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<-- Part of Newhaven.
Government: County of Newhaven
Population: 1,200 (District); 600 (Settlement)- mostly Halflings.

The Bay is sheltered enough to be largely unaffected by storms and there will be few travel issues here, but Haven's Peril, the Spithead Needles, and Lareth's Reef will be dangers to navigation.

The area was settled in 796 by Halflings from Newhaven (to the north) and it is largely a peaceful settled area of farmland. The cove has a main road running north south from Newhaven to Landfall. The small coastal fishing town of Havenhead is the main settlement in the cove with just over one thousand people. The area has had 'Blessing on Crops' cast on it.

To the south and west within the hills is the High Mana area of Havenhead. Warning sign are in place to warn people to stay away. Common folk living in the area know not to travel to Havenhead. Sir Shoka, Forester of Newhaven, has been know to work in the high mana area.

There is also a plane of the same name.