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Human non-mage FIRE mage a change of profession (thanks to Pele) but still as Hot as ever!

Not a killer, but is pretty tough in a brawl (has 80-odd weapon ranks!) and tends to be a mobile wall behind which the mages may safely prepare. Salt-of-the-Earth ... well, salty & earthy anyway.

Has High-to-superhuman PS, AG, EN. Maximum rank Mechanician, Armourer, Weaponsmith & Gigolo.
Also LOTS of artisan skills ... but, so far, with MASTERWORKS only for Blacksmith, Carpenter/Cabinetmaker, Cartwright/Wheelwright, Glassblower, Leatherworker, net/ropemaker, Sail/Tentmaker, & Tanner/Hideworker — with Dragonskin a speciality!

Born in Innesburg (before it was crushed by Tyrants and monarchist apologists), Hagan now lives in Gracht — where he has built many marvels for the Baroness and local inhabitants, see Masterworks

In Gracht he now goes by the cunning(?) alias of "Haagan".
Haagan & Company manufacture professional adventuring equipment: Weapons & Armour, of course, but also specialist professional equipment ... Lockpicks, spyglasses, mirrors, Alchemical instruments, glass-houses, printing presses, glass arrowheads etc.

How Much?

Their standard price for Seagate Adventurer guild members is:

cost of materials
plus, depending on the highest RANK of work for any part or aspect of crafting [as per DQ rules for the relevant skill(s)]:     +10% (Rank 0-7); 15% (Rank 8 or 9) 25% (for Rank 10)
... OK, OK, call it 5% less than that (i.e., +5% / +10% / +20%) for halflings or members of the Pasifikan Order of the Wandering Warrior

AND, when the project requires more than 10 hours' work total, a fixed per-diem cost:
10sp (if up to Rank 7);
15sp (if Rank 8 or 9);
30sp (if Rank 10);

Just contact Hagan [Mike Parkinson]

PS: Looking for crowning further Masterworks for Blacksmith, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Tanner/Hideworker ... so might even give a slightly higher discountif your project involves any of those.

Player: Michael Parkinson.


791.1 Summer (i.e.,1/04/90 to 6/05/1990): To Catch A Thief

791.4 Spring: Ghost of Trevaris = Alusian 7 Arch. Recovery, RM

792.1 Fall: Mystery at Maltain, GM: Struan Judd

793.1 Fall: Al-Qadim, SW

793.4 Spring: Bloodmask, GM: Adam Tennant

795.4 Spring: Delta Blues, RM

796.1 Fall: FaerieQuest(TM) / Al Addion's Lamp, AW

796.4 Spring: Chaining the Dark Lord

798.1 Fall: Malachandria (Myrtle the evil overlord), KS

798.4 Spring: A Universe is born, JPL

799.3 Winter: Dragon Horde, GM: Daryl Crosby Scribe:Hagan

800.1 Summer: Study in Blue (Rescue II), GM: Clare West Scribe: Douglas

800.1 Fall: Icefall, JPL

800.4 Spring: Christopher's Doom

801.1 Fall: Into a strange Land / Put Flugelheim on the Map, SJ

801.4 Spring: State of Mind (Hadarin / Arkansas Asylum), TM

802.3 Winter: D'Arbres / Warning for Amelia, Mandos

803.4 Spring: Sheparding the Shorn aka Kidnappers 2 - Party 0, SW

804.4 Spring: Just Deal with it, SM

811.1 Fall: Harvest Moon, MD

814.1 Summer: Those Dripping Bones, BH