Gatar Depression

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Gater Depression

Once a lowland sea, the Gatar Depression is now an arid waste of sand and salt flats cut by a small number of trails which follow gravel beds and ridge lines.

Three oases are in the north-western part of the Depression: Tuath’s Rest, Korvin’s Wells, and Sumaldi. The first two are nothing more than small seasonally dry springs which permit a small amount of vegetation. The last is a major area of greenery in the desert and contains the ruins of the once great trading city of Sumaldi, the northern terminus of the caravan routes from the Five Sisters. The ruins are generally uninhabited except for animals and Undead.

Above Sumaldi is Argon’s Watch, a towering pinnacle of stone from which one can observe the surrounding desert within a radius of almost 120 miles.

The now disused caravan routes to the south pass beneath the shadow of the watch.

To the South of the Gatar Depression is the area of the Five Sisters.

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