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Hi all,

Welcome to the game which will be starting Monday the 14th of March 2022 in Gleneden (Jono's place) at 7pm.

Medium plus level characters IMHO-

  • A character who can bounce a bit before splatting.
  • A character with a Perception value of somewhere close to between 10 to 20 points.
  • A character with some good skills & spells (not all of them).

I would like you all to email me the following please

  • Short public description of what your character looks like (including PB), and any reaction roll modifiers (or alike).
  • A private description to me as GM of what your character looks like (this may be the same).
  • A brief description of your characters goals and beliefs, along with any groups or powers who consider you a friend or enemy would be helpful.
  • What is the prime ability(s) or activity(s) they focus on taking part in an adventure.

Other notes

  • Name, Race, Collage if you have one.
  • What is the SP value (approx.) of what you are wearing to the trained eye?
  • To you change shape/form - if so what?
  • Do you have any form of danger sense?
  • Are you detectable by magical scrying?
  • Are you seen, or able to be seen, by Astrology (reading the night sky)?
  • Can you normally see inviable things?
  • Can you normally see that ab illusion is there?
  • Can you normally see through illusions?
  • Have you spoken to the Fates within the last 36 months?
  • Do you have any vision based talents at rank 15+? - if so which?
  • What aspect is your character?
  • What do you DA as?
  • What is your PS, MD, AG, WP, MA, EN, Ft, PB, PC,
  • What is your Greater (and on what areas), Armour (EN), Armour (Ft), Armour (spell), Armour (DR) and TMR.
  • What is your standard (non-counter spell) MR?

Example -

  • Goals - Become a priest of Ra, heal the sick, help the poor & stray cats, redeem the wicked & make the world a better place.
  • Friends, Ra, local stray cats & some guild members.
  • Enemies, None yet as too insignificant.
  • Prime abilities, healer & solar related spells from celestial college, acolyte to Ra.

Before the first nights game please have

  1. Ranking done in the standard format in English in; Ariel or Times Roman, and either 12 or 14 pt font.
  2. Items that you wish to use, signed off by another GM (any will do), that I can read and attempt to understand.
  3. Have your numbers (when in combat) worked out in advance.


Please note - Lowered specialisation to 1 per rank (from 3). See change log on last page of each doc.

Bonus Exp

Turning up before 7:00 pm.
Active Party leader and Scribe.
Will be giving out at times for moving the game forward.
People assisting in the enjoyment of the game.

I look forward to seeing you on the night.