Gentlefolks Exploratory Society

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This is a group of armchair adventurers (although some members actually do go exploring) that collect information from far off lands. They have been known to sponsor explorations into unknown places (cf: The Royal Society or The National Geographic Society). Unlike many of the real world equivalents, women are allowed to enter the hallowed halls and club rooms of the Society. The headquarters contains a very large library, mostly of exploration journals by past members.

The Society has been recently instrumental in uncovering and researching the Seven Cities of Pasifika

It used to be based in Novadom but relocated to Rangiwhero when the Dark Circle invaded the area. They have not yet decided if they are going to return to Novadom now that the Circle has collapsed.

Known members:

  • California Smith - currently heading the explorations in Rangiwhero. He is a high level Namer.
  • Lucius Bellimus - last seen in Silverstream. He is an earth mage and philosopher specialising in plants
  • Arnie Saaknussem - Last heard of exploring caves and volcanos up in the Norden area.

The Society has access to a flying ship called the Eagle. This ship has already been used to convey adventurers to Luna and Freya. Expeditions to other regions of the Alusian system are being planned.