Into the Valley of Roses

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Adventure: Into the Valley of Roses
GM: Jacqui Smith
Session: Spring 815
Night: Thursdays
Location The house of Smith
Level: Low to Medium
Rules: ?


Finding out why people who enter an ancient forest, don't come out.

The Party

Scribe Notes

I've finally done it. Got myself on an adventure. Took a bit of prodding from Starflower and the Sorceress in Silver but I did it. After the last fiasco where I royally messed up and nearly got myself killed by self-induced suicide - or something - I still don't know what the heck I was thinking at the time - I'm back in the field and hoping I still have the Right Stuff.

The adventure I managed to get on looked simple enough, go to Ranke and find out why people who enter a forest don't come out of it. Seemed simple enough - I mean how hard can it be? Even for someone of my limited capabilities ... sorry ... not allowed to use the word limited in relation to myself. Also not allowed to say handicapped, cursed or .. anything else that will bring down my already damaged self-worth. *sigh* Already having to take St John's Wort on a daily basis.

Anyway, enough about me, although I should point out, that, after missing out at the main Guild meeting - again - I was feeling a bit lackluster, especially after the news that the Spring Rites hadn't been enough to rejuvenate the Elven Race and we would have to closely ally ourselves with the Evil Drow, and I mean really closely, when I was told that a late employer had arrived and was looking for volunteers. So I went (read was guided .. erm ... pushed by Cousin Starflower - that woman can be so persuasive sometimes) and signed up.

There were two other people in there. One I recognised instantly being Sir Wojer, a fellow member of the Air College. The other, I didn't know but I soon found out was Amira, a dancer from Adjepbar. When I mentioned that I knew dances as well, she asked me if I had ever danced around a pole. I replied that I had flown around them but never danced around one before. I quickly got the impression that she thought I should.

Our party employer was an emissary from Baron Helmut, located in the Silverstream Barony in South Ranke. I had a fair idea where that was and was confident I could find it from the air. He told us that we were required to check out an old forest in the Thorny Valley, located to the west of the Bluewater River. Unfortunately there had been stories of people going in there and disappearing so the Baron wanted us to find out what was going on. With all the refugees that were still coming into Silverstream, work parties from nearby Fort Rodan were supposed to be in there cutting down trees to make buildings to accomodate them all, and one of the work parties were already among the missing. Makes sense. I just hope that the three of us are up to the task.

After the emissary had left, we sorted out what resources we had and who was doing what. It soon became apparent that these two knew about my affliction (not surprisingly, it was all around the Guild - so much for discretion) and were making plans to help me deal with it. Fortunately, one of those plans was not making me the Party Leader as well as the Scribe. Amira became our leader. Guild Security was also successful in vetoing their other plan to sell me to a brothel in Sanctuary and wait for me to escape. I would have just flown out the nearest window anyway - naked if I had to.

Next thing we did was to check our resources then go off to make preparations. We were just pooling our resources when three more adventurers turned up, being Quentin, Pierre, and Mungo. So, we revoted who was doing what, and the rotten sods decided to make me the party leader after all. Plus, Sir Wojer said I was supposed to be tough and decisive. I'm fairly sure Mungo, or was it Amira, was made the Military Scientist and Quentin the Scribe but I'm not too sure as I was still recovering from the shock.

We got Restoratives at cost, Rank 10s so I went for half a dozen. Meanwhile Amira had arranged for Lucius to put Greaters on us all. I went for all four areas at a total cost of 16K and also arranged to pay for Quentin's, at the same price, since he was relatively new and couldn't afford the total package. Besides, I wanted to ensure everyone survived this trip and could operate at their maximum potential.

Mungo insisted on organising a feast before we left, apparently it's traditional, but Sir Wojer wanted to get away as soon as we could. Mungo had a boat so it would be decided we would go on that. An argument developed between the two of them which I listened to, and was about to hand down my decision when Sir Wojer beat me to it. We would have the feat on the boat after we left on the early morning tide. *sigh* I should have been more assertive and spoke up earlier.

2nd Thaw

Finally set sail on the 2nd of Thaw and the feast was had, washed down with copious quantities of beer (mead in my case) and I was finally eating meat again as some of the healers thought that might have had something to do with my ennui. The bacon was actually delicious. The only interparty dispute I had to deal with was when Mungo believed his magical crown should be ensuring that we respected him for his leadership. So I threatened to get my fairy crown which probably had more power than Mungos. That lead Sir Wojer to say "We don't want two Queens on this boat".

4th Thaw

Arrived in Silverstream on the fourth. We could have gone directly to the danger zone but I insisted we divert to Silversteam to at least pay our respects to the Baron. It's only polite after all. However, the Baron wasn't available for an audience until tomorrow morning. We were told he had invited us for brunch at the castle.

5th Thaw

So, next morning, in our finest, we headed up to the palace. The rules said that no heavy weapons were to be taken into the Baron's presence but Mungo, Quentin, and Sir Wojer insisted on not being parted from their weapons, even after assurances were given that they would be well looked after. Since they were so adament, I just shrugged and left them to it, which resulted on them staying in the outer atrium with the guards. I did managed to ensure that they were able to get some of the decent food we were enjoying.

We were told by the Baron that our contact at the Fort was Sir Gunter Talon and the work party had vanished seven days ago. He had not heard of any others disappearing but it was not inconceivable. Since it was an ancient forest I was wondering if dryads were involved. The Bluewater was only navigatable up as far as Avonhilthe so we would need horses.

After the meal we managed to get a guide, a ranger type called Brian Haverland. Pierre then went provision shopping for the trip. While he did, Amira and I tagged along, just in case something bad happened to him. We then went to see the three local witches to see what they knew and also what we could obtain. I went for a six pack of Rank 10 restoratives which they were offering at cost. Mungo also got a reading "Fate whispers to the warrior 'You cannot withstand the storm', The warrior replies 'I am the storm".

We set off on our trip towards the Thorny Valley. By evening we had reached Avonhilthe. According to Brian, it would take us another three days to reach our destination. Even though we were staying at an inn, watches were set up.

6th Thaw

Next day, we continued up alongside the Bluewater River. Once we were out of sight from any one and into uncultivated area, Pierre used his landspeed spell so we would reach the fort that afternoon. We did, however, had to slow down to a normal speed when we reached the village of Castleford. The inhabitants told us that the place had been taken over by undead, which made Mungo rather excited at the thought of hordes of them still out there but, when he realised that had been over a year ago and none had been sighted since then, he clearly looked disappointed. He brightened up though when the goblin hordes, ogres, wolves and the occasional wild bear were mentioned. Here, we crossed the river and followed a tributary going west where Brian told us that the logs were floated down. He also told us that the Thorny Valley got it's name because the place was full of wild thorn bushes. Now that was interesting. There were a mixture of trees in the forest as well.

By about lunchtime, we finally came across evidence of logging and soon saw the fort ahead. Before entering, we spoke to a few of the woodsmen who told us that who told us that it was still only the first team of eight and their two soldier escort that were missing. Since then, they had been ordered to work closer to the fort, however, that work team had been working on some really good, solid, pine trees, that had been ideal for making planks with, not like the trees here. There were rumours of ogres up in the mountains and there had been no reports of strange lights or the tinkling of tiny bells. The roses were located further in, starting near where the forest work team had vanished and most of those roses were red.

Once in the fort, we met up with Gunter. For some reason Amira introduced herself as "Amira, the Often Over-Spoken." Gunter told us that the workteam had vanished about six miles off the finished part of the trail into the woods and they weren't clearfelling, just taking the trees that were the most suitable. Besides, the soil here was wrong for farming. Finally, after getting the names and descriptions of the missing, we headed off to see what evidence we could find.

We certainly found a lot when we got there. Two tents were still standing and there was signs of a fight. Dried blood was on the ground and Mungo found a faint trail of a small creature, humanoid and unshod. Goblins perhaps? Meanwhile Brian found an arrow which had rose petal fletching and a rose thorn for the tip. Gideon confirmed that the shaft was made of rosewood as well. There was no magic on it but beeswax from giant bees had been used in it's construction. I might have to try making arrows like these.

We then followed the faint trail and came across a clearing surrounded by two concentric rings of rose bushes forming a wall. Inside the clearing was a stone circle and the tracks led straight through the gaps in the rose rings and straight towards the interior of the stone circle.

Sir Wojer decided to get a Fly spell up and discovered that this was a low mana for Air. All the other Colleges were unaffected so I came to the conclusion that this was an Earth Place of Power. Amira and Pierre went invisible and bravely strode into the gap, and were promptly grasped by Hands of Thorns. So Sir Wojer charged in and was promptly shot at. Mungo then pushed through the thorny Hands and discovered there were Rose Fae in the bushes. So Mungo charged at them, gridiron style, using Pierre as the ball.

What was I doing at the time? I had taken off on my own wings and took off on a parabolic arc over the hedge. On the apex of my arc, I blasted the fae on the other side, from Mungo and Pierre, with a Thunderclap, powered by one of my two remaining 'whirlwind batteries'. A Wall of Thorns had appeared beyond the Hands but either Quentin had Dispelled it, or Mungo had knocked it over, but it was definitely gone. Another Wall appeared at the end of the gap in the hedge.

This was then, to my annoyance and frustration, Amira and Mungo started fighting each other. Mungo claimed that Amira had insulted his god, Odin, and was demanding an apology. Mungo ended up throwing Amira into the thorn bushes. As the fae retreated, an old man with a beard suddenly appeared, who Mungo recognised as Odin, and 'suggested' that Mungo learn wisdom and humility. He then vanished. [ taking Odins advice I shall henceforth be known as "Mungo the Humble" - Mungo ].

While that was going on, Sir Wojer had got through the thorn wall and was advancing on the stone circle. As he did so, the three trees surrounded it advanced towards him. Pierre managed to set one on fire and I used my last 'whirlwind battery' to set another on fire with a lightning strike. I was then attempting to take off to help deal to the third tree but was smacked by a tree and flung into the rose bushes. So, down went the second healing potion of the day. But, whatever I was doing must have pleased whatever had cursed me as I started to feel a bit more confident and powerful.

Finally we had dealt with all three trees, mainly by using fire and waiting for them to burn out, and now we had to deal with whatever was inside the stone circle. Whatever it was, it was cloaked in an illusion which I couldn't see through. The area looked like mowen grass. So I tossed a rock into the middle of it which disappeared. 'Careful' probing later resulted in Sir Wojer falling down the hole while Amira and Mungo found the stairs. Mungo soon looked like he had grown shorter. He was standing on a spiral staircase which led down into a 20ft by 20ft room.

A set of double door led off from the wall ahead while the wall to the right had a plainer door to the right. We decided to go straight and discovered a banquet hall containing a large table with meats and turnips on it. Beyond that was a rose vine curtain that had regenerative magic on it. Four rose sprites were feasting from the food. They refused to talk to us and I noticed one had a cut ear while another had human shaped ears. Decidingly odd. Amira had to shoot one with a cold iron arrow in order to get their attention. All that they would tell us was "The King does not see those that that do not have the blessing of the Mother". Trying to find out what we needed to do, just led to us being ignored.

There were other doors heading off to the left and the right, so we went left. This was a room containing rose bushes as well as a pool, and a door, on the far side. Amira stepped in the room and a rose version of a Hand of Earth appeared which she deftly dodged. More uncooperative rose sprites appeared and refused to let us pass, shooting at us when we attempted to do so.

Backing out, we crossed the banquet room and went through the other door. This led us into a room containing tree roots, and another door to the right. An attempt to go through there led to us encountering three giant bees – even bigger than the ones Grizelda has – and, during the fight, I got stung but fortunately the poison didn't take.

Two of the bees were killed and the other backed off. In this room was a lot of honeycombs and a door to the right – which we soon found led back to the first room.

The only place we could go was back to the rose bush room and the only way we could progress was to kill off the rose sprites that were in there. Once the smoke of battle cleared we headed into the room where we discovered that there was a lot of coinage and other valuata in the water. Many of the coins dated back to before the birth of the Western Kingdom which would make them even more valuable.

Finally we went through the door and discovered a circular room. Inside was a very large rosebush illuminated by a shaft of light from a hole in the ceiling. Amira stepped forward to pick a blossom, got pricked by a thorn and started scratching. I decided to be a little bit more respectful to the Mother Rosebush and got my rose flower with no difficulty.

Now we had them, we managed to get through the rose curtain and saw the Rose King. Unfortunately he was less than co-operative and I was getting rather annoyed, even trying to intimidate him with my own faeness. I did get the impression though that there was more going on than met the eye and he may be being coerced, but by whom, he wouldn't, or couldn't, say.

So we left, rather frustrated and annoyed. All I could do, when we got back to the fort, was to tell the Captain what we had found and recommend that he kept his work teams well away from that area in future, even though we had no idea how far they ranged.

The rest of my party were convinced we had completed our assignment and that we should leave and get paid. We had gathered up all the coins and other stuff as well as quite a bit of beeswax from that hive of giant bees – also worth quite a bit. I wasn't so sure that we had finished, in fact, I wanted to keep a watch on that rose sprite lair and see what was going on as I wasn't quite sure the forest had been rendered completely safe.

However, I was having difficulty convincing the others about my doubts but, since it was getting late, I managed to convince them to stay the night before we flew off in the morning.

7th Thaw

I'm glad we did, as the next piece in the puzzle attacked us early in the morning. I was on watch when I saw something against the sun coming at us. I managed to alert the two facing watch towers and was on my way to tell the rest of my party, when we were strafed by four fire drakes. By now the main alarm bell was tolling and the others were getting themselves ready. The fire drakes flew over the fort, setting roofs on fire and dropping something near the well. Men were busy putting out fires and Sir Wojer and I helped by conjuring up winds (Sir Wojer) and dropping mists (me). I then went to investigate the rock that had been dropped. It had illusionary magic and Quentin expelled it.

We flew back to Silverstream to report to the Baron. Once there, we let him know exactly what had happened. He confirmed my suspicion that the rose fae were unseelie and requested that we go back to the fort and find out where the fire drakes came from and who sent them. Quentin had also established that the magic on the rock had been a programmed illusion – presumably some sort of message. So, while the others went back to the fort, Quentin and I flew back to Seagate to ask the Guild Bard to find out what we could about the message. I had the suspicion it was some sort of warning.

The Guild Bard must have done rather well with his Ritual of Rescitation as we got the following “Taken from a river, taken within, the dark elf glowers. In anger he sits. He prepares his gift, a message of woe. Begone he says this vale is mine. To his servants, the stone he gives – to the skies they take in the predawn light. Fire they bring and the stone falls.”

I thanked him for confirming my suspicions and, after pausing for a cup of herbal tea at the Guild bar, Quentin and I flew straight back to the fort at full speed. Once there, I spoke to the fort Captain and told him my suspicion that the drakes may be back the next morning. I also suggested he have several buckets of water strategically placed around the fort – just in case.

8th Thaw

Sure enough, the next morning they were back – but this time we were ready for them. This time they were shot at, thunderclapped and wind stormed. Two of them crashed in the courtyard while the other two fled as fast as they could. Fortunately a second message stone was found with one of the crashed drakes. For some strange reason, I was expecting a message skull. But it didn't matter, now we could find out exactly what the message was. I like it when a plan comes together.

The party insisted of having breakfast first before we took off in the direction of the locate arrow. I was a bit antsy to get going but, it proved not to be an issue. We also discussed navigational techniques.

  “Sorry Mungo.  Did you say sextant or sex tent?” - Aurora, with a twinkle in her eye.

Quentin then picked up the stone to play the message. As I suspected, it said “I have asked you to depart this valley but you have ignored my message. Retribution is coming”. Maybe retribution is coming ,,, but not from him … but from us … to him.

After breakfast, I cast the Fly spells and we shot off in the direction of the arrow, finally arriving at a hill in the forest. All that we could see was a large rock, sticking out of the top of it. No sign of the firedrakes but the locate was definitely pointing towards the hill so, presumably, they had a cave nearby … or so we thought.

Pierre was the first to land in a nearby clearing, and it was fortunate he had taken the precaution of projecting his image cause, as he touched down, his image was fireballed. So we decided to land in another clearing, that was not so close, and walk in, checking for wards on the way in, just in case.

We didn't detect any wards, and the rock still looked like an ordinary rock when approached. However, Pierre detected an illusion on top of it. So Pierre and I, being the two stealthiest in the party, were cloaked in a Walking Unseen and, while he climbed up the rock, I flew carefully in, using the rock itself as cover until drawing level with the top.

Turned out the top was encased in an illusionary terrain and on top were four fire drakes in a large nest, containing eggs and a lot of shiny loot. Two of them were the fire drakes we had driven off, while the other two had presumably stayed to guard the eggs. One of those two even had a very ornate collar around it's neck. The rock itself was just under 100ft high so, while Pierre secured a rope to make the climb easier for the others, I flew back to report.

Our plan was simple, get up there and take them out. Mungo was really keen to lead a charge but I then suggested we use my Knockout Gas spell to soften them up first. So I put Vapour Breathings on everyone and flew up to do just that, timing it for just before the first one up, being Mungo, reached the top of the rope.

Well, the plan sort of worked. When the knockout gas went down only one was rendered unconscious but two of them grabbed the eggs and fled. Amira put a locate on one of them while Mungo and the others charged in to engage the one still conscious – being the one with the collar. Fortunately it didn't remain conscious for very long and Mungo coup de gras the other one. All the loot was collected and the two corpses were stuffed inside Pierre's “wagon in a bottle”. For some reason Amira wanted one of us to wear the non-magical collar (I had thought it was a collar of commanding and control) but it wouldn't fit on any of us, not around my neck, Pierre;s waist or even Mungo's thigh. It was very pretty though, consisting of silver and gold with rubies studded along the outside. Writing was engraved on it as well but in a language none of us could read.

We then followed the second arrow, arriving at a rather non-descript hill. Again illusionary terrain was detected on the hill and it turned out half the hill was an illusion. What was really there was half a hill with a large stone door set into the cliff where the other half had been, and battlements on top. Checking out the battlements, which were fifty feet above the door, revealed the remaining two drakes. This time, my knockout gas spell failed so we were forced to deal with both of them at once. With the use of teamwork and concentrating our attacks on one at a time, we swiftly dealt to them.

We then prepared to assault the stronghold behind the door, where we were sure an evil drow illusionist lurked.

However, instead of making a bold frontal assault through the front door, we decided to sneak through the trapdoor we found in the floor. Under the trapdoor, we discovered a bare room with a spiral staircase leading down. That led into another room with a large table with a map of the valley on it. Also here was three gargoyle statues.

 “Drow illusionist? What do they look like?” - Sir Wojer
 “I don't know – they keep changing their minds” - Aurora

As we entered the room, the gargoyles animated and we had to beat them up into rubble.

 “We drink before and after battle – seldom during” - Mungo.
 “Wellllllllll ……  “ - Sir Wojer.

The next room we entered was a large room with a rose carpet on the floor, and a tapestry on one wall. According to our maps, this could be the main entrance hall. Another room had a lot of paintings of places and two statues of an elf with a staff and a flame dragon. They were facing each other and there was magic on both of them. Across the corridor was the dining room and four more gargoyles so we charged on and started smiting.

 “Mungo – You hit it from behind” - Sir Wojer
 “More from the side actually”” - Mungo

A door from there led into the kitchen where we found a goblin cowering in the corner. He told us that he didn't know where the “Lord and Ladyship” was but they may be in their “secret place” which he didn't know the location. He did know that, through a door we hadn't checked out yet, was a 'fancy room'.

 “We're bringing civilisation to this dungeon – one elf at a time” - Sir Wojer.

The goblin was the resident cook, and a rather good one at that. Two side rooms were the pantry and 'cold room' and some speculation was raised that some of the meats may be missing forester. Sir Wojer must have been getting peckish as he asked the goblin to make him a fancy sandwich.

 “Which part of the forester is the pickle?” - Amira.

Once Sir Wojer had his sandwich, we headed off to the 'fancy room'. Mungo decided to kick the door in and we entered. It looked like some sort of throne room with a raised section of floor, on which sat a magical throne – Nature pf Magic 'Painful'. Just then, out of the stone walls, emerged three, much larger, gargoyles ...

... shortly followed by a fourth as we defended ourselves from the initial attack. Two of them were on the raised section throwing earth spells at us, namely Hands of Earth, which got Quentin, and Earth Hammers, aimed at Pierre who had been firing spells at them. I also started firing spells at those two while the others hacked away at the remaining two. It was actually looking like they were going to be too tough for us until I heard one scream … which told me that stone gargoyles actually breathed – and that gave me an idea. So I flooded the area with Knockout Gas and waited, with baited breath, to see what would happened.

Much to my delight they started dropping, one, two … a third … and much to my delight .. the last one as well. They sunk back into the ground while the party was treated to the sight of me bouncing up and down in glee while squealing like an over excited teenager. Go me .. Go me ….

We then headed back down the corridor to check out the two side doors we had somehow overlooked Both of them opened into a room with six beds in it. - presumably this was where the minions would sleep.

  “Are the sheets silk?” Aurora.
  “Only an elf would ask that question in the middle of an underground dungeon” - Pierre

The sheets were actually unbleached linen with red woolen coverlets dyed with rose madder. Under one of the beds, a severed human hand was found with a ring on it. The nature of the magic on it was force. The hand was decades on.

Back to the throne room and I dropped in another dose of knockout gas to keep the gargoyles down while the room was searched. Unfortunately, all that was found was pit traps beside both sides of the wooden throne.

One last door was left to investigate and inside was a four poster bed. Sir Wojer, leapt on the bed, bounced on it for a bit then called dibs on the red silk sheets – oh well – red isn't my colour anyway.

  “Back off bitch” - Sir Wojer to Aurora as he claimed the silk sheets. 

I had to console myself with the pretty silk clothing that we found. They were assorted, a mixture of male and female, and designed for elves. No sign of the lord and lady they belonged to though.

The goblin chef assured us that they appeared for dinner so we waited for three hours to see if they showed up. They didn't so we had to think of something else.

We ended back up in the room of the two statues as they had a puzzle we hadn't solved yet. Pierre found writing on the dragon statue, in drow which, between him and Mungo, was able to translate it. It read “Cast the Living Flame on me”. From what we could ascertain that would cause the release of flame from the dragon which the other statue would respond to. But, what was meant by the 'living flame'. A fire elemental? A salamander? Or fire produced by a living creature….

Turned out it was the latter as magical fire was enough to set it off. The dragon breathed on the wizard and the staff glowed crimson. At the same time a secret door in the far wall opened. For some reason Amira was standing between the two statues as well and also took the full force of the blast. So she was screaming for a healing potion. I tossed her one, she drunk it and was healed - as well as turning green. Oooops. Did I give her the goblin one by mistake? I had to hide my amusement.

No traps were detected so, with an "Onwards and upwards" - well onwards actually, we went forth. A corridor extended outwards. Pierre and I sneaked ahead as the corridor turned a corner and expanded into a room. Fortunately the two flesh golems guarding that entrance didn't see us go by so we were able to back stab them as the rest of the party charged into the attack. Needless to say, they didn't stay up long. It was even my stab that took the last one down, so the rest of the party were treated to a rendition of my version of the "I'm Awesome As I Wanna Be" song.

While I'm indulging in self gratification, we discover we're in an alchemical lab. One of the cauldrons even had pixie ears in it. A secret door was discovered in the rear wall which opened into a stairwell going down. We bypassed the wards and traps and opened it. On the other side was a large chamber. A horde of undead faced us and beyond them were the drow minions and the Lord and Lady Drow that were doing some sort of ritual at the back.

The skeleton undead stepped into the attack while their archers prepared to fire. It looked like we were about to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged drow. Our tactics was to lay down counterspell areas to mess up the enemy spellcasters, while beating up the undead and using Knockout Gas to try and take down the drow before they finished whatever it was they were doing. Unfortunately I wasn't having much luck with my spells but certainly we were causing constenation among the casters. Once the undead had been knocked down we had a clear run for the drow. I flew across the back wall, around the corner, through the Wall of Darkness and finally came to a stop near the ritual was taking place. Most of the rest of the party took the more direct route down the middle.

 "Mungo! You hit him from the back. That's not like you" - Sir Wojer
 "No I didn't. I hit him from the back-SIDE" - Mungo.

I was intending to try and Mass Charm them all to turn them into my minions but realised that it would take too long to set up so I started trying the Knockout Gas again … and the drow started dropping, Thhe rest of the party had cleaned up the undead and were busy beating up on the drow that were left. I got the Lord and Lady but the other spellcaster and two of the minions teleported out. They must have gone a long way as they were outside Amira's locate range.

Anyway, the surviving drow were turned over to the Baron to face justice. Also we let the rose fairies know what had happened and they agreed that they didn't need to attack the woodsmen any more. I also had a private word with a Lady and I came to the conclusion I had to lose my faeness. Some of it had been useful but the price had been getting too high. One of the spells did stay with me though as I had been using it a lot – my Personal Glamour.

So, that was that, I got some of my abilities, and confidence back, but I guess I still have a bit to do., Maybe my next outing will do the trick. I also offered to help Amira with her training - in exchange for dance lessons.



Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

Long Duration Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Am Au Mg Pe Qt Wj
Greater Enchantment (Lucius) 20 +21 3 months - All 4 areas - - - -
Flying (Aurora) 20 50mph (525 miles max) 10.5 hours - Sit. - - - -
Vapour Breathing (Aurora) 6 3.5 hours - Sit. - - - -
Resist Cold (Aurora) 6 7 hours - Y - - - -
xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x hrs x min - - - - - -

Short Duration Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Am Au Mg Pe Qt Wj
Inspiring Poem xx +8 Strike Chance x hrs x min - - - - - -
Strength of Darkness +7 Physical Strength 1 hour 50 mins - - - - - -
Greater Heroism +3 DEF, +1 Dam, +7MR v Fear x hrs x min - - - - - -
Enchant Armour 10 +22 Defense 5 hours 30 mins - - - - - -

Watch/Marching Order


Stuff for the Times


What's Hot/Not


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