Guardians of Karma

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The Guardians of Karma are a small group of whimsical immortals, most of whom used to be elves. They run an informal theocracy in the island of Dakhini.

Graven Images

IndraCard.JPG ShivaCard.JPG VishnuCard.JPG

SuryaCard.JPG LakshmiCard.JPG KarttikeyaCard.JPG

KaliCard.JPG DurgaCard.JPG

BrahmaCard.JPG KrishnaCard.JPG HanumanCard.JPG

GaneshaCard.JPG ParvatiCard.JPG SarasvatiCard.JPG

RamaCard.JPG MuruganCard.JPG

Threat Assessment

This threat assessment is by Raja Agni, based on reports from a few surviving scouts.

Major Guardians

  • Indra: Dangerous. Rides an elephant. Long range area effect light/fire/lightning.
  • Shiva: Dangerous. Rides a flying chariot pulled by fire and air elementals. Random devastation rather than targetted magic.
  • Vishnu: Annoying. Rides a huge eagle. Never attacks, impossible to target. Trans-substantial?
Mind & Illusion
  • Surya: Dangerous. Rides a flying chariot pulled by horses. Meteors, flares, stars, curses.
  • Lakshmi: Trophy. Rides a lotus flower. Been captured and rescued a couple of times. Can't be struck.
  • Kartikeya: Highly Dangerous. Rides a chariot pulled by a peacock. Battle Commander. Uses Fire, Archery, and a deadly spear.
  • Kali the Black: Highly Dangerous. No transport. She kills. Uses poison, snakes, multiple weapons. Very fast.
  • Durga the Invincible: Dangerous. Rides a tiger. Tough melee fighter, and when killed comes back immediately.

Minor Guardians

  • Mystic Brahma: Annoying. Teleports, insubstantial, obscure mockery.
  • Young Krishna: Quite Dangerous. Moderate warrior and charioteer. Musician.
  • Lord Hanuman: Dangerous. Vanara Hero. Trickster, Show-off.
  • Little Ganesha: Trophy. Rides a rat. Very smart, but not a fighter.
  • Lovely Parvati: Trophy.
  • Sarasvati the Wise: Trophy. Very smart and practical.
Brahma's wife, communication magic
  • Honest Rama: Quite Dangerous. Not sure he's liked by the others, except Hanuman.
  • Murugan the Protector: Dangerous. Very skilled defensive fighter.

Other Guardians

These Guardians are mentioned in prayers. If they were met by scouts in battle, they weren't significantly tougher than the Dawon shock troops.

Aghasura; Andhaka; Aryaman; Bakasura; Banasura; Bhaga; Chanda; Gajasura; ; Hidimba; Hiranya; Holika; Jatasura; Kaitabh; Kakasura; Mahabali; Mahishasura; Maya; Mitra; Munda; Nivatakavachas; Narakasura; Rahu; Raktabhija; Sambara; Savitar; Shukra; Sunda; Surapadman; Upasunda; Ushas; Varuna; Vritra.