Hunting the Eagle

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The adventure takes place in the Western Kingdom and will be a mainly urban adventure


Hunting the Eagle
Chris C
Autumn 812 - starting 13th March 2012
Tuesday in Royal Oak
Low to Low/Med
  1. - Jerry, a shiny-new Human Puppeteer and Tinkerer - played by Andrew Withy
  2. - Elgar, a low-level Elven death-aspected Mind Mage - played by Neil Davies
  3. - Rahne, a human female Warrior E&E, an exile from Kin Lu - played by Stephen
  4. - Edwin - played by Hannah Jackson - scribe
  5. - Arandor - played by Phil Judd - Mil Sci
  6. - Cassandra - played by Michelle

Plus Jerry's Animals and Animates:

  • Sooty - a stuffed and scrofulous dead cat.
  • Patches - a pantomime donkey of straw.
  • Sock Puppets - socks with bright button eyes.
  • Note all destroyed during game.
Tilo Reinhargen. Tilo is a Seagate merchant (held in good repute and known to be financially secure) who specialises in shipping goods and supplying vessels for various roles. Tilo is married to Rachel Reinhargen (nee Rose) who is the sister of Eryk Rose who is one of the two missing people.
To hopefully rescue the missing people or discover what happened to them. Revenge may be called for if foulplay is discovered.
Guild rates of 200sp per week (and reasonable expenses) plus a 10000sp bonus for recovering each man or their body and possessions. Tilo will stump up this value and if rescued he’s sure they will have some cash reserves to compensate the party as a reward. So, 200sp each week and a share of 20,000sp if they are rescued alive or recovered if dead - plus loot if appropriate.

Scribe Notes

1st Fruit


The party members introduces themselves, then meets the employer. Employer is Rachel Rhinehargen (of Seagate Merchant family), Eryk Rose is missing. He is her older brother in Zumular, (Fenargh swamp, Aladar). They usually correspond every 4 days. Last letter, his clerk Velma Rarven (been with him several years, he trusts Velma, Rachel not impressed by her) replied he (and his business partner) was missing for past 8 days . Not dead (or rather not yet turned up as dead). We request letter of introduction from her, and identifying thing to present to her brother to declare our authenticity – her pet name Racky. Apparently, only two more weeks until his business folds. 200sp each per week, + 10,000 per missing partner

Rose and McGurfy Assessors, located in The Crook, 17 Fishermans Lane, Zumular Eryk & his partner Master Ryan McGurfy are “Assessors”. They value things, finding stuff/people, they have lots employees to keep paying on retainer, and petty cash is running out. Letter from Velma - “would have known if they had planned any escapes in the local area”. Leads us to suspect they operate on the edge of the law. Eryk had a “chequered” past, working thieves guild in Lunar, now gone straight 7 years. Ryan is a Zumular native. Neither married, some dalliances around town.

Sailing from Seagate

'The Flying Fencer' – A Destinian cutter, leaving in an hour after our meeting. Destinian Captain Rodrigo. Rahne cast enhance enchantments. Arandor tries some empathies. Jerry & Elgar sew up and fix Sooty the stuffed cat. Stew for dinner. 4 hour watches overnight Jerry & Elgar, Rahne & Edwin, Cassandra & Arandor. Around midnight the ship shudders and has hit a 15' tree floating on the sea outside of Sanctuary. Ship is damaged, the sailor on watch fell overboard and died of his head injury. Jerry mends the ship hole. Rahne jumps down to rescue the body from the tree. Jerry preserves the body of Fred and its taken below. Ship closing in on us, about 2 miles but we get underway and outrun them.

2nd Fruit

Sailing to Zumular

Dolphins at sunrise alongside the ship. Stew for breakfast with bread. Ask employer to pretend she didn't hire anyone, so we can work undercover. She gives Arandor note of introduction for Velma. She is staying at her town house, 7 Tanners Lane, leaving on the 4th, going to Grobbety province in Aladar, staying 2 days in each town and the returning. We talk her into disrupting her routine for her own safety in case someone is after her family, not just Eryk. Jerry wakes up straw stuffed donkey as we see land, and arrive at the Zumular Rock in the swamp.


Zumular The Rock has cathedral, castle, rich people live at top, royal docks at the base (recent addition). Three ways egress the rock - large steps, a switchback path, mechanised pulley system for goods. City is 2-3 miles across. Poor people live at base near the swamp – reclaimed swamp land (city settled several centuries ago, starting with a lighthouse at the rock). Ferries across the 'rivers'. Tower on Victor Isle, at middle of inlet. Lots fishing boats/merchants. A few raised walkways through the swamps give some access for the lots of people who live close. We arrive at the River docks. Bustling, sea going vessels, lots river boats bringing goods down to the city. Inns recommended - Fisherman Friend (on the dock), Black Boar (serve good black pudding), avoid The Drunken Sailor. Small weapons and soft armour recommended only – town guard uneasy after recent troubles. As we dock man in red uniform and a couple of guards asking our business, pay 4 coppers each wharfage fee to pay for the streets, and we sign register. Traders pay 1 silver each and lope off without acknowledging us. We load up the donkey with our packs and head off, and we are watched by maybe 40 loitering/busy people.

Cross iron bridge from docks to The Crook district, across a 15' (slow moving and polluted) canal. The door in the middle of the bridge (with guards) is open (Seems the city can shut different sectors off from each other to prevent riots spreading or charge tolls). We find Rose & McGurfy in a low-mid class level, with overtones of seedy. Nice pub across the road, but we don't go in, because we're pretending to be not nice. Instead we go into the R&McG offices, past a large mirror, and meet Velma, and we hand her the letter of introduction.

Meet Velma

Eryk Rose & Ryan McGurfy were last seen 20th Breeze – 12 days ago, drinking at lunch, they gave Velma 1 TSG bonus, deposited some monies into their safe. That evening they came back, saying they had something hush-hush on, but couldn't say any more. Velma said no major disgruntled recent clients, or new ones. They had been drinking most of the afternoon/evening. They have rooms upstairs, as with dozen other staff, and Velma. (She went to stay at her mothers that evening, arrive back about midnight).

Other employees have died since (no other deaths in the firm's past) Derleth found floating, dead on the 20th, body blessed & burnt. Wiggins died 22nd multiple stab wounds, dumped in the waterways. Klinger killed 24th. Most other employees don't go out since then. Full moon was 24th. Rooms locked (from outside), apparently not disturbed since there.

All inhabitants have keys to front door, Wiggins & Little Alfie (new 12y.o. young lad street sweeper, kept on retainer for information gathering) were out that night.

Velma gives us a sketch of Eryk. She shows us through a workshop to a back office, with safe in floor – solid leather purse with 60 true silver coins. The firm has had this size amounts as payments before, but not recently. This could be deposit 75% upfront, for a new big job. We buy the purse, coins go back in a box.

Ryan McGurfy is not a dwarf, but a rotund, short 5'2” bearded human. His close sibling also knows how to open safe. They pay off local thieves to avoid being stolen from. McGurfy is a mechanician with good traps skills (another deterrent to local thieves, and brushstroke in the dwarf analogy).

Session 2

2nd Fruit

Search Rose & McGurfy Offices

Jerry animates a pack of 15 undead skeleton dogs which can’t find out anything. Velma's cat attacks Elgar, he breaks its rear legs. Velma gets drunk in consolation.

McGurfy’s Room - wigs, facial hair, shoes with varying heights, stuff for disguising. Including female clothing/corsets jewellery, fake breasts. Apparently he is part of theatre group as well – The Golden Lion. Scuff marks on outside of window, wasn't opened.

Eryk's Room – looks messy, as if searched through. Window latch looks opened from outside, professional. Velma said it was like this when she looked before – 3 days after they disappeared 23/24th. He makes messes like this sometimes, after drinking, and if he has female company. His window looks over roof of tavern 2' below, relatively easy access through hatch.

Eryk's Office – door lock picked, stuff searched, locks broken. Lots papers – from shelves, desk. Either they didn't find it, or were professional to make it look like it. We find “journal” of 175 entries, contacts of business associates (sorted by locations). Entries have coded figures. Falls open to page 37, places near docks, 16 names.

McGurfy's Office – lock untampered, room not searched. Plenty of opportunity to search, so we assume they are after Eryk Rose only. Secret drawer with coins & few gems, financial records, 16,000sp paid – in a common lettered code. There is a map, with a red outline a six block area of the docks - Soltern district. Correlates to the names of firms in Rose's journal.

We conclude "they" are targeting Eryk Rose only. Wonder if its a co-incidence that its his sister that has employed us.

Ari & Remo arrive part way through our investigations. The last thing R&McG told them to do is to find news from docks, from Soltern. Fresh ladies at Lotus, otherwise no new news “The Watchman's Light”. Regular news finding jaunt. Since R&McG dissapearance, there have been a few regular clients come asking for them, such as Flora's deMur, deals in “exotic flowers” has came asking for McGurfy. The Watch was asking about the dead employees, were happy to come back when R&McG come back. Rose had had 3 lady-friends in previous week. We suggest that Ari & Remo head out that night to a fence, to draw out the murderers, while we follow.

The R&McG Employees (All human) Ari & Remo have been there longest, They call themselves Professional Listeners. Velma started at the firm 802. Her cat, called Osiris, could be her familiar, as Velma seems hurt at the same time. She is now mid twenties. Has not gone out since the murders. Died in Waterspout. Ari 5'7, bulky build, bulbous red nose from drinking, broke the control over the cat. Dead friends think he isn't using his powers – thrown out of magic academy after first year learning Namer college (drinking etc). Has not gone out since the murders. Ari next in the heirachy after the three murdered assessors. Remo 5'5, bulky build, Has not gone out since the murders Roshi closet alchemist, doesn't go out. Room on 2nd floor. Has not gone out since the murders Aussie is a scrivener apprentice, works at The Rock, Has a girlfriend, the daughter of his scribe master. Goes outside the building to his job. Alfie – has left the bulding since the other murders. new 12y.o. young lad street sweeper, kept on retainer for information gathering Rogin – has left the bulding since the other murders Pelar (witch) – has left the bulding since the other murders Elliot – has left the bulding since the other murders Derleth, Klinger & Wiggens, (the murdered employees), were also assessors, they were the 3 main assessors. Used to hang around together a bit, but work independently. Their rooms on the top floor. Nothing suspicious, windows don't look tampered with. Dead dudes stuff still there, waiting for Rose & McGurfy to come back.

The Forsaken Souls – the pub R&McG were drinking at the last day.

For dinner Velma recommends us to go to “The Beach Pit” which specialises in crustaceans. Instead we head circuitously to the cemetery in the pouring rain. Stop for some food from street stalls. We're being followed by half a dozen people, 2 particularly following us – 5'5”-5'8” slight build. We head to the water to catch the ferry across, 5 minutes to pole across. White path leads us outside the town to cemetery. Small chapel, dedicated to Gabriel, the old man inside singing is Father Shamron. We knock, and get directions to the graves of Wiggens & Klinger & ashes of Derleth to make some inquiries of them.

Derleth burnt (Cassandra tarot) – killers were 2 men, bad teeth/breath tattoo 4 stars on the wrist, straight killing, didn't recognise them in Soltern district, looking for info of masters, but hadn't found out anything. Wiggens 14 (Cassandra tarot) – don't know who the killers, was investigating rumour of scuffle near Kings Arms in river docks district the day they went missing, he'd waited/watched for all day, as heading home was stabbed from behind. Rumours of some new “assessor” families, but no reason for conflict. 4 stars = cult of some sort. Klinger 16 human male (Jerry backfire, Cassandra tarot) – 3 men, smelt foul, talker stuttered on 's', cut his eyes, Asked what he was looking for (new things as requested by masters) sulphurous/sewer smelling, local accents.

Return to R&McG offices, Ari watching in the dark. Ari offers to counterspell Jerry's backfire, indicating Ari has some magical abilities.

Session 3

3rd Fruit

Investigate Zumular

Next morning, still raining. Velma's Cat legs' still broken (Velma going to see a man for it today). According to local law, we don't wear hard leather armour during the day. Out to breakfast at the pub next door. We're hit upon by working girls. Violetta last girl to see Eryk Rose, 20th Go shopping, reasonable prices. People notice & avoid the 2 elves in our group. Watch Guards (6 in group) on the street have barbed arrows, good for intimidation, uniformed with sea dragon curled around a big rock, with big cloaks.

Make contact with George, lurking on the corner, a representative of the local thieves guild, asking for information about Eryk Rose. Agree to meet him just past dusk for information. In the meantime the Elves draw all attention to themselves, tempting the locals to mug them. Bullseye Tavern – a couple of elves there when our elves arrive, after eating, they get hit upon by orc brawl/pickpockets

Grobo's Grotto, orcs, goblins, a few humans, Cassandra/Edwin/Rahne have lunch. Ramirez gives us some underground info : “Deigo” Jimenez family, new in town, arrived about 18 months ago, make soap – Castille soap & candle, offices on dock, about 20 members, resist infiltration by locals. 4 star tattoo indicator of demon worshipper – Forneous (Marquis of water, monster/snake scales of gems, Water mage, can't go on land)

The Gelded Ranger pub, in Soltern, rest up in the afternoon. Inkeeper called Byron. Elves maintain their gullible reputation by taking two large rooms, the rest of us sneak in. Locate on people who had been watching us/the elves - Miles and Evon, within 40 miles, Miles (more skilled, watching Arrendor & Elgar) in the dock, and Evon (watching ladies group) at the Crook, presumably at the Office.

Rain stops by nightfall. Head back toward the Crook, to find our follower and pick up the rest of our gear. Jerry gets hit in the back by crossbow bolt. A figure in house ducks down, two figures run off through alley. The “ladies group” simultaneously go walking unseen.

Session 4

Combat vs Mike's Rook Gang

4 thugs + well dressed guy in the upper storey of a building shooting arrows at us, so we flank the building, Arrendor & Elgar going up to engage them. A flock of sparrow zombies is let loose. The well dressed guy jumps out window. Rahne engages the birds at the door. Edwin and Cassandra engage another 5 coming up a side alley, including one large guy, who held a good looking battleaxe, but gets knocked down from behind by own comrade. The guy from front surrenders and we take away for questioning. The other 3 run away. A third group of 5 people come up along the far side of the building, but runaway, one killed when catatonic. The surrounding houses have screams from the inhabitants (8pm) and we hear the whistles from the watch coming, so we bug out to an abandoned warehouse to question our attackers:

Rob says: Flash Jack, the Daymaster of the Thieves' Guild, paid (1000sp for all of us, price will rise to 3000sp tomorrow) them “Mike's Rook” gang, from the Rookery district, to attack us, “because we are snooping where we shouldn't be, and need taking out. (Apparently) We are looking for the hidden treasure of the sunken Drow city, the same as Master Rose's snoops.” Conrad the Enchanter is the well dressed dude. They were hired at “The Priest's Closet”, told to wait at “The Brown Hat Inn”, to meet Conrad the finder (E&E) mage (rare breed). Some of the same gang, (Rogan is the 7' tall big dude), trying for a pincer movement on us. They haven't done it, and haven't heard of any one else taking out the Rose's, so don't know what happened to them (but then they hang out in the Rookery district). Rob swear's on the life of his baby Brian, that he does not take on employment against us for a year and a day, and deliver a message to meet Flash Jack, 3 hours after dawn, at The corner by the a guard station, “to avoid escalation”. Then we let him go.

Conrad the Finder (questioned blindfolded, with iron, and confirmed by hypnotism) says: He was hired to “follow the tall elf [Arrandor], by Luther, at the Assassins Guild, at “The Kings Arms” merchants, guards, other people in town, costs 500sp, including Rose & McGurfy. No-one hired him to find him. Dealt mostly with the receptionist. He thinks we are Treasure Hunting, especially for The Drow city – called Llotherton. He offers 2000sp ransom note, held by The Burgher (his merchant factor /urserer in town) hypnotism implies this should be 5000. Has a ring, with picture of snake, ship & 11 stars, signet ring of Freetown Mages' Guild, which we leave on him. Post hypnotism suggestion to leave town, not mention us. We take the ransom note and cash it in.

Riccardo - Swarthy, better PB, short cropped hair, from Lunar: 3 years here (slept with wrong girls/vestal virgin) Rogan looks like the leader because of his size, but actually his cousin is the leader, called William. Confirms Rob's account of hireage. Was into amateur dramatics. Promised to visit his aunt in Dumar, pay 120sp, held by Burgher the Burgher. 14 in the gang.

We continue our task of finding the person we had on locate, who had been following us. A cut-purse (has almost 30 pouches on his table he's working through) Thieves Guild asked them to be wary of new strangers in town. Reports to Flash Jack. Set of 6 nice throwing daggers. He decides to go visit his aunt in Olmond. Finish up there around 10:30, so head back to Rose & McGurfy to stay the night.

Session 5

4th Fruit

Velma has news over breakfast. : “Big fight overnight, 4 dead, necromancer loose on the town, 5 thugs caught. Lots more guards on watch.”
Her cat is all fixed now, done by her friend. She says the rumour of the lost city has always been around, different races over time. Only recently has the name began to be rumoured of, and it been ascribed to the Drow.

Jerry dresses up in McGurfy's disguise stuff and we head off to our assignation with Flash Jack. Stormy & overcast, dark and gloomy sky. Guards are now in pack of 8 (was 6) in heavy armour, more vigilant & serious, brought out more heavy duty weapons, each have big whistles. (Estimate 40,000 population, 2% guards = 800 guards in the force.)

Halfway there, something in the road ahead, seems like a magical ward in an archway, we avoid. 10 Guards protecting a young cowled figure walking down the road, presumably DA people. Spots us, chats to Edwin, having spotted the celestial, asked for his business, admits to looking for Eryk Rose. 5,000sp reward for finding the evil necromancer, who will be tried and executed. Meet Clarence Colten II, sent by Jack :

Flash Jack Meeting

We meet a representative of Flash Jack, who says he had been given a contract to stop/desist us. After their attempt, with members dead, they're unlikely to continue. He gives us 3 days to finish our business. We admit we're looking for R&McG, ask for their help, have nothing to offer. Clarence will be at this spot for the next few days.

Soltern Park: during the great silt of 712, big flood, houses filled in, graveyard overturned, land all re-built on. Jolly Roger pub to find sewerman as potential guide (the pub they all hang out in). New Deigo's candlemakers, not need “protecting” by the guild, close knit family.

Explosion sound, firebolt in the sky, many guard's whistle. A couple of patrols surround a scorched Drow necromancer, being led away, to be executed in about an hour, at 10, at Execution Square. Wards on the bridges, main thoroughfares, (last until triggered). We head over to check it out. Meet another mage/guard group, who invites Rahn to go to the castle to enquire for work at any time.

An older man (25yo) Namer, seated at stall near bridge (with 2 guards) addresses Cassandra & Elgar, asking their business, people have been complaining of an Elf baring his teeth at them. Admits to have done 6 wards since early pre-dawn, triggered by necromancey. Offers C&E to go to castle for work for mages. Jerry takes boat to avoid the bridges/ward. Lightening hits building nearby, catches fire.

Loth Drow Exceution

Reasonable crowd gather to watch. Bridge of Scyths decorated with agricultural tools. Tower at edge of square. Gallows set up, with 6 black dressed guards. Last one was a week ago. Usually at least one per week. Food stalls at edge of plaza do good trade in hot pies.

Trumpet call and they come out. Guard announces their guilt of evil necromancy. The square darkens more. One drow spits out his chewed gag and starts to spout forth :“Lloth will rise up, a year and a day, and will deal with this place” The gallows do their job, and the drow are hanging for a minute. Then lightening strikes the NS&W corners of the plaza, some people die, everyone blinded. Two neck clicks and a familiar death buzz flows over me. Darkness coalescing on the gallows, guards attack it – beautiful elven woman, and they stop and crumble. “If you want to live, worship me. When I come again, I will kill anyone else.” She touches the hanged Drow, touches each in the chest, and he is resurrected and turns into an 8 legged drow, “I will come again” she cackles evilly, and then they disappear in a flash.

Pandemonium amongst the crowd. We stand back. More deaths in the crowd being crushed. Takes half an hour to settle down. Elgar helps heal the official (Horatio de Montfort) who fell off the platform and broke his legs. Visit the merchant sector of town to meet The Burgher. Two mercenaries on the door outside. Hand the letters over, goes away and come back with a pouch of 100 gold. Ask about Lolth, The burger wants details of what happened, so we describe the hanging, and Elgar describes with glee the crowd deaths afterwards.

Early lunch at the pub across the road, to discuss stuff. Still lightening strikes as we head out to go visit the deigo family . Go via boat for Jerry's sake. Arrive at the docks, to head to the candlemakers.

Session 6

4th Fruit

Jimenez Warehouse

Around midday, still overcast, still raining. Arrive at the large warehouse. Small thin windows high up, not any at ground level. Interesting assortment of smells from the candle-makers, including the recent dead and spices. 40-50 minds within, most normal & ground floor, 3 paranoids upstairs, someone giggling/sniggering. We go in to buy some candles. They have a wide variety on display, a nice tented interior. Counter along the wall with 4 workers look who very similar, 2 twins, and 2 other brothers. Speak with accents, and gesticulate, indicating family background in Destiny and Lunar Empire.

Rahne starts off directly, asking Sancho about recent murders in the area. Often there are ruffians and thieves in the area. Sancho insists he is not an assassin. We ask about customers buying black candles for demonic rituals. There are several women who regularly buy candles at the start of the lunar month. Customers wear long sleeve, can't see if they have stars on their arms. One woman has stars around her neck. Black candles are rather popular, best seller. Contains Sage, Monkroot, Adamite, Mandrake Root, Poppy in a fish base.

Sometimes they find dead people in the street, but just leave them on the side of the road. Fen Slime Oil is the attraction of this town for the family and it is found in the surrounding swamp. We ask specifically about R&McG being missing. Cousin Pyter did see a body (floating in a nearby waterway) about 10 days ago while out delivering. They admitted they used acid and oils and fire to ward off extortion rackets by the thieves guild at least.

Alfonzo and Cassandra seem to be chatting each other up. Coloured tattoo on his wrist/arm, possibly a star, and nautical theme. Arrange to meet at the Rose and Crown 8pm.

Go to next door, net-maker, to ask similar things. Says the Deigos are a bit stinky, but that means less drunks in the area which is good. We chat with several other premises in the area before heading off. On the way back, we come across another burnt area, with a crisp body of an old lady. Elgar strikes up conversation with the guard and ends up being escorted to the local watch tower to “discuss elvish necromancers” with a lieutenant. And ends up in a cell.

The rest of us head back to R&McG, back around 2:30pm. Letter from our employer Rachel, she is heading to Brandenberg, her boat leaves 3pm. We send a note nicely ambivalent about our progress to her.

Chat with Roshi, the R&McG alchemist. Discuss the candle-making process, ask for some antidotes/advice about going into meet the Deigos and their processes. He offfered some alchemical Talc to cover acid burns. It suppresses fire but don't apply to the almond smelling acid. Apply brandy otherwise. If afflicted by Greek Fire – jump into water. Ebolan Greek Fire has added cheese to help it stick, so water doesn't help. Use damp blanket/cloak to smother it. Offers an anti-smelling salve to Arrandor, and installs it into his nostril, which blocks out any other smell.

Roshi confirms Fen Slime Oil makes a brighter/deeper burn. Fenargh swamps famous for it, harvested from deeper swamp, gets distilled into concentrate. Swamp people living there would harvest it in their boats and sell it.

Discussions about Cassandra's date, whether she is going to be a target of kidnapping, whether to investigate the Deigo warehouse further, before/during the date. Give her advice about how to see his tattoos. The elves haven't studied the human dating rituals. Rose & Crown is in Soltern, the area of sunken graveyard, Jerry says .

Ask about temple, if R&McG looking for it?? The sewers of Zumular have undead running around akin to rats (but less fleas). Ozzy is scribe in the firm that would have done any copying of maps. Velma shows us the firm safe, contains notes on the employees, a ledger book with 20 names - 6 with lines through them crossed out. Many names are Lunar oriented name Sextus, Germanius, Julius, Gaius, etc No map in the safes :(

Cassandra meets Alfonzo

We rest up for the rest of the afternoon, then around 7pm head to Soltern. (Note the posters advising 500sp reward for information for necromancers.) Cassandra has had a bath and comes back smelling of aromatic oils, dressed very nicely in a recent classy style. Edwin escorts her to the pub, the others take a canal boat in advance. Rose & Crown has a mezanine level dining available, troubador, nicely. The Green Dragon pub backs onto it, advance group settle into it, watch the other guests and eat/drink well.

Alfonzo is a frequent customer at the Rose & Crown, he has a regular table up the top. Edwin and Cassandra have drinks and chat while waiting for Alfonzo. He eventually shows up well oiled. 11 in his family, 2 girls. After a few drinks for Edwin, Alfonzo takes Cassandra upstairs to their table. They pump each other for information . His tattoo is 7 seven stars intermingling with crabs/sunset intermingling. Uncle Carlos does the tattoos, he got his first one at age 8. His twin Sanchez is the oldest, but Alfonz says he will inherit.

Edwin eats downstairs, a waitress joins him for company, then they head put into the city.

Session 7

4th Fruit

After meal is completed, around 10pm, Alfonzo offers to take a walk around the area. He gives a reasonable detailed description of Soltern then head into reasonable nice pub “The Quailed Egg” which boasts a device for looking at the stars. Cassandra wants to see it, despite the overcast sky and rain. 8 men 4 women drinking in the common room, we head upstairs to the roof which is romantically appointed, and a spy glass pointing towards The Rock.

Rahn, Jerry, Elgar and Arandor follow Cassandra & Edwin from a distance, and get dressed into armour.

Lucille has a mural tattooed on her back: 4 winged figures, looking down on a group of 18 people, a unicorn. Friend is a tattooist. Mariast has visions, Alfonzo has a friend with 4 stars on arm. Stars very common tattoo for sailors and this is a city.

Cassandra puts Alfonzo to sleep (by vigorous attention to detail) and we borrow his set of keys and head to the Jimenez Warehouse to have more of a look around.

Jimenez Warehouse Combat

Minds indicate a few vigilant guards, one crazy(?) guy up high. Enter a side door using Alfonzo's key, into a corridor between the shop and the factory. Walls to the shop have been made see-through. A guard is sleeping, and a stone golem soon wakes him up after we enter.

In the factory are 3 vats with one person each working at them wearing protective masks. Sanchez, the older brother, tell us to leave, or we will die. But then panics when sees a flock of undead sparrows. The golem comes into the factory, with an imp sitting on its shoulder (the Imp is 1foot tall with red skin, glowing eyes, tail, who can cast and goes invisible).

The Stone golem engages Arrandor until he goes unconscious, Rahne steps up with weapon of flame, Jerry occupies the door guard and tries to contain the imp with his birds, rips off a leg showing it is a rag-and-string golem. Meanwhile Edwin, Cassandra and Elgar run upstairs to the mezzanine and engage with a couple of guards.

Session 8

Jimenez Warehouse Combat continued

Rahne and Jerry begin dragging/carrying Arrandor up the stairs, Elgar steps up to help out Edwin, who retreats to quaff potion. Cassandra goes unseen. Some opponents had run behind the curtain on the mezzanine level, from where we hear chanting. Elgar becomes conscious, half way up the stair.

The curtain transforms into a wall of ethereal fire, which flows like water. It goes wall to wall, and is 5ft high, moving forward about 10-15 feet per pulse. We scuttle back down the stairs / drop over the edge of the mezzanine to avoid the fire-water. Those in the fire-water take water type damage 2/2/3/1/6/4/3/3 damage per pulse.

Behind the curtain was three witches who begin cursing those they can see, by flicking blood (water curse as below). The blood appears to be pooling at their feet. Also two large men draped in kelp seaweed, with green tinged unresponsive eyes, who come forward to attack with two swords each, and are unresponsive like zombies. They absorb a lot of damage.

Jerry animates the fallen dead opponents to go upstairs to attack the witches. Edwin panicks and opens the large delivery doors to escape. The undead sparrows get burned up in the fire-water as they fly up to attack the witches. One witch screams and dies of own volition – possibly too much blood used.

A spectral hand pushes one witch around upstairs with a chain of zombies following, trying to get past her amulet.

Rahne (with help from Cassandra) take out one guy. Elgar engages other guy, then some zombies beseige it as we retreat. Rahne discards the retreating plan to attack the evil witch, and kills her outright, taking her death curse.

The pit of water is seething/bubbling and a water serpent takes shape and rises out as the party leave the room and the building. (The fire-water does not flow outside the large room of the warehouse.) The zombies are left to fight the water-snake, one witch and one guy.

Meanwhile Edwin flew up to the roof to find the crazy cackling mind. Looking through a skylight sees a naked old man, with long white beard, covered in tattoos. He is in a lit room 20' with walls painted in vivid scenes. Prophetic type images. Edwin breaks the skylight and greets him, and he mistakes Edwim (black dressed figure with shadow wings) as his Lord coming to claim him at last.

Session 9

Jimnez Warehouse Combat Aftermath

Running away from the warehouse, we catch glimpse of a tentacle closing the door. Edwin lands nearby and joins up with the party. The old man calls himself Signus, says there are lots of demons living in the basement, amid much cackling. Edwin (and Signus) and Jerry melt away into the alleyways, the elves hide, while Rahne and Cassandra summon some Watch Guards. The building is on fire. When explained that there were demons and maybe Forneaus (golems, zombies, witches). They use their bugle to summon more and insist Rahne hands over her weapon. She compromises by sheaving it. Rahne admits to being from Seagate, and gives them the full story when they are taken back to a guard room, to eat, drink and change clothes. The guards Jonas mention Sylvia, the daughter of a bishop, whom McGurfy had been seeing. Jerry makes friends with a dog gives some necromantic item, gives the meat for it to Arrandor, who crosses the bridge, the dog follows. Triggers necromantic ward, blows up. Does this several times, clearing the way back to Soltern. Elgar tries drinking healing potion, almost drowns. As Arrandor crosses a bridge, a swordfish leaps out and stabs him. Meets up with Edwin at Soltern. Edwin stays on watch, while the others rest/eat/heal.

Water Curse

problems drinking water, crossing water, being on water more than 10 mins will draw unsavoury attention. Cast by a coven's combined magic, powered by small child/elderly people. MA 30, removed by death, or forgiveness by Forneas. 3am Cassandra and Rahne are shown by Jonas/guards, to the Cathedral up on the rock, to see the Bishop, who begins to do 18 hour curse removal on Rahne. Father Bartholomew briefly discusses theology with Cassandra. Agrees may be able to remove curses on the rest of us. Cassandra is escorted back to town by the guards, declines their invitations. 4:30 a large waterspout to the sea, heading towards the town, but it dissipates around 3 miles out.

5th Fruit

Still stormy at dawn, breakfast. Edwin and Elgar infected. Elgar was unconscious, empathy by Arrandor brings him around, cures infections. Signus has made drawings on the wall while we sleep. A dark house/building with a representative graveyard in distance, sword/dagger on lintel, sun-setting. Hands in little boxes/cages Demon with dark flaming sword (looks like Edwin). 12 Figures in cages drawn in a circle, each with a clock, Possiby Rose & McGurfy, point to 2, other figures 1 or 3.

Signus insists Edwin is his Master, and hence the other party members are also Edwin's minions. Cassandra takes Arrandor and Jerry back to the tavern where they left Alfonzo sleeping, but he has already gone. And the note (same time, same place, tomorrow) left by Cassandra also gone.

Overnight gossip - Big fire in the docks; exploding dogs; a guy found with crucified genitalia stuffed in his mouth, (in The Crook area); waterspout out to sea; strange lights in the swamp.

Guards come to find Cassandra with news that Alfonzo was crucified. The warehouse we had attacked had burnt to the ground. Collapsed in on itself. Below the level of ground, and is now a pool of water. Nearby building also had some fire damage – a very intense/fragrant fire. No-one else escaped.

Then Cassandra takes the Arrandor & Rahne up to the Cathedral, for their curse removals. Arrandor is stabbed by horde of swordfish as they cross the bridge, presumably because of the water curse.

Dead Alfonzo

We find location the field where Alfonzo was crucified. Cassandra talks to dead Alfonzo, and has a unusual conversation (not just yes/no answers). Alfonzo's Father killed him, for losing his keys. Father gone somewhere safe, near water. The family was here to establish a beach-head for others to come. The family were forced to defend themselves and cause the destruction of their entire fortune. He (and his family) doesn't know anything about R&McG. Alfonzo told his father everything, so expects him to come after Cassandra next. The conversation stops abruptly, she hears a tortured scream, the sound of gurgling water, as his soul is drowned.

Cassandra picks up her cards (somewhat soggy, dripping water) as she runs off. Tentacles out of the water coming up as she tries to cross a bridge. A guard is taken below. The tarot cards turn to pulp and are ruined and discarded. The guards/fishermen seem to deal to the tentacle. Water roils and bubbles as she approached again. After 10 minutes, the fishermen eventually net a 12' octopus. The tentacle still approaches Cassandra even when it is dismembered. But the guards deal to it eventually, and she returns to our pub.

Session 10

Hypnotise Signus

Signus (what he says we can call him) answers question by drawing pictures of things he “sees”. Sees the location of where R&McG are, at a tree with 3 limbs, and each branches into 3. This is where they're going to be, at the 'hour of the wolf' (3-5am), at 7th of Fruit. A wagon approaches the tree, with the 2 locked up faces of R&McG. The wagon is accompanied with 16 other people (3 elves, 10 people, 3 ugly faces/orcs). Another 17 people wait for the wagon at the tree (dark elf, 10 ugly, 3 wolves ridden by short ugly rider), where they are going to meet. Boxes/sacks are to be exchanged for the people. The two captives are taken away with second group, further into swamp, to meet large spider and interrogates them (information taken from their minds). Signus then draws map of the tree position, 20 miles through swamp, in the direction of the sisters who are removing the curses (3miles out). Boat tracks to get there. The group aim to leave morning of 5th, stay overnight somewhere. On the 6th they travel to camp overnight on Neugal Island (300x300 yards, (distillery used to be there, exploded, burned for 3 days) remaining ruins, vegetation) then the morning of the 7th continue to the meeting place, then the handover happens that night/morning of the 8th .

The Sisterhood

Cassandra fails to tarot-divinate herself wrt curse having tentacles attacking. Her friend, the Namer guard “divinates” her in a private room of the inn. Answer : she is marked by Fornass, not a curse as such, she has a relationship with him. Fine apart from that. Guards escort up to the church, for them to sort out. They suggest we will tell the church who have dominion over the Fenargh, who live in the middle of the swamp (30 miles) about the spider demon lovers.

By 9pm the curse removal is complete, with the sisters taking endurance rom the subject to complete the removal, but they then offering herbal tea to compensate. Rahne/Arrandor/Elgar ask The Sisterhood for their advice/help. Riding quickest way to get there – 2 or 3 times as fast – and since they already have left, we need to go fast to catch them up. Tell us to ride around the firm shores of certainty then do a short approach into the swamp of decay (Fenargh) to get to Neugal Island. They will send a pigeon message to them as well, who be able to send help to us. Abbess of the Sisterhood gives blessing to those present.

The Sisterhood have a travelling party leaving within half an hour, so we organise to ride with them for their guidance/escort. Go back to R&McG offices, give report, collect out gear, leave Signus there, pick up 10 greek-fire grenadoes. Meet up the sisterhood (all are blonde human women, followers of Michael). They have 6 riding horses for us. Edwin & Jerry read the scrolls from the Abbess, for reduced blessing (+10% SC & cast for 2 days).

We all ride through the night, just before dawn we are at the closest firm ground to the island. Edwin casts shadow wings (Rahne, Edwin, Arrandor), have breakfast, the Sisterhood members cast some helpful magics for us, then leave us around 6am.

  • Rank 16 strength of stone (+16 endurance).
  • Lessor, rk 16 armour of earth.
  • 8 Healing potions
  • 6 Jade amulet (undead stay 30') leant to us by the sisters (and returned afterward)
  • Elderflower amulet gifted to each of us, protection vs evil eye.
  • The other 3 party members seem to have been given temporary instilled flying by the sisterhood, so the whole party can fly.

Neugal Island

We land (mostly safely) on the island. Spend an hour scouting out the island. Ruins near the centre, with signs of camping. Animals (alligators) tracks. 13 dead around the buildings Jerry proposes raising. Mound has steps going down 50', and what used to be storerooms, seems to have newly constructed altar – slab of stone on timber. Sigils and scratchings indicate spider associations. DA indicates magic will be operated by death of sentient – sacrifice. Divinate fails, so after 4 smashes with a big rock, Rahne manages to shatter the altar it into dust. Dust starts to coalesce, so splatter Michael's holy water to bless the area.

In the middle building we find a re-supply depot. 10'x10'x30'deep. Wooden box buried into the ground, with lock at side. Cassandra checks it out, and opens the lock, 100 uniforms, leather armour, swords/dagger/shields, 30 crossbows/300 barbed darts, 10 tents (swampy coloured to camoflague), 10 barrels hard jerky food, rope, barrel of tools axe/picks, cooking utensils, satchel of maps, with routes through the Fenargh, watch towers etc, within 50miles of the area. Uniforms written in Orcish with insignia of 1/3rd Gormonds Pathfinders. Rank 4 weaponry, made within one year old, maker's mark “Byron of Ormond”. Pouch of 100sp

Make our preparations, then hide & restup. Jerry sets up some undead animates (skeletons) as an ambush in the buildings (noon -8pm). Fits them out with armour/sword from the depot. Setup two of the tents for camouflaging. Conceal our tracks. We think are due around 6pm. Early watching gives us about ¼ hour warning of their approach. Jerry rigs up sets of 4 crossbows for us unranked users to trigger. Arrow arrives for Arrandor, with note “Help is on the way.” Sound of combat for half an minute, then a scream. We don't investigate further, but wait in our ambush positions. We think it is alligators eating half an orc, judging by the body one orc is carrying.

Session 11

Neugal Island Combat

Group arrive dragging people in chains. Minds irritated, slightly sad, 2 despondant, tired. 2 elves in front, main body of 13 with 2 manacled in their midst, 2 large chest being carried by two guys each. Dead guy (half orc) at back with missing legs (alligators?) The main group travelling at TMR 4, elf scouting ahead quicker about TMR7. As they approach the buildings, 4Human + 2Orc + 2prisoners stay back, the third elf takes the other humans up. Elf scout goes to the building, sees our hidden undead, so sends in some humans to attack. Humans are wearing dark cloaks, daggers/tulwars/small swords + shields, all move quietly. Magical defences 40% Combat ensues, they surrender, claiming they have ransom. On their side, one orc, one human, one elf died. Arrandor has message arrow saying reinforcement from the church arriving at the “ghost tree” at midnight to help deal with the demon worshippers. R&McG are released, they are malnourished, sick, broken bones, pneumonia. 80% on they way to being dead. “Marcus” the mercenary was hired to take the prisoners by Zumular Assassins Guild, to the Three Fork Island, with identifying pass phrases, which he gives us. The hirelings are closed into the underground chamber while we sort out the next part. Cassandra instills flight on tarpaulin to transfer Rose, to the Sisterhood abbey, and then go back for McGurfy. However, gust of wind blows it into the tree, McG dies, Cassandra hurt, stays at the abbey to heal. Ressurrection for McG.

Midnight Another punt arrives, 13 priest/fighters/watermage on board, led by Sir Gregor from the Michaeline order in the swamp. Confusion why they're meeting us here (following their arrow). They camp here, we share our information, including the Orc invasion depot we found. Sleep the rest of that night, Jerry avoiding the priests. Morning mists, hot cooked breakfast, agree to leave at eight, to travel to the next island. The hirelings we take their ransom script, they can take their boat back.

8th Fruit

Three Fork Island Rendevous

We go to the next rendezvous to lay another ambush, hiding the church knights, us dressed as the hirelings. However no-one meets us. We only find an old man, with his 2 daughters fishing, collecting crocodile teeth. Get some cheaply to make amulets.

Fly back to town, around 7am. A Sister is waiting for us at the gate, takes back the borrowed amulets. We talk to Father Bartholemow at the Cathedral and tell him everything: orc depot, spider altar destroyed, He gives us an introduction to the Vicomte - Sir Galarad, Captain of the Viscounts Guards (ie political forces). We talk with him and also give him the relevant information : Assassins Guild working with spider demons. They have been torturing for information to deliver information to an invading army. We each receive a writ to bear arms and use our magic in the city, being honorary members of the guard. Given a sash/badge/hat to wear to identify ourselves. Sell them the depot of goods at 50% of worth.

We find out that furing the previous night a waterspout went through town, destroyed 8 houses, including R&McG and surrounding buildings. Presume most R&McG employees dead. It cut a path between the closest canal, to the house. Gold scattered through the streets afterwards causing chaos with the locals.

Talk to The Burgher, cash in the scripts of the ransomed hirelings. 15,000sp for the ten men (the elves were the most expensive).

We send a message to Rachel Rhinegarten our employer, that we have succeeded in our mission. Pub crawl, spreading information about how the assassins guild is dealing with demons, R&McG are protected by the Seagate Adventurer's Guild.

10th Fruit

Wrap up

Carriage up to the church go to Eryk Rose, McGurfy stays at the church, though we warn of spider assassins. They had been looking for information, they found it, but unable to pass it on before they were attacked. Travel to County Grobbety to meet Rachel to deliver Eryk. We fly back around the coast back to Seagate. Short stop over and swim in the Ruby Waters to have Cassandra's demon mark removed. Also the others jump in to get the last taint of the water curse removed.
Returned to the guild on the 14th of Fruit - after 2 long arduous weeks in Zumular and the swamp.

Significant NPCs

Zumular Merchant guilds - several in town, based on goods' type. Including Theives Guild & Assasin Guild, and lots mercenaries for hire by either.

Zumular area Soltern Park: during the great silt of 712, big flood, houses filled in, graveyard overturned, land all re-built on. Is high mana for Necromancers. Jolly Roger pub to find sewerman as potential guide (the pub they all hang out in).

Flash Jack - Human male 5'6” wears gaudy outfits, bad skin, greasy hair, slothful, apparently not mage.

The Burgher - mercenaries give The Burgher money and in return he issues a ransom note. So if outnumbered, their foe can spare their lives and take the ransom note to get the money from The Burgher.

Marcus the Necromancer - a famous mage, lives in the swamp. "If he came into town the guard would be called out. Lots of people would be dead." Hence the town's reaction to evidence of Necromancy - lots of wards across the bridges/main oaths triggered by any necromancy.

Jimenez Family - candle makers, routed from Zumular, worshippers of [Forneaus] water demon. Probably responsible for Waterspout. They not need “protecting” by the theives guild, close knit family. Used binder magics.

Executed Loth Drow - the demon called [Lloth] pledged to return in one year to cause destruction of city etc

The Sisterhood - Michaeline order attached to the Cathedral in Zumular (?) who did curse removals, healing and offered other magical services.

Sir Galarad - Captain of the Viscounts Guards (ie political forces in Zumular)


Loot from Mike's Rook gang

  • 5 amulets – luck fetish, childrens bones set into amber
  • small set of lock picks
  • pouch of 12 throwing stars – magical, damage bonus
  • rope – magical, binder college
  • blanket
  • boots – magical effect "absolution"

4 stones in a pouch - Healing stones (4) lozenge, give D+10 healing

  • Battleaxe – increase beserker chance 5%+5% per pulse cumulative (stopped by kiss of opposite sex or death of close friend), 70%SC 6dmg, takes 5 sec to turn into wolf 1/night (immune to all magics) until dark ends.
  • 5,000sp ransom from Conrad the Finder, collected from The Burgher
  • 120sp ransom from Riccardo, collected from The Burgher

Chests of loot from the R&McG Delivery Mercenaries

  • 2x black fey-spider armour, size 5-6, (removed normally) 7pt protect, light-weight 3, 0 AG, +10 stealth, 20% chance to ignore incoming damage
  • 2x dark amulets (see in the dark shaped item)
  • bone scabbard (for hand1/2), 2FT cast spell on weapon drawn +16SC, +8dmg
  • bone bracer right-unstunnable, EN reduced by1 to meld with wearer,
  • bone bracer left – keep acting until -1/2 endurance, EN reduced by 1 to meld with wearer
  • bone battle axe, incr +10 +5d,
  • bone globes (wall of bone grenado),
  • bone quarterstaff sucks endurance from enemy to be re-used
  • Eye of death - small marble sized skull, merge with head, 2FT see all,

steel & bone crossbow, with weapon spell

  • Plus additional mundane items from the hirelings, including Silvered Chain armour from the orc.
  • Ransom from The Burgher, 15,000sp for the ten men

Re-supply Depot

10'x10'x30'deep. Wooden box buried into the ground, with lock at side. 100 uniforms, leather armour, swords/dagger/shields, 30 crossbows/300 barbed darts, 10 tents (swampy coloured to camoflague), 10 barrels hard jerky food, rope, barrel of tools axe/picks, cooking utensils, satchel of maps, with routes through the Fenargh, watch towers etc, within 50miles of the area. Uniforms written in Orcish with insignia of 1/3rd Gormonds Pathfinders. Rank 4 weaponry, made within one year old, maker's mark “Byron of Ormond”. This was all cashed in for 50% value with the Zumular Guards.

Pouch of 100sp

Crocodile teeth - from Three Fork Island hunters.

A Writ

to bear arms and use our magic in the city of Zumular, given to each party member

Quotable Quotes

We're asking about the Sewers. Does anyone do their business there? Everyone does their business there. Adventurers guild to dating: Kidnapping should not happen on the first date, better to leave it for the second date. Why do pretty girls only go out with the lovely nice men? I could be an assassin too … You're being a third wheel on the date, and being third wheel is a step towards being a wingman, and then once you're a wingman, you're in. Cassandra “What do you think I am? I don't do it in an alleyway, I'm an adventurer.” How do you get a half orc? Cross an orc with an alligator. How to kill an undead donkey, even when they stay behind at the inn : Waterspout. Port is a fortified wine, it makes Elves violent.

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