Following the Fumes

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Scribe Notes: Session – Spring 810

GM: Craig Harper
Night: Monday nights, at Craigs place.
Level: Medium/High.
Title: Following of Fumes.

The Party:

A few good Air Mages are needed to help the Sorceress in Silver.

The guys:
He man Vapour - Male Magnificence. They begged him to come along. - Party leader
Support Giant Vychan - Male Air Mage (Stone Giant)
Shifty Anooke - Male Air Mage (Halfling)

and the rest of us:
Lovely Lath - Female Air Mage (Human)
Maidenly Mebh - Female Air Mage (Human) scribe / mil sci
Stray Sin - Female Air Mage (Human)
Well dressed Aurora - Female Air Mage (Elf/Fae)

Which probably means it's Skye's turn to keep the Sorceress company and to make her cups of tea.

The Mission:

Its spring, the warm breezes are blowing and the Guild Air Mages are ready to celebrate. The girls are ditching their heavy furs and weather control and they're going out on the town with Vapour, Air Mage Man of the Year for 6 years running.

Day 1

The Guild Meeting

It is expected that some chaos may or may not happen.

We are all hanging around in the Air college having not found work. Etienne the leader of our esteemed college summons us to his office, he seems unusually harried. Vapour manfully strides ahead of us leading the way. For some reason Vychan and Anooke are in the Air common rooms today. Maybe they are thinking of changing colleges.

Etienne has received a gabbled whispering wind from a friend of his who works on the Hagsome Dragon asking for urgent assistance. The Hagsome is a caravel which ply its trade from Seagate to Zumular. Vapour calculates how far out from port the boat is from the time it took for the whispering wind to arrive.

All at Sea

We buff and not even taking the time for idle banter and greetings, take to the Air flying the route of the
Storm at Sea
stricken ship. After 3 hours a storm of unnatural orgin springs up. Lath moves the Storm 40 miles away from shore and Vapour leads us daringly over the storm,we continue onwards for one more hour.

Plunging into the ice and malevolent winds our hair gets slightly ruffled. Luckily we all still look good after the lashing. Presently Sin notices wreckage. We investigate to find the ship has been demolished and her crew clutches onto anything floating, hoping for a hero such as myself to pluck them from their unfortunate fate.

The crew is decimated but luckily Etienne's friend Seaman Symthe has survived. At mid-night everyone is pleased to finally get the last of the crew back to our guild, and finally to get a peaceful nights sleep.

Day 2 - Employment

Early morning just as Vapour is finishing our morning exercise round, a guild runner arrives with a message. After a bit of jostling for the front spot we arrive at Etienne's office. It transpires that the Sorceress in Silver would like to meet with us.

Sorceress in Silver

A quick gaseous form and everyone except for Anook arrives at her front door. The balmy spring morning is briefly interrupted by a large cloud arrow and leading down from a thrilling likeness of Vapours face. We in the Air college are sure that the rest of Seagate will enjoy his visage.

Anooke arrives shortly {hehe} thereafter with sweet buns, however our hostess already has better. I think there might have been a courtier moment there but luckily we all missed it. The Sourceress wants to employ us for a hush hush mission. She will cover our expenses and provide us with 5 charges of invested locate.

The Duke of Carzala was sending a healing fountain, in a chest, to the King of the Western Kingdoms in Zumular. Storm Mages stole a chest from the boat. The chest would have taken 3 men to carry. Or as it turns out one rank 20 Air Elemental. The Sorcoress lets slip that Duke Leto does not want anyone to know that this gift for the Western King has been stolen as it might create a political incident. Luckily she has a picture of the fountain that we can do a locate from.

We briefly discuss Lord Azzur a Count of Calder known to employ Storm mages and rumored to be a pirate.

Northward Ho

We fly North and find a likely spot between Sanctuary and Zumular to locate the fountain. Using two charges of the invested we get a triple duration locate and surprise surprise the pirates/ Storm cultists have gone to ground in Sanctuary.

Sanctuary large.jpg

We ride into Sanctuary from 5 miles out of town .. but I am not entirely sure why because we aren't exactly subtle. I think Vapour has been taking lessons in "kick down the front door there are more targets for Whirl Wind vortex that way." school of adventuring

We have a completely obvious to all arrow pointing directly at the bad guys, so we decide to pay off the Sanctuary authorities Tempus and then go kick some storm cultist ass.

To that end a couple of rooms at the Green Lantin Inn are hired and 1000sp is sent to Tempus let him know we mean business.

presently Tempus talks to us through some shadow magic. He is unimpressed with the offhand manor we risk the poor of sanctuary (we had given a runner 1000sp to deliver to him) but not adverse to us "searching" for our item as long as we don't mess up the poor.

Following our locate arrow through town and eventually arriving at a large warehouse, Vapour leads us in. We quickly subdue the workers with minimal damage (knockout gas)and head down into the sewers. After fighting an assortment of foe, including a giant bull, 30 ice simulacrum and a smattering of elementals. We capture a raft.

We have been duped! inside the raft is a picture of the fountain we have been sent to retrieve, which our arrow has been locating.

Which ever way the wind blows it always brings rain

The picture is easily destroyed and the search for the fountain continues. Our locate arrow now points directly out to sea. After flying for nearly an hour, Lath spots a large ominous unnatural storm. The storm proves to be beyond the flying skills of even the most skilled Airmage and we are all drawn into the centre of the tempest.There is a planer rift in the eye of the storm and it sucks us in, spitting us out many miles from seagate.

Exiting the rift I find myself separated from the rest of our party in a Mountainous region, the area seems to be having an unnaturally cold Spring. Eventually after three hours of searching we manage to regroup in a small Dwarvin village somewhere in the Morrinswin Mountains. On arrival at the village our intrepid party leader is standing magnificently in the centre of the village. Vapour introduces us to two dwarves Flannel and Smegle, who are Axe welding strong men resident in this village.

A long Night

A quick reconnoiter of the village shows us that all of the residents who bear arms bear the signature of a violent fight and are heavily bandaged. I am amazed to learn that one dwarf has been resurrected using something called a Kaneth crystal. Most of the village strongmen seem to have small chips of Kaneth crystal in their weapons.

We take some time to eat rest and fix what damage we can to ourselves and our dwarven friends. Over a simple meal the dwarves tell us that

  • It is 2 weeks travel to the South East to the nearest town (the dwarves don't fly)
  • A storm has been over this village for 5 years. The dwarves can think of the nothing else that changed around that time.
  • they think the unnatural coldness is the fault of the giants (this seems to be the result of bias rather than investigations)
  • Smegles great Uncle stole the Kaneth crystal from the giants.
  • The Kaneth cyrstals used to be mined but are no longer.
  • There used to be a network of Kaneth crystals stretching through the valley.
  • There are some mad people with runes on their faces, who are trying to steal the crystal.
  • The giants in the area are storm giants
  • There are large roc sized birds in the area called storm strike which make flying difficult. Vycan mentions he was attacked by one earlier.

The dwarves are keen to hire us to defend the village, however they can not be tied down to a payment agreement. After awhile we agree to defend tonight - after all we are here anyway.

The main Kaneth cyrstal is housed in a large building in the centre of the village. The building has a steeply slopping roof and entrances on 4 sides. We place large crates infront of 3 of the doors and stand guard by the 4th. We drop a knockout gas over the whole area and have two elementals ready.

At 1am the storm picks up and a very smelly, visible knockout gas is laid down. 2 dozen fighters from Sanctuary attack. (it is odd that there are no mad people with runes on their faces.) The fighters are joined by a fighting unit which seems to almost be dancing together.

The fight is short and brutal, but the last of the fighting unit eventually surrenders and ransom's his cohorts. he pays 60,000sp and some warrior training for their safe return.

The fighting unit was hired in a Scantuary tavern named the beggars belief, by a man named Zepher who wore well appointed purple leathers.

Additional Notes from Aurora

These are temporary notes until full scribe notes are entered

Day 2

Went into large cavern full of constructs and demons. Got grabbed by Hands of Earth. Elemental appears. Lath whirlwind vortexes quite a few of them. Manage to shoot at a few while the others go in for the attack. Pool in back of cavern with raft with covered object which was what the locate arrow was pointing to.

Finally got rid of most of the opposition. Water elemental appears. Water starts rising. Anooke tries to dam it with an ice wall but water keeps rising .. and I’m trapped by a Hand. Vychan rescues me as the water fills the cavern during which I get snagged by two more hands. Finally reach the surface of the water. Object under cover turns out to be painting of object we were looking for, not the actual object. Decoy/trap. Finally swim out to Sanctuary docks.

Make another arrow, fly out to sea. Encounter magical storm and ship inside it. Get whirled about a lot, arrow starts spinning. Get hurled through storm and land in forest along with Lath. Rest of the party scattered around the place. We’re somewhere way up north – presumably Jotunheim.

Finally get found by the others except Vapour and Sin still missing. Vychan had been attacked by a large bird. Mehb starts sending locator leaves in their direction which we follow to a village.

Circumnavigated the village while Mehb sent off locator leaves toward both Vapour and Sin and determined they were both in the village. Just then we saw a figure posing on one of the roofs. It was Vapour. We went in and met the dwarves. They had been attacked by a bunch of mad humans who were trying to break this special crystal that the dwarves had. Turned out that the crystal had been taken from the giants several years ago but they had quite a lot of them. Also the storm that was blowing had been continuously active for the last five years making the area unnaturally cold. From what we could tell it had been magically enhanced. It was only the power of the crystal that was keeping the village warm. Vapour told them we were mercenaries for hire so we ended up being hired to help protect the crystal. The dwarves had beaten them off the previous night but were badly beaten up and would not be able to resist another attack.

Lath calmed the area and altered the weather to make it a bit warmer. Meanwhile us archers took up positions on the roof to watch for incoming forces. The first sign we had that something was up was when the weather started turning bad again with the wind picking up. Then the opposition ran in. We got one shot in before they reached the building where the crystal was and we had to go to melee. Most of the entrances had been barricaded up but a few of them were trying to bust through one of the barricades so Sin and I went to hold the line there.

We were fighting off the mob with the aid of various spells and elementals when a highly trained group of mercenaries came through the third entrance. They worked in harmony, and to music, and were completely co-ordinated. Turned out to be Billy Bob and his Magnificent Musical Mattock Men. If they ever gave up the warrior life, they should take their act on the road. They went for the crystal and started beating on it with their hammers. Fortunately Lath flew around behind them and caused a distraction. Vychan tried to charge through but they had locked their shields together, forming a phalanx, and managed to stop him – no mean feat. Meanwhile I had brought down one of the invaders and we were working on the second.

Finally, after being beaten up by Lath, Vapour and Vychan, they surrendered. A ransom was offered which was accepted i.e. 10,000sp per man and gear and they’d teach our warriors how to co-ordinate their moves like they do. They had been hired by Zephyr (Mr ‘Z’ we will refer to him as) in Sanctuary to destroy the crystal and had been on the ship that we had seen in the storm. They also agreed to leave the crystal alone.

Day 3

Spent the next day training with the warriors. Meanwhile a Locate was used to try and find the font. The arrow pointed NNW, across the lake. The attackers had come from Sanctuary and had clouded in from the boat. Wind spirits were questioned and we discovered that there was an elemental lurking about called Stormfront, who was rather tough. So Lath summoned up another one to take him on called Windshear.

Day 4

Our plan was to fly to the village across the lake where the attackers had come from, however that could be difficult. There were clouds above the lake and the closer we would get to the village, the stormier it would get. Plus there was a hint of sulphur in the area. The presence of giants and devils had also been observed.

Needless to say, none of that was going to stop the brave adventurers such as Mebh and Vapour. However, the closer we got, the worse the weather got and, eventually we were being blown all over the place. The best we could do was try and land safely. I’m not sure where the others ended up but I ended up bouncing down a tree. I then started to walk down to the lake shore, managing to avoid a bear, until one of Mebh’s leaf messengers turned up, closely followed by Lath. We finally managed to regroup by the lake shore.

There was a castle near the nearby village and it was there that the storm activity seemed to be centered. When we got close we could see some giants on guard and several large barrels, some of which were being rolled inside. It seemed like they were stocking up for a riotous, drunken, party – which we wanted an invite for.

So we worked our way around the back of the keep, with the help of Anooke’s ice construction, then crawled up to the top of the main hall. A small hole was made and, from what we could tell, there was some sort of religious gathering in there. Certainly there was a priest in there whipping up the crowd into some sort of frenzy. So, while the others charged in through the roof, Lath, Sin, and I provided covering fire. Certainly I was firing off arrows as fast as possible, most of which were effective.

Down below was some sort of preacher at the pulpit wearing magenta robes, several humans, a few giants and a large bear. Of course pandemonium broke out especially after Lath was whirlwind vortexing the congregation. Six of the humans picked up a giant longsword, which it took all six to pick up, and charged at Vapour who was busy with a giant. So I started shooting at the sword carriers in an effort to bring them down, which I managed to do but the inertia still caused the sword to hit Vapour. Also, the three giants from outside charged in.

Finally it was all over, Vapour killed the bear while the last giant made a break for it. So Lath and Vapour went after him with Lath making the killing blow.

On the roof we could see lightning bolts crashing constantly into the edge of the nearby tower. Made for quite an impressive display. So we flew into the air and surveyed the top of the tower. There was a Caynith crystal, a person in purple armour, three giants, three more humans, some sulphurous things with bat wings, a really humungous giant and the ornate drinking fountain we had been tracing. The person in purple was pacted and there’s an air spirit around him. In fact, most of them turned out to be pacted.

According to Lath, they had an affinity to Kukulak, and Lath had a history. So she charged in and whirlwind vortexed all the demons, shattering them all into pieces. The winds up here meant that there was no way that I could shoot anything. The guy in the purple, who we discovered was Zephyr, tried to hit Lath but missed. Meanwhile Anooke created a couple of ice walls so that the others could charge towards Zephyr and the Caynith crystal. However the walls were low enough for the giants to come in on them. Sin had a crossbow that could shoot through high winds and she managed to score an excellent shot on Zephyr. The other humans turned on Lath while the giants went for Mebh and Vychan. Meanwhile I slid a Counterspell under Zephyr and the Caynith crystal while Vapour and Anooke ran in to support Lath.

There wasn’t much else I could do but Lath had handed over a two shot long range healing item which I decided to use up as the giants hacked into Mehb and Vychan. Vychan had a very close shave before felling one.

  “Mebh is engaged with a very big giant” – Lath
  “Mebh glances up under the giant’s kilt … and is not stunned” – Lath

Lath had finally put the knife into Zephyr and Zephyr went down. At the same time Vapour took at the human who was about to heal Zephyr. Vychan felled another giant which went crashing down upon Mebh. I was on my way to support Mehb when the last remaining giant broke off from combat, rushed over to the crystal, grabbed it, then jumped over the side, getting blasted on the way down from the lightning.

It was all over bar the looting by that stage. With the crystal gone, the winds died down and the lightning stopped. So, after getting an elemental to pick up the fountain, we all airwalked off the tower and headed in the direction of where most of the humans had fled. What we found was a ship, the one that had brought the Mattock Men in, moored in a clear patch of water with the crew running around preparing to get underway. It was decided to try and take the ship.

So we swooped down on the ship while they prepared to repel boarders. I tried knockout gas but something went wrong and it was more ‘instant awake’ gas or, as someone put it ‘instant coffee’ gas. Vychan destroyed the air spirit while Lath swept the deck with a whirlwind vortex. The captain ran for it, using an airwalk. Vapour went after him, caught him, and both tumbled into the freezing cold water. So Mebh and I hauled them out.

Resistance had been rendered useless by then as everyone had surrendered. The captain turned out to be Captain Hurricane, the ship was named the ‘Begger’s Belief’, and the captain was a storm mage associated with Kukulein. I went poking around but couldn’t find anything incriminating in the ship’s log.

Apparently we had promised the dwarves a ride in the boat so we finally managed to figure out how to get it going with the help of the captain and the remaining crew. The ship was also highly magical. So, after giving the dwarves a ride, Lath picked up the Mattock men and we went sailing around and around the lake for an hour. Suddenly there was a sinking feeling, which nearly caused me to panic, a prismatic pattern appeared in the sky, and we found ourselves – somewhere else. According to Lath we were supposed to be near an island but there was no land in sight.

From what we could tell, we were somewhere way north. I tried flying straight up to see if I could see anything else but, the higher I flew, the harder it went. Eventually I was forced to descend … and started plummeting. One feather fall and a fly later, I was back on the deck, although it had seemed I was coming down faster than I should have been.

After some discussion, it was decided to sail to the south west. I flew ahead for a bit to see if there was anything ahead but couldn’t see anything so I returned to the ship. It was fortunate that I did because, after a hour of straight line sailing, there was another ‘shift’, and we could see an island ahead of us. This was Lath’s special island, a tropical island located somewhere within the Islands of Adventure.

While the others swam in the warm tropical waters, I flew off to get some coconuts. I wasn’t a good swimmer so I just contented myself with paddling in the shallows. Negotiations were made with the captain for a ransom to be paid for his ship and he would meet us in a dwarven bar in Adjepbar. The Mattock Men were also dropped off there.

Day 7

We stayed there a couple of days while plans were made and Lath made healing potions with the fountain. Somehow Vapour had convinced me to wear my negligee armour for a while. All he reckoned I needed were the fae wings to match, which I agreed with as that was something I had been questing for.

The fountain was supposed to be going to Isabel De’Winter in Grobbleton, located in Aladar. So we headed back to Seagate where the Kukulan priests we had captured were taken to the Ureilites for judgement. We were also thanked by the ship’s crew we had rescued. They offered us money but we refused to take it. Instead we offered them a job checking out our new ship.

It was then back to Sanctuary to collect our mounts before going to Grobbelartaun. When we got there we saw a small army camped outside. Looks like King Ulric was visiting.

We had to leave our weapons with the army before going in but Vychan refused so he and Anooke stayed behind. On the way in, with the statue safely on a cart, we passed a copse of trees where we were attacked. I was magically slept, fell off the cart, and somehow, the cart ran over me breaking a leg. That certainly woke me up. I bet the others hadn’t heard such language in Pixie before.

Vapour and Lath went in to neutralise the threat which they were able to do. The leader turned out to be Lord Bronson who worked for Lady Isabel and was also attempting to recover the fountain, not knowing we had already done so which meant that he thought we were the thieves. Fortunately we were able to convince him that we were actually on the way to return it ourselves. Lath was then able to mend my leg.

Got to Grobbelartaun and discovered that the main gates were barred because a parade for King Ulric was about to start. So we had to go the long way around through the South Gate. Couldn’t bring the cart through either so we lashed some long poles to the stone fountain, enlisted some porters, and carried it in. Once we arrived at the house we saw a lot of Seagate Guards there. Finally, once the object was safely delivered, I went looking for a good vantage point to see the parade. Finally found a spot up a tree (with the help of Vapour’s Air Walk). It was a very entertaining parade. I was trying to see if there was a lady with King Ulric, which might be a clue of which one of the five possibilities he might choose as Queen but there was no sign of one.

Later on, I was fascinated to discover that Vychan had turned into a goat because Count Engalton had told him to eat elemental earth. Hmm … maybe there’s an article for the Times in that.

  Lath’s excuse not to go to a party  - “I’ve killed enough people today”

Partied that night with the others but was careful not to overdo it. I had packed my royal ball gown in case we ended up at a ball but we ended up at a bar so it was more casual wear, Caledonean style. There I discovered that Mebh has a very fine singing voice. So I pulled out my flute to accompany her and the other bards.

Day 8

Next morning, hunted up breakfast. Lath summoned a cloud and we headed south to Seagate.

  “It’s not demonic or tainted is it?” Mebh
  “Hell no!” Vychan

Day 9

Once in Seagate we went to see the Sorceress in Silver. Of course, out came the tea service and buns. Yum. The Sorceress told us that there were quite a few of those crystals up north and that magic there is a bit different from how we understand it. Some of the party were asking the Sorceress whether or not she could help with them with some spell or other. Unfortunately she could not help me with mine – looks like it’s more Fae than Air. Ah well, I guess I got more questing to do.

We hung out with the Sorceress most of the day, then headed for the Guild itself as we needed a Namer. Lath’s attempt of getting one didn’t work too well but I managed to entice one with the promise of a holiday on a tropical island.

Day 10

After staying the night, we flew back the next morning, with the Namer, to Lath’s island., however, when we got there, the ship was gone. Our first thought was that it had been stolen but, upon questioning those on the shore, we were told that a storm had suddenly blown up and when it had passed on, the boat had vanished.

So we went boat hunting and finally tracked it to a location off Sanctuary, near where we had encountered it before. When we got there we saw that it was under full sail heading back the way we had come so we landed on it. The sailors told us that they had been fiddling with the extra rigging when a storm had suddenly appeared and they turned up way out to sea. They had no idea what had happened. We just shrugged and headed back to the island.

This time I had brought appropriate clothing for the water so I played in the shallows while the Namer got to work. What he got was the following:

  • The boat is completely resistant to elementals and their effects
  • Doesn’t stop equivalent water magic effects though
  • Changing the positions of knots in the rigging that represents the positions of prominent stars in the night sky will take the boat to that position where the stars are at that visible location. They were currently set for Sanctuary.
  • It would normally land within 100 miles of the destination but it could go off-plane.
  • Excellent for commerce and is associated with “the big K’.
  • It’s an 80 ton caravel and takes a crew of 24.

Our next plan is now to go all the way back up north.

Day 11

Back in Seagate and went to see the Sorceress in Silver again. This time we obtained an invitation for one of the dwarves to come down to talk crystals and exchange knowledge with the Sorceress. Mebh also offered to make bow related investments for Sin and I. I also stocked up on arrows.

Headed north by my cloud flight day after day after day. Finally could see flickering glowing lights up ahead. I thought it was just the ordinary Aurora Borealis so we kept going. However, I was sure surprised when we flew into it and were surrounded by pretty sparkly lights. It was decided we should stop so that’s what happened. After a short while we noticed that the cloud was getting transparent and we were sinking into it as the cloud lost integrity. So we bailed out. However, we soon discovered that the flying and the feather fall spells we were putting on, kept dropping off rather rapidly. I was getting a sense of deja-vu. Fortunately we got down safely.

The DA on the ‘aurora’ came back as ‘conversion of mana’. Vychan wanted to tunnel our way out but a test showed that the walls were soon losing integrity. Vychan thought it would be alright when a pebble dropped off but, when the entire wall caved in, he had to conclude this wasn’t going to be a viable option.

Meanwhile Mebh summoned a hawk and managed to determine that the area of effect continued on half a day as the hawk flies to the north. The way we finally managed to get out was to stack windwalking and featherfall and work our way out. It took a few attempts but we finally made it.

Lath put me at the back of the line for making clouds so it was Mebh that made the cloud that took us further north. On the way, Vapour was trying to look more impressive, although I wasn’t sure that trying on Mebh’s magical bra was really that effective, although some of the other guys looked rather … well …. impressed.

Day 18

Was back on cloud duty, much to Lath’s annoyance … hey … it wasn’t my fault my cloud futzed out. I bet your one would have too. On the way we saw four strange creatures take down a grizzly bear in very quick order using overlarge falchions and a yellow magical ray. The creatures appeared to have four legs and four arms on a spherical body.

Landed near the dwarves village around noon where ‘Lord’ Vapour and ‘Lady’ Sin were welcomed with celebration. The story of our battle with the giants was told and retold with embellishment. The invitation was extended and a dwarf called Smeggle was keen to accept. He also provided up a small bag of gems as a thank you.

Day 19

Flew up to one of the dwarves old homesteads that had to be abandoned a while back. Found it full of those strange creatures who appeared to be cultivating the area. We noticed that they always travelled in groups of four although some were in groups of eight and even a few group of sixteen. We concluded that they could be part of a hive mind – like ants.

It was decided to try and take one. So we flew off and found an isolated group of four and attacked with elementals and Mebh, firing arrows from far off. The idea was that they would not know it was us. I flew overwatch, watching in case reinforcements arrived.

After the battle we managed to get two, one dead, and the other hibernated. There was some concern that the hibernated one still had a link to the rest of the collective. The college was something similar to earth. The creatures themselves had two spherical bodies, the legs coming off the bottom one and the arms off the top one. No visible mouth but there were four eyes giving them all around vision. Plane of Origin was DeSone.

Lath summoned a cloud and we headed across the lake in order to magically jump to her island …. and we ran straight into the aurora again with predictable results. We were over the sea this time but we managed to fly out of it. However, we lost the hibernated one in the ocean.

Arrived at Lath’s island then headed off to Seagate via Adjepbar. Upon arrival we dropped off the dead body for study then took Smeegle to the Sorceress.

Key people / Groups met

  • Sorceress in Silver - party employer
  • Zephyr - Main bad guy: Storm Mage pacted to Kukulak who stole the fountain and caused the weather problems up north.
  • Billy Bob and his Magnificent Musical Mattock Men - highly skilled fighting mercenaries from Sanctuary hired by Zephyr to destroy the Kaneth Crystal. Left on good professional terms.
  • The ???? Dwarves - defended their village from an attempt by Zephyr to destroy their crystal.


"The plan is we kick down the front door - that way there are more targets for Whirl Wind Vortex" Lath
"oops" - Mebh upon remembering that she is wearing a set of armor that means she has been using Lath's fatigue to buff.


1000sp bribes


From Mebh

- any group members who have less than 15 PC make PC checks as if they have 15pc while adventuring with Mebh
- Add 8 to the amount of dam taken before stunning while adventuring with Mebh
- Add 8 to Defence against Mellee attacks while adventuring with Mebh
- Add 8 to IV to Mellee weapons while adventuring with Mebh
- Anyone standing within 15ft of mebh is immune to Agony

From Lath

- Flying:                         Rank 12, 42 MPH, Dur: 6:30mins
- Fast as the Wind:       36 mins, +5 TMR up to a max of 12 and adds 12 IV.
- Feather Falling:          Rank 8 
- Vapour Breathing:      Rank 15
- Resist Heat & Cold:   steps better on the weather table + 5 less damage.
- Barrier of Wind (Rank 20): My BoW gives 42% Def in close or melee or ranged 
- and stacks with Eddy for +6 Def taking the total to 48% Def. Will not work with personalised bound air.


Spring: Thaw (10)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
Moon0.jpg 7 Welcoming of spring ritual 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon1.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon2.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Spring: Seedtime (11)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Moon0.jpg 5 6 7 8 Rites of Thunor 9 10 11
Moon1.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 Eostre 18 The Seagate Spring Ball
Moon2.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon3.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Spring: Blossom (12)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon1.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon2.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
Moon3.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht