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The Fae races are numerous and varied and often live in areas called Courts governed by a Fae Prince. Fae are elusive and generally hide from the larger races using their powers of Glamour and Illusion to stay hidden and protect the Court.


The courtly fae are commonly divided into a number of types.

The main classification was between the Seelie and the Unseelie courts. The Seelie, or Blessed, Courts are made up of fae who are neutral, or benevolently inclined towards mortals and who represented the powers of regeneration and growth. These Fae will generally give warnings if they are offended rather than seeking retribution immediately.

The Unseelie are the 'bad' fae, those which are malevolently inclined towards humans and represented the powers of death and entropy. They are not necessarily bad but are much quicker to anger, defend their lands vigorously and are much less forgiving of interlopers.

However, although the Seelie were the 'good' fae, they are believed to be just as capricious and often as amoral as the Unseelie. The morals and habits of the Fae differ greatly from other folk and offence is easy to give for the incautious.

There are also groups of fae living in the mortal realm without any apparent attachment to a particular court (e.g. the pixies of Gracht. These groups typically are only of one racial type and there is often some ambient magic in their surroundings.


The Fae have existed since the dawn of time living in their own realms with their own Gods seperate from the mortal realms.

In the time of The First Age a group of fae began to explore the mortal realms and over time settled. As they became less connected to the Fae realm they had left they lost their allergy to Iron and began to work the metal for their own uses. This group are the Elves sundered from the Fae realms that are their true homes.

Most fae still live within the Fae realms but a few reside in both and travel the Fae Ethereal between the two realms. Of these folk there are many races and interbreeding between them is common and often results in the oddest of Fae.

Fairy Folk

The details of the various Fae are available under the Fairy Folk Page.

Fae Courts

Court Positions

Fae courts are less of a court in the human sense and more of an argument in progress. A court will have a Prince who is generally the Fae with the biggest voice and greatest following. Young courts in particular may change Princes regularly while the Older courts will remain static for decades.

There are four main positions within most courts

  1. The Prince - The Head of the Court who represents his people to The Fae King.
  2. The Consort - Female leader of the Folk of the Court.
  3. Bisbolhetice - Foreign Advisor.
  4. Pessoa idosa - Court Advisor.

Known Courts

The plane of Tir-Na-Nog has a collection of Seelie and UnSeelie courts.