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GOVYNA, Kingdom of

Location: East Ivinia
High king: Arlis Ulfesen of Rosby
Govyna lies on the eastern fringe of Ivinia, a position that has lent it a degree of aloofness from the mainstream of Ivinian history. The original kingdom consisted of little more than the settlement of Rosby, founded in 401 by Ulfi Ulfesen. Throughout the next three centuries, the Ulfesens expanded their domain mainly by settlement of unclaimed islands to the east. Further growth came when the rise of Ibanvaal and other states caused Govyna's neighbours to seek security under her protection. In 744, the kings of Gildaar and Pergenmark swore tribute to Bjarlic IV, and have remained fairly loyal since. The addition of these kingdoms gave Govyna sufficient strength to deter any aggressive ambitions harboured by larger Ivinian kingdoms. Subsequent rulers have largely ignored the rest of Ivinia, but encourage trade (and piracy) throughout eastern Ivinia. Independent Govynan clans have founded colonies far up the rivers of Altland, some of which pay tribute to the Ulfesens, some of which do not.

Because their domains are so far flung, Govynan High Kings have found it difficult to rule against the will of their subjects. Few have tried. Govyna has functioned more as a defensive alliance than a unified kingdom. The following table shows the major settlements of Govyna on the regional map. A few settlements in Altland, off map to the east, are not listed.

Govyna Arms.JPG