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Grendel Beetleknox is a Human Mind mage played by Simon White.


Grendel is 5' 9" tall 146lbs Human male in his mid 30s but appears to be in his early twenties with hair streaked flaming red and shocking white. He normally dyes his hair a shade of light brown however, to stand out less (and keep his wife happy with regards to his appearances in court). His left eye is sapphire blue and his right is emerald green. He has an impressive and charming scar(PB18)
When not in armour what he wears is highly dependent on the situation, be it the current fashion of court clothes when at home, and around his wife, or hard leather working clothes when training his rhinos.

He is always armed even when not adventuring (barring exceptional circumstances). The weapon he is never seen without is a large jagged sword of unique design, which he refers to as the Sword of Life. On adventure this is joined by a beautifully crafted battleaxe, a javelin, crossbow and dagger.

While on Adventure or in social settings he will generally be seen wearing flowing Robes. In combat he generally uses one of several unsual shields

If mounted he will have a shield and lance.


Lord Grendel of "The Empire" of the plane of Rue , answering to the Lord of Swansmouth (roughly a landed Knight or minor landed Baron in Alusian terms, I say roughly as whether a 'Duke' or a 'Knight' all are referred to as simply 'Lord', this may change with the new regime now in place however)
Sturmfuhrer for the City of Konnisburg in South Tuscana on the plane of Alusia(Court Baron in terms of prestige)
Admiral of the Fleet of Aladar
Master of the Merchant's Guild of Aladar


Formerly a co-owner / resident of the "Sea Goddess Haven"
Grendel has now relocated to the Plane of Rue to the estates he shares with his wife and young son.
He owned a small farm on Alusia, near the Guild. This has since been lost in litigation with mulitple claimtants to its' title before the court and Grendel has walked away from it in disgust. He can also be looked for in Tuscana at the city of Konnigsburg if he is currently meeting his Schurmfuhrer obligations. Can also be found in Aladar's capital and surrounds.


Master Military Scientist , Alchemist and Warrior
Accomplished Navigator, Beastmaster, Courtier, Shipwright
Has knowledge of Cartographer, Healer, Merchant, Sailor and Ranger


Resist Pain
Resist Temperature (slightly different version)
Sense Danger (slightly different version, includes a dodge ability)
Second Sight (ability to potentually see anomalies such as middle marches etc)
Aquatic Affinity
Dark Vision


Fluent (or better)
Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Imperial(Rue), Trader(Rue)

Secondary Languages
Orcish, Merfolk, Pasifikan , Thari and Silent Tongue

Can speak around a dozen other languages in the 0 - 3 rank range.


Reasonably accomplished Mind Mage
Primary spells used are -
Mind Shield
Mind Speech
Telekinetic Rage
Warp Gate

Support Spells include -
Mage current
Ship Strength
Water Breathing
Create Fog
Water Spout
Cold Resistance

He knows more spells, all spells are at least rank 6.


Grendel's family has a prophesy that a child bearing his unusual features would be born and would be the downfall of the family. He is the last male of his line and is seeking a mate to avoid the lines ending. His appearance and the prophesy (which was known by just about everyone in his childhood neighbourhood in the poorest part of Seagate) meant that just about everyone picked on him as a child. This has lead to a great desire to break the prophesy in the way he believes it works.

He ended up living on the streets after his family finally drove him out completely at the age of 5.

He learnt the art of magic almost by accident when someone from the Adventurer's Guild noticed his natural abilities and sponsored him (this person remains a mystery to him, to this day). This sponsorship took the form of him being taken into the guild initially as a servant (at the age of 6) with some education on the side. This eventually leading to him being enrolled in the Guild as a student of magic. He was supposed to be trained as a Water Elementalist but on his first day in classes he wandered into the wrong class (well... that's how he remembers it) and found himself being trained as a Mind Mage. He spent most of the time in class cleaning up after the young women being trained as Mind Mages (but cannot remember why). This lead to his deficient understanding of the magic he wields during his early career. Initially a total lack of understanding of the use of ritual purification lead to him backfiring more then most as he didn't initially in his career purify. His grades at the Guild were so low that when he passed out into the real world of magic everyone seemed to forget to admit him into the Guild, itself. In fact he had gone out on an adventure before he even went before the Guild Council. As of the Guild meeting of 13th of September 792, he was hired on by Lady Carla as a servant, unfortunately she is under the misconception that he is an Earth Elementalist. This is indicative of his early career in the Guild (player note - indeed he held stupidest adventurer for 3 seasons running)

Over the years he has fought demons, travelled planes, met Gods and Goddesses (indeed he even fell in love with one... but that's another story) and acted as a match maker for dragons (go figure - well at least that was his understanding of the job in any case). He has also grown from a naive young boy into an experienced and somewhat jaded veteran adventurer.

His last guild "job" lead to him meeting his wife Vandra. It's (probably) not often for one to end up marrying someone, one was nominally sent to kill. He has relocated to the plane of Rue, her plane of birth, and barring a relatively brief visit, he has not been back to Alusia for 4 years. Rather he and his wife have been busy consolidating and expanding her business interests and estates in addition to exploring more of Rue then probably anyone else from the "Empire" and the Guild have. They also found time to start a family.


  1. 793-2 Autumn, The Ship that Flew
  2. 793-3 Winter, To the North
  3. 793-4 Spring, Romance in the South Seas
  4. 794-2 Autumn, William Dymock
  5. 795-3 Winter, The Larkmoor Bride
  6. 795-4 Summer, An Oz Odyssey
  7. 796-3 Autumn, City In Flight
  8. 797-4 Spring?, Destiny? - Michael Parkinson?
  9. 798-1 Summer, Behold the Beholder
  10. 798-2 Autumn, Mission to Malachandra
  11. 798-3 Winter, Hunt the Cauldron
  12. 799-1 Summer, Hobbit's Home
  13. 799-2 Autumn, Return to Lorgos
  14. 800-1 Summer, Middlemarch
  15. 801-1 Summer, The Seagate Adventurers Guild & Cain destroy the Sacred & Credeinn
  16. 801-3 Winter, Surprise for Sahuagin
  17. 801-4 Spring, A Gentleman's Sport
  18. 802-1 Summer, Pasifikan Plundering
  19. 802-3 Winter, The Needs of a Tree
  20. 803-2 Autumn, The Merfolk, The Sahuagin, and the Deep Blue Hole
  21. 804-1 Summer, The Bad Lieutenant
  22. 804-3 Winter, What's going on in the South of Prevada?
  23. 805-1 Summer, Warriors Big Day Out
  24. 805-4 Spring, Drums Quest
  25. 809-3 Winter, Trials of the Hafted Weapon
  26. 809-4 Spring, A Spring Wedding
  27. 810-1 Summer, Galleria Malvagio
  28. 810-2 Autumn, Where Angels Fear to Tread
  29. 811-1 Summer, And Darkness Was on the Face of the Deep
  30. 811-3 Winter, Sahuagin Smackdown
  31. 812-1 Summer, The Sixteen Quarters of Time
  32. 812-3 Winter, Destinations
  33. 812-4 Spring, The Middle Way
  34. 813-3 Winter, A Cold return
  35. 814-1 Summer, Brief Candles
  36. 814-3 Winter, Network of Sin
  37. 814-4 Spring, Reclaiming_Walontaun
  38. 815-2 Autumn, A Doomsday Like Any Other - Unruly Sonne
  39. 815-3 Winter, The Exodus Agenda
  40. 816-2 Autumn, Winter is Coming

Multiple missions / adventures have no listed scribe notes

Services Offered

Grendel can make potions and investeds to order.
Most commonly requested potions are -
Resist Pain (Rank 6), Mind Shield (Rank 13), Telepathy (Rank 7) and Water Breathing (Rank 13)

Most commonly requested investeds are -
Empathy (Rank 20), Mental Attack (Rank 9), Mind Speech (Rank 11), Phantasm (Rank 8)
Ship Strength (Rank 16), Mage Current (Rank 15)
Currently up to 4 charges per invested

You can contact Grendel for a full (and up to date) list of spells that he can potion / invest (and their ranks).

Current investing chance is 102%. Cost of invested or potion creation is negotiable (cash / kind / service) on a case by case basis. Current potion making chance is 92 + (rank of talent or spell)%.

GM Information

Grendel's thoughts cannot usually be detected or "read" as he is usually under the effects of the spell Mind Shield.
Grendel knows a portion of the Water College, he casts Water College spells as a Water Mage (with all restricts and bonus to those spells as per the Water College)