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Kingdom of GELEMAAR

Location: Southwest Ivinia
King: Jarag Gelem
Population: 26,000

The smallest of five kingdoms in the pendragondom of Seldenbaal, centered on Endelby. The settlements of this kingdom paid individual tribute to the King of Rogna until 682AP. In that year clan Gelem of Endelby united them into a kingdom and transferred loyalty to the pendragondom of Seldenbaal to avoid excessive demands for tribute from Rogna. The recently assassinated King Bulan, was loyal to the Hergelsen of Suteling, pendragon of Suldenbaal, supporting him in him disputed election to the throne in 716AP. There is also an ongoing vendetta between the Erlands of Helgeby and the Ralds of Luthby from Menglana. For all these reasons, Geldemaar is a focus of intrigue between Gilvenmark, Menglana and Rogna.

==Kings of Gelemaar==

682-693 Jarag I
693-701 Drabak
701-710 Jaragsen
710- Jarag II


Settlement Clan Tribute
Endelby [G8] Gelem Suteling
Helgeby [F7] Erlang Endelby
Ibesleg [G7] Zwalgel Endelby
Negusi [H8] Gelem Endelby