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Isreana was a Termite Shaman, who lived in Alice's Swamp in central Mercato surrounded by thousands of termite mounds some stretching up to 40ft into the air. She was believed to be one of the very few Fae resident on the isles and consequently one of the oldest Shaman.

She has always been pleasant and helpful towards Guild members although there has always been something in it for her in all the encounters and there is an edge to her personality that could indicate a hidden nastiness.

Believed to have Died - 1st Meadow 808.

Dealings with the Guild

Spring 806WK
A Guild Party went to see Isreana to gain information for their quest. She gave them the information in exchange for the retrieval of one of Romache's scales that had been left at a crime scene.
Characters : Thaeuss, Sven, Lucius, Vychan, Victoria and Tari.