysuit has a built-in ‘belt’ around the waist which has 6 pouches small enough for vials or very small boxes (max 1 x 1 by ¼ inches) and 2 slots for small daggers aligned with the legs.

The bodysuit is hard wearing and will provide 3 pts of protection but cannot be worn in conjunction with any other items of clothing. The outfit provides its wearer a +30% chance to stealth rolls and by its nature absorbs darkness making the area around it seem darker – effectively 30% darker than the area would be in terms of lighting conditions. The wearer walks very quietly using the inbuilt soles of this bodysuit and any rolls requiring a PC roll related to sound to detect this suit are made at a difficulty factor less or -20% whichever is more appropriate.

Only Aurora or someone with her exact measurements can fit this and any repairs must be made by a rank 8 leatherworker and rank 6 armourer.

  • Value: 3000sp to Aurora.
  • Weight: 5lbs

Blackened Ranke Scale Armour

This magical suit of hardened studded scale leather armour is made from the hide of a fantastical Chimera and is dark blue in colour. It gives the user 8 points of protection to Fatigue blows and 4 points of protection from Endurance blows. It can be repaired by a rank 7+ skilled armourer. You can cast in this armour at +30 to the die roll.

  • Size: 6
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • AG Penalty: 2
  • Value: 8000sp
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Protections

Somewhat Less Improved Drow Mage Robes

These heavy black robes appear to be made of black silk, and to have a fine silvery web-like pattern embedded in the fabric. They are designed to fit an elf and are a bit long for the average human.

These robes are actually made of the exudate of a giant funnel web spider, and thus being composed of spider silk, are much tougher than they appear, and are also magically enhanced. They provide 6 points of fatigue armour, and two points of endurance armour with a -1 penalty ro AG and no Stealth penalty. In levels of Darkness greater than 60% they provide +10 to Stealth. In addition, they tend to absorb any magic with 'dark' or "black" in the descriptor so that the wearer may resist all such spells for half damage.

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Protections
  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Cost: 16,000sp

Shielding Bracers

This pair of bracers adds 2 to the protection value of the wearer (limit 9) and reduces all incoming damage by twice the MA bonus gained when purified - i.e. 2 pts at rank 5, 4 at rank 10, 6 at rank 15 and 8 at rank 20.


Mithrilite Shortsword

  • Beautiful looking (Mithril) but functional and viciously sharp shortsword. Forged by Aryan as his first Masterwork and bears his mark. NB: The weapon is not enchanted and may take a weapon spell.
  • In addition to normal damage, each successful strike damages armour by the following amount:
    • Fatigue: 1 point armour damage
    • Endurance: 2 points armour damage
    • Specific Grevious: 3 points armour damage.
  • Strike Chance: 48% (+3 from Weaponsmith)
  • Damage: D+6 (+1 from Weaponsmith, +2 from materials)
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Mithrilite Maingauche

  • Beautiful looking (Mithril) but functional and viciously sharp main gauche. Forged by Aryan as his first Masterwork and bears his mark. NB: The weapon is not enchanted and may take a weapon spell.
  • In addition to normal damage, each successful strike damages armour by the following amount:
    • Fatigue: 1 point armour damage
    • Endurance: 2 points armour damage
    • Specific Grevious: 3 points armour damage.
  • Strike Chance: 48% (+3 from Weaponsmith)
  • Damage: D+4 (+1 from Weaponsmith, +2 from materials)
  • Weight: 1 lb

Dark Tulwar

This tulwar appears blacker than black. It has a permanent rank 10 Sword of Darkness on it. It will n ot accept additional weapon spells apart from Sword of Light. Against Light Aspected entities, it will do an additional 4 points of damage and have 11 more strike chance

  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Strike Chance: 60/71
  • Damage: D+5/D+9
  • Value: 5000sp

Silvered Blade

This shortsword may strike phased, incorporeal, ethereal etc beings. Against insubstantial creatures it inflicts a second dice of damage.

  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Strike Chance: 60
  • Damage: D+6
  • Class: A & B
  • Use: MC

Sgain Dubh (Black Dagger)

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: None.
  • Physical Appearance: This is a fine dirk made of black steel by the dwarves of Am Lannan Dubh, the Black Blades. It is one of a set given as a reward to the party by Clan MacLoed. It is designed as a sgain dubh, a small weapon to be concealed in the clothing, most commonly in the sock or the boot. The blade is black, non-reflective, and hard to see in the dark. The handle is also wound in black.
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Effects: The sgain dubh does the same damage as a full-sized dagger although it is only half the size, due to its keen edge. It is well balanced and has a 5% bonus to strike chance. It counts as a silvered weapon for the purposes of determining what it will hit.
  • Value: 300 sp

Amulets (nonstandard)

Nightmare Amulet

The wearer of this 'Garnet Amulet' is immune to nightmares, both from dreams and the Illusion College spell Nightmare Illusion, the Mind College spell Phantasm and the Rune College Spell Curse - in respect of nightmares. The effect of this amulet provides the wearer with a good night's sleep and will not stack with the Amulet of Amethyst

  • Value: 10000sp
  • Nature of Magic: Dreams
  • College: Mind
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia

The Face of Dorian

The wearer of this 'Jacinth Amulet' provides the wearer with +20% MR v Mind College Magic and against all spells of Binding, Controlling, and Summoning.

  • Value: 6000sp
  • Nature of Magic: Protection
  • College: Mind
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia


The Cup of the Twelfth Djinn

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Summoning
  • Physical Appearance: This is a silver chalice chased with gold and set with lapis lazuli.
  • Dimensions: The cup is approximately ten inches in height, and eight inches in diameter.
  • Weight: 2lb
  • Effects: This artifact can act as a aid when summoning spirits of the air, should the adept chose to burn various forms of incense in it. The bonus gained to the base chance of any ritual of summoning air spirits such as Conjure Air Elemental are as follows:
    • Value of incense burned = Bonus
    • 100 sp = 5%
    • 400 sp = 10%
    • 900 sp = 15%
    • 1600 sp = 20%
    • 2500 sp = 25%

Should the ritual backfire when the cup is used, the adept will not summon an uncontrolled air elemental, but a djinn - who may or may not be in a good mood!

  • Value: 6000 sp

Fae Daisy Chain Charm

Constructed by the dryad 'The Hart of the Wood' near little East Farthing in Artzdorf. These seemingly delicate charms can be worn as either bracelets or necklaces. They aree actually more resilient than tough leather and cannot be easily cut nor can they inadvertently slip off (it takes an act of will by an entity to remove them)

Whilst worn, the wearer will see through simple fae concealments (such as those that tend to hide paths around dryad groves). The wearer will gain an improved (+10) magic resistance to all fae magics and become especially (an additional +30) resistant to any (non-royal) fae charms. They will also have a chance (of their modified magic resistance) to see 'through' the natural invisibility of some fae. If worn openly, the charms will improve (+20 reaction roll) how the wearer is treated by fae.

Value: 1000sp

Dalran Crystal of Vision

This cut piece of Rose Quartz is a half-sphere some 10cm in size with one side of the sphere being cut flat to provide a viewing surface of 10cm by 10cm in area. The crystal weighs 1lb and has an innate value of 400sp.

When activated successfully, the crystal will display the view from a vantage point selected by the user, over a location within range of the crystal's 'vision'. The viewer may also hear as at the point of vision.

This crystal may be used once per day for up to 36 minutes. You may use up to the duration but may not save it for user 'later on'.

The crystal is enchanted to enable 3 extra jumps. This entails shifting the crystal's point of vision to anywhere within sight (but still within the ritual's range)

This may also be used to view visions (usually precognitive in nature) as concocted by the GM These are mystical devices, not telescopes or x-ray machines. It is not possible to use detection talents (such as Detect Aura) through a Crystal of Vision.

  • Effective Rank: 13
  • Range: Max 200 miles
  • BC: Auto
  • Number of jumps: 4 (This includes the first viewpoint)
  • Value: 4000sp

Companion Tree

This crystal tree will grow into a 75ft tall Norfolk Pine in three pulses when planted in suitable ground so you never have to be without a tree again. It can be cruelly ripped out of the earth and put back in the crystal in three pulses when required.

  • Value: 500sp

Crown of Control

Grants the wearer the ability to cast Mass Charm at Rank 12 (BC70) or adds 6 ranks to the wearer's rank in that spell.

Glowing Canith

This Glowing Canith crystal can be permanently fixed to a weapon which removes three points from the Strength and 2 points from the MD requirement for that weapon.

  • Value: 1000sp

Canith Crystal Cracker

This fine device can crush crystals and nuts at will. It can hold up to 10 crystals (or pistachios) in a pre-loaded holder.

  • Value: 400sp

Canith Eye Popper

Swallowing this little beauty will negate any poison for the next 40 hours. Passing it out in a few days time will make the eyes water.

  • Value: 400sp