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Ivinia Header 3.jpg

Kingdom of Ibanvaal

Status Kingdom
Location Central Ivinia
King Osidar Dagen
Population 158,000




6% (mostly urban)



King: Osidar Dagen

The second most populous kingdom of Ivinia, currently ruled by the Dagen of Dagenborg. Ibanvaal may be the most autocratic, and is certainly the most aggressive kingdom in the region. The Dagen tolerates no opposition from tributary clans, maintains a firm hold on revenues gleaned from his domain, particularly the towns of Harling and Pelby, and is presently engaged in a war with the Kingdom of Menglana to the west.

The present war with Menglana is the result of several factors. One is the tacit alliance of Swenway and Jarenmark that has frustrated the Dagen's dreams of southern expansion. The second is the fractious nature of Menglanan politics which has weakened that kingdom. Finally King Hlanakar III of Menglana is elderly and seen as weakening, both from within and without his kingdom. In 808, Osidar led an army through Beneta Pass to attack the Menglanan thran of Froyby. Blocking the river downstream with pilings, he besieged Froyby and was able to fight off frantic Menglanan attempts at relief. Froyby fell in 809. Osidar proceeded to rebuild the keep and man it with a large garrison. With a secure foothold west of the mountains, Osidar is expected to order an attack on Froyaheim in 811 or 812.


Settlement Clan Tribute
Aletreheim [J6] Horvaal Dagenborg
Bilun [K7] Dagen Dagenborg
Bothling [I6] Othmar Dagenborg
Chathid [J6] Saarl Dagenborg
Dagenborg [J7] DAGEN n/a
Denebors [I6] Yebaal Dagenborg
Dergenborg [L6] Dergensen Bilun
Edizar [J5] Braagen Dagenborg
Eifenholm [J6] Vabenaal Dagenborg
Elgenhus [K6] Elgen Bilun
Froyby [H6] Dagen Dagenborg
Gereli [I7] Ijalba Jegle
Harling [J6] Dagen Dagenborg
Hoelem [J6] Branasen Dagenborg
Ilborg [J6] Korensen Dagenborg
Ishukel [J7] Thjorsen Dagenborg
Jegle [I7] Dagen Dagenborg
Jilak [I7] Vellaar Jegle
Kolofaheim [K7] Maael Dagenborg
Majerak [I7] Nalkaar Jegle
Mergim [J6] Dysenhal Dagenborg
Mulinborg [J7] Helgen Dagenborg
Pelby [J7] Dagen Dagenborg
Rydaen [K7] Erjolafsen Bilun
Talgreb [J7] Dagen Dagenborg

Dagenborg, Castle [J7]


The principal seat of Osidar Dagen, king of Ibanvaal. The settlement was founded in 500 and was called Haraksenborg until 649 when it was seized by the Dagens. Masons from Eltrandor were imported to rebuild the fortress (764-770) and it now boasts a stone keep and two concentric stone walls with many towers. The fortress is located on a small rocky islet, connected to the nearby shore by a narrow, man-made causeway, often awash at high tides. Dagenborg is probably Ivinia’s strongest fortification. The following temples are present:

HEL: Order of Gythja Ibanvaal
THOR: Clan Haidagen

Aletreheim, Thran [J6]


The stronghold of clan Horvaal, who owe tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Bilun, Vathran [K7]


The stronghold of Jaro Dagen, a son of Osidar Dagen, king of Ibanvaal. Bilun was the kingdom and original seat of clan Dagen before they seized the kingship of Ibanvaal in 649. Since then it has been an annual tradition for kings of Ibanvaal to spend their winters in Bilun and then sail from there in the early spring to conduct a mock attack on Dagenborg. Bilun gathers tribute from Dergenborg, Elgenhus, and Rydaen.

Bothling, Thran [I6]


The stronghold of clan Othmar, who owe tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Chathid, Thran [J6]


The stronghold of clan Saarl, who owe tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Denebors, Thran [I6]


The stronghold of clan Yebaal, which owes tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Dergenborg, Thran [L6]


The Ibanvaalan stronghold of clan Dergensen, which owes tribute to the Dagen of Bilun.

Edizar, Thran [J5]


The stronghold of clan Braagen who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Eifenholm, Thran [J6]


The stronghold of clan Vabenaal who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Elgenhus, Thran [K6]


The stronghold of clan Elgen who pay tribute to the Dagen of Bilun in the kingdom of Ibanvaal.

Froyby, Thran [H6]


The former stronghold of clan Surenaal on the Menglanan side of Beneta Pass, seized by the army of the Dagen of Ibanvaal in 809. There has since been a large army gathered here and an attack downriver against Froyaheim is expected soon. Froyby is currently held by the prince Irlon Dagen, the likely heir to the throne and a renowned warrior.

Gereli, Thran [I7]


The stronghold of clan Ijalba, who owe tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Harling, Town of [J6]

Government: Pravak Dagen/Clan Council
Ivinian Town 2.jpg
Population: 3,700

The smallest walled settlement of Ivinia and the seat of the former ruling clan, Harl, of the defunct kingdom of Harlmark. Harling is governed by a council of local mercantile clans (effectively aldermen) under the direction of the constable of the citadel, Pravak Dagen. As long as tribute is paid on time, the Dagen leaves the town much to itself. With the hostility of the southern kingdoms, trade has declined over the last few decades. The following temples are present:

LOKI: Order of Kukshin
THOR: Clan Haidagen

Hoelem, Thran [J6]


The stronghold of clan Branasen, who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Ilborg, Thran [J6]


The stronghold of clan Korensen, who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Ishukel, Thran [J7]


The stronghold of Harald Thjorsen, who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibabvaal. His youngest daughter, Thora, is married to Osidar Dagen.

Jegle, Vathran [I7]


A royal stronghold of Ibanvaal held by Irlon Dagen, the eldest son of king Osidar Dagen. Jegle was founded in 673 and taken by king Isselsen of Ibanvaal in 734. Isselsen greatly strengthened the fortifications between 735 and 737. Irlon Dagen, a warrior of some repute, is the commander of the Ibanvaalan forces in the war against Menglana and has made Froyby his temporary seat.

Jilak, Thran [I7]


The Ibanvaalan stronghold of clan Vellaar who pay tribute to the Dagens of Jegle.

Kolafaheim, Thran [K7]


The stronghold of clan Maael, who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Mergim, Thran [J6]


The stronghold of clan Dysenhal who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg. In 743, Mergim was the site of a battle in which king Elred of Harlmark was defeated by Isselsen Dagen. This led to the annexation of Harlmark by Ibanvaal.

Majerak, Thran [I7]

The stronghold of clan Nalkaar, who pay tribute to the Dagen of Jegle.

Mulinborg, Thran [J7]


The stronghold of clan Helgen who pay tribute to the Dagen of Dagenborg, king of Ibanvaal.

Pelby, Town of [J7]

Government: Clan Dagen
Population: 5,900

The third largest settlement in Ivinia. Pelby was founded in 614 and was the principal settlement of the kingdom of Leripor until 734 when the entire kingdom was annexed by Ibanvaal. Isselsen Dagen strengthened the fortifications between 735 and 738. Pelby is governed by Ealarn Dagen, the younger brother of the king of Ibanvaal, aided by a council of prominent townsfolk. Pelby has a reasonably large agricultural hinterland, but its wealth is due to trade. The hostility of Swenway and Jarenmark has dampened foreign traffic and this has restricted the growth of Pelby; its population is about the same as it was fifty years ago. Pelby contains the following temples:

LOKI: Order of the V’hirahn
ODIN: Order of the Harsh Voice
THOR: Clan Barassaar
THOR: Clan Juregen

Rydaen, Thran [K7]


The stronghold of Steinn Erjolafsen who pays tribute to the Dagen of Bilun. Rumour has it that "The arms and protector of Clan Dagen is dead and buried in a tomb of broken promises".

Talgreb, Thran [J7]


A stronghold of clan Dagen of Ibanvaal.A large set of standing stones are a located close by.


Ibanvaal was founded in 491 by Harakeldya of Haraksenborg, and soon expanded to include several large settlements at the head of Kolofa Gulf, one of Ivinia's busiest waterways. The Harakeldyas garnered most of their wealth and power from piracy. The Dagens came to power in 649 when Murki Dagen, the jarl of clan Dagen of Bilun, slew King Haaken in personal combat. Since then, the Dagens have ruled their domain with an iron hand, maintaining power largely by the strength of their fortifications and ruthless politics.

Kings of Ibanvaal

Ibanvaal Arms.JPG

Clan Harakeldya

473-495 Soren I
495-512 Soren II
512-558 Haryse
558-561 Soren III
561-587 Krolu
587-602 Odaner
602-641 Nylse
641-649 Haaken

Clan Dagen

649-663 Murkri
663-670 Armiken
670-673 Korekail
673-694 Bjarni
694-730 Bjarnisen
730-760 Isselsen
760-792 Ijels
792- Osidar