Hammer of the Gods

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Hammer of the Gods

Hammer of the Gods is a beer drinking bald bloke. Some say he turns into a snake when drunk. He is odd looking with bones in his beard. Hammer is able to get to an island in the Islands of Adventure. He can change into a boa constrictor He is played by Kelsie.


  • Summer 806 WK Lath's Island - GM: Julia McSpadden Scribe: Shoka
  • Summer 803 WK Pet Show. GM: Gordon Lewis
  • Summer 803 WK In Search of Godric Edricson GM:Clare Baldock
  • Autumn 801 WK Runeation GM: Jon McSpadden Scribe: Loxi
  • Summer 800 WK One Eye Canyon GM: Jon McSpadden
  • Summer 799 WK Troll Slaying GM: Julia Johnson