Felice Shipping Company

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This Shipping company was started by James, Gerald and Randal Brevdice of Felicemouth who decided to salvage a lot of the ships that had been lost on the rocks near South-West Erewohn. They recovered all these ships then repaired and refitted them as part of the Felice Shipping Fleet. These ships which are all based in Felicemouth are readily visible by their flags which depict a white ship (with ropes around it fore and aft) on a half Black and Red background. The ships in the fleet and their captains are:

The shipping company has been in operation some 15 years now and has a good and reliable reputation in the shipping markets. The shipping company has negotiated a margin with the Seagate Guild of Adventurers for discounted rates of passage or goods carriage. See Paula deWolf of DeWolf Trading company.