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GM: Ian Wood
Session: Spring 814
Night: Tuesday
Location 20 Pahi place, West Harbor
Level: Low/Medium
Rules: ?


Provide loose cover to the Wagon caravan heading north on the Great South Trade route. Intercept the bandits in the area, follow them to their camp and eliminate them. Pay is 500sp for the party per day.

The Party

  • Pierre the Halfling - Halfling, Illusionist - Ian Anderson Party Mil Sci
  • Kerry - Human/catwoman, Dark mage - Helen .
  • Ignis A 7 foot tall Human Air Mage played by Fabio Scribe
  • Roderigo halfling E&E "respectable business-hobbit" played by Michael M. Party Leader
  • Boris orc necro the "nice orc necromancer" michael haycock
  • Lila - Human, Dark Celestial/Air with Fire pet (Kelsie)

Scribe Notes

Chapter 1

Thaw 1st

So it begins, we are on the road on another adventure, with a new mission in the devastated land, left in ruin by the drow as a reminder of their invasion. Some might say we are lucky to be working for the guild so work is never short. Since is a nice day of spring Lila, Pierre and I venture out of town to find a spring festival. We feel is important to be on a spring mood. The festival appears to be somehow elemental in nature and run by fae creatures. We get entangled with them and enjoy a never ending and frenetic dance, that is, till we wake up at the guild next morning.

Thaw 2nd

Feeling all refreshed, and with a “spring in our step”, we make our way to a meet, Monsieur Louis Pompadour emissary from the guild of merchant of Sant-Michel of Bowcort. He was asked to approach the guild to recruit a party able to provide lose cover to the wagon caravan departing from Sant-Michel and head north on the Great Southern Trade root. The job is to intercept the bandits that populate the area, follow them and eliminate them at their camps. After negotiation 500sp per day he wishes us well and organises to meet us in a week time at the Sant-Michel Trade Hall. After stocking provisions for the trip, we pay a visit to the Lord of bats, to get a nice pair of wings for the trip north. We fly with no trouble to Sant-Michel and arrive there before dusk. We land and head to the trade hall we spotted earlier while flying over town. Once there a Page boy takes us to meet Monsieur Pompadour who is busy negotiating. Monsieur Pompadour invites us to join him in a side chamber were we meet our employee Monsieur Reinard Oxatucas, a big, florid, red nose man which appears to have had to many wines and slurs when he talks to us. After the introduction he inform us of the details of the mission. The main caravan will depart in 5 days. The caravan will go north on the trade rout and for the first 30 miles they will be surrounded by wilderness and desolated land with the remnant of the drow invasion. In the following 10 miles is abandoned lands and villages, and after the river displaced people. The land are populated with drow, giants and is generally wild. The caravan will have guards, so our job is to follow the bandits, find their hiding place and defeat them. Before bidding farewell for the night he informs us that a smaller caravan will depart tomorrow, if we would like to do a reconnaissance mission in the area. We head off to our accommodation, a very nice inn of a quality I have never seen before. Nice big rooms and comfortable beds, wow what a luxury.

Thaw 3rd

We wake up all refreshed, and after breakfast we head out of town to buff up. We proceed to inspect the 30 wagon strong convoy before the departure, than we fly out. We fly out and follow the main road on our recon mission around the first 30 miles of the road. The only things to note of importance are a great number of carrion animals and birds in the area, all villages are destroyed, and most towns have freshly rebuilt external walls. Those town are starting to rebuild and to tender the fields The next 20 miles very similar; the fields around bigger towns are looked after and a guard is always on patrol. From this high is difficult to assess if any of this towns are harbouring bandits and brigands. We intercept the caravan which is moving at good speed towards a town where they camp for the night. We head back to Sant-Michel for the night.

Thaw 4th

After a good night sleep we are guided by Monsieur Pompadour on our search for Granados. After commissioning them we fly to catch up with the caravan and continue with our recon mission. While flying around, we spot a couple of drow and ork camps in the distance, however they appear to be busy elsewhere. The caravan moves away from the area headed for the next town as the day passes uneventfully. We had back to our comfy beds

Thaw 5th

In the morning we spend some time in search of an abandoned cemetery. Boris will be setting up a portal, just in case we need to quickly return in the area. We find one in Ardvill town a few miles out of Sant-Michel. Once completed we continue inspecting the area and again the caravan is safe and secure for the day

Thaw 6th

It take us 3 hours to catch up with the caravan, and, as we get closer we notice 50 bandits on horses approaching swiftly from the 3 valley surrounding the road. We fly to warn the caravan. The guards are weary of us however they get the caravan to circle around in a laager formation while we keep our distance in observation.

The bandits manage to steal 8 wagons before heading south west. Amongst them we spot a celestial mage. Roderigo wants to see him better so he can track him down with his location spell, however we are too far. We convince Roderigo to study a gold coin which Erasmo, my trusted crow, will deposit on one of the wagon. We take flight again and after a few mile the mage and caravan slit up. We land near the village were the mage is taking shelter. Roderigo and Pier follow the man to the biggest house in the village. When they approach they spot the man talking with a drow. They are successful in identifying and studying the two, as well as sneaking out of the hamlet. We had back to Sant-Michel for a deserved rest and a sumptuous dinner.

Thaw 7th

Early rise and our new stash of Granados is ready. As we leave town we are approached by a page boy. He is been send by the Baron of Bonneville, Alfred Debon, who has a business proposition for us. Lila informs us that the Baron has a good reputation and we should certainly go and visit him. We arrive at his washed blue town house which surrounds a central courtyard. We are ushered in a side room were the baron meets with us. Due to the Drow Invasion he had to evacuate his estate in Bonneville a fortified manor house with 40 villages on his estate. He would like to have information about the area and the manor house, as it is now time for him to return to his land and ensure to repopulate it. He is happy to pay us 35000sp for the help. We agree that it is best to go to Baron Debon manor house as soon as possible.

We leave the house and make our way to the merchant guild to inspect the convoy wagons before their departure. We fly to the Barons land; it takes us till lunch time to figure out the map sketched by the baron. We cannot see much movement except from the smoke coming out of the manor, so we chase after the wagon. We will come back with the cover of dusk to inspect. We get to the wagon were we inspect that the convoy is proceeding well, then we head back to the baron’s estate. The fields and orchard around some villages, and adjacent the huge house appears to have been cultivated and recently. There is smoke is still coming out of the manor house chimney; so with the sun going down we approach it cautiously. Boris Spots a gibbet with a dead body in it and as a good necromancer should, he approach it and begins his interrogation it. The dead body is of one bandit that try to steal some treasure from the crypt in the graveyard on the estate, and got caught. The house is full of bandits and with Roderigo wizard eye we discover that 18 of them are in the main hall; some asleep, some awake, and some getting drunk while 2 are busy hammering in the smithy. There are no women or children around. We climb the external wall wile Roderigo sleeps the two at the forge. We enter the main hall in force and in less than no time we subjugate the crooks and tie up the 7 survivors. They promise to help us and answer all our questions. We suggest them to clean and fix everything in the house, and we might speak with the baron in an effort to help them establishing themselves in the area. They would love to settle and farm land.

Thaw 8th

After spending the night in the manor house, we waken up to a good breakfast of bacon and eggs prepared by the survivors. They are all too eager to return the manor house to its original state, in exchange for our good words to the baron regarding their willingness to settle in the area and to help farm his land.

We return to Sant-Michel to provide the good news to the Baron regarding of his land. After paying us he enquires about the other 40 villages in his property. We have yet to inspect them however we have more pressing meters with the caravan so we will return to clear them all after our main task is completed.

After purchasing some pastries for Pierre we head off to intercept the wagons which are due to arrive at Leon, a village 50 miles from Sant-Michel. We convince Roderigo to Locate the bandits intercepted few days ago. We want to ensure we keep a close look on them; they have not moved.

We keep close look to the caravan entering Leon, a side river town surrounded by 30 feet high walls newly reconstructed and a fortified Keep built atop of a rock formation. As we traverse town all sort of people try to get our attention as well as our patronage. After reaching the enclosure for the convoy on the other side of town, we head to the mess for a good feed. While there we discuss our plan with Desmond Ogadieu, the leader of the caravan. Our tactic is to rapidly approaching the bandits’ camp and eliminate them. He agrees with the plan so after a little rest, we depart.

We land just outside the border of the little village where the 50 outlaws are camped; Roderigo with his wizard Eye quickly tracks the Celestial mage and the other 4 leader of the crooks. Swiftly he cast a sleeping spells, as we enter the house to finish them. After looting their bodies Boris turns them into walking dead. They still give me the willies.

We discover that it was not in their plan to attack the big caravan as they were instructed by other bandits not to venture further then Leon; it is the territory of another band of bandits. (I am enlightened by the fact that there still is honour amongst crooks). We also discover the existence of few spies in Sant-Michel and Champignon, who are assisting the bandits with the coordination of their attacks.

Then we attack the bandits. They are all fast asleep in 4 houses, and with one granado per house, and a strategically placed zombies to guard the front door, the bandits are eliminated quickly.

We also locate the wagons they have stolen and since they are in a barn Boris ensures no one access it by warping doors and walls.

Thaw 9

As dawn breaks we are on our way back to the wagon camp. We are famished and ready for a good nourishing breakfast.

While eating we are approached by Desmond, who has bad news. He updates us of last night trouble; someone has managed to enter the camp and destroy 60 wagon wheels. They do not have that many spare and it will take weeks to get some more from Sant-Michel. No one has heard or seen anything. We suspect a sneaky and horrible bard.

Pierre and Boris offer to help fixing them, while Kerry Lila Roderigo and I go in town to investigate.

Lila and Kerry head to the town hall where the guards have rounded up all the strangers in town. Roderigo and I head to the tavern to see if we find anything or anyone suspicious.

We discover that 3 figures left town very early in the morning. One of the three was seen carrying a mandolin.

While plotting to chase after the trio, we head back to the caravan enclosure to meet Boris and Pierre who are exhausted from fixing the wheels.

Two figures approach us swiftly; a young lad and a town guard with a message from the town master who wants to see us as soon as possible by the tavern. As we head back into town I cannot help but notice that 5 guards are stationed on the outer walls, and two are guarding the gates. A bit too late in my opinion, but they have learned the lesson.

LeBron the town master is a friendly character despite his ragged clothes which, I think, have not changed since before the invasion. I bet his servant are not happy without their yearly hammy down.

He has a job for us and involve cave dwelling.

Last night when they were unloading some barrels of beer they managed to have one going through the cellar floor. At closer inspection they have discovered an under-city tunnel. 7 of his man went down for an inspection and only 2 came back. He cannot pay us as the town had no money, and they survive only with the trade from the caravans. He is however happy to give us a letter of payment which we will need to present to the Marchesa of Bowcort.

We need to ensure we are at full strength so we rest up for the afternoon and after a good meal we head into the cave.

It is a wide tunnel running from Southwest to east where it has a slight curvature and we cannot see the end of it. It appear been formed by magic more than carved like the dwarfs’ caves. The tunnel heading southwest emanates a strange aura and is filled by a thick haze. Since the Haze makes it difficult to see through it, we decide that is a good idea to cast a lightning. It is loud and everyone is deafened. It is a struggle to identify what is happening in the mist, so we move to the east tunnel. After a slight curvature of the tunnel we reach a circular room with irregular 5 porches above a dark and watery lake.

Roderigo climbs the ceiling while Boris construct a bridge of bones to the nearest porch to the left of us. As we reach the other side we are attacked by minor undead and drained. The battle is fierce; Pierre and Roderigo are badly injured, while the rest of us are trying to give final rest to the creatures. Once the last one is dispatched and farewell from this existence we notice the water of the lake been very agitated, so we head back to surface to discuss a raise of payment for the job.

We rest for the night so to recover some strength, and keep an eye on Pierre as his injured hand has an undead aura. We might chop it in the morning.

Thaw 10

After a good breakfast and buffs we return to the lake chamber. Roderigo with his wizard eye inspects all the other porches before deciding on our plan. 1st porch heads in a room with 8 weird creatures, when the 2nd one has 100 humans; most are asleep while 20 are fully awake. They do not appear to be kept against their will. 3rd porch head to a tunnel when the 4th one is where we fought the undead the night before.

We head back to explore the misty tunnel and we learn it has a curvature which drops down to a pond of fresh water.

The plan is clear we will have to attack the creatures.

We create darkness on the porch and stop the creatures from spotting our weapons of flame. Once we are in position I start with a lighting and the fight begins. At the first blow from the enemy, I am down from the count. The rest is a blur.

As I am told later, the fight was quick; Roderigo managed to stab his way around the lizards, Lila has shoved a granado into a lizard mouth, while Pierre has gone for a bath in the dark lake. Boris has smashed his way around as always and in the meantime has assisted in reviving me.

After been revived, I moved to the back of the battle where a lizard tramples me and knocks me into the lake. Some undead arms reach out and drag me under water. Lila rescue me and, as the whole party fight the undead, I am fighting my on battle between life and death.

I regain my strength thanks to Boris healing kicks than we move inside the alcove where Roderigo performs his ritual on the soul of one of the dead lizard creature. He discovers that the pool of water is where the master undead lives, the lizards are it servants and the human are held against their will, and are kept for ritual and certain specific “rights”. Roderigo interrogation of the soul continues on, and he enquires in regards of the tunnels. He learns that the one we have not been able to explore leads to some orcs and elves, which we imagine that drows are in the area due to their association with the orcs. The tunnel where be fought last night is populated by undead. The master undead at the bottom of the pool have their power amplified in the water however the lizard soul is not aware if their evil plan, it only knows of the undead are weaker than they ever been as the area is not so populate. The undead have been here for 4 generations.

After looking around and collecting some loot, we discover a chalice and after Lila and Kerry DA it, we learn it is cursed. Boris raises one servant from the pile of bodies and assigns it the job of carrying the chalice however, it decide to jump in the pool. Boris quick thinking with help from Pierre, Lila and Kerry manage to recuperate the chalice as we run back to the surface. Lila as well as Pierre are injured in the process.

Once back to the surface we go to the nearest church as all the party is convinced that I, Lila and Pierre have been turn into an undead or something. They want me to get into the church while we talk to the priest, which does not appear to be too bothered or interested to know of the undead leaving underneath their feet. Lila decides to pour holy water on her while Boris and Roderigo try to push me on consecrated ground. Lila is hurt and I managed to stop the two.

We return to the tavern to meet with LeBron. We update him on the job and explain that is a bit too big for us. He should request for help from the guild as we unprepared and ill equipped to defeat so many undead.

We are able to get our payment after plentiful negotiations and threats.

Is late afternoon however we have one more job to do and we visit Moy, the town Assaia. After showing him the money and offering to cook for him, he is happy to work on the chalice. He discovers that is extremely evil. It allows the master undead to establish a mental connection and control whomever touches it. We decide we need to destroy it. We have to go to sleep in a new inn so we proceed toward it and as we walk, we sense the foul presence of undead. We follow Boris and is undead sensing to the door of a jeweller. Roderigo with his wizard eye notices a tunnel starting from the basement of the studio. We follow it to another pool of water where Roderigo loses control of the spell as an undead drain him. It is not our problem anymore as we informed the mayor in regards of the dangers that lays under his town. We settle at the inn soon after informing a guard of the troubles lurking underneath his feet.

Thaw 11

We wake up in the early morning; Pierre, Lila and I feel extremely well, as our endurance has increased due to the draining we are able to do.

As we head to the Assaia, there is a bit of commotion in town as the guard as spread the news of the undead. The mayor is quick to placate them. The fool.

We get to the Assaia, but he is not happy to help us until lunchtime.

We head to a blacksmith and ask his help to destroy the chalice. After an hour in the forge, the chalice has barely accused the heat, so “Little Flame”, Lila’s fire elemental creature jumps in the forge to pump the heat up. The chalice gold finally melts and after checking it with a DA spell, the evil aura has gone.

We return to the Assaia, where I have to seat in rune circle for the next 3 hours while he check my arm. Apparently I am leaving in a symbiotic relationship with this arm which allows me to auto drain. The only thing that can remove it is a miracle or a major blessing.

We return to the wagon camp where Boris and Pierre help with fixing the wheels. They are making progress and by the morning, we will be ready to depart.

Thaw 12

After a good rest, we depart with the caravan. We fly ahead to inspect the road right up to the poorly fortified village where the convoy will rest for the night. The town has 20 feet poorly maintained walls and a keep in the centre with better fortification.

We head back only to find a group of 60 bandits charging the column. In the bandits ranks there are humans, goblins, and hob-goblins and few celestial mages.

We approach the head of the convoy and in less than no time, we defeat the assailers. We advance down the line to assist the other guards and in 30 minutes, we have the bandits on the run.

Unfortunately, the brigands have manage to capture 8 wagons, however thanks to my new minion, (a celestial mage that I have turn into an undead) we discover the plans of the bandits. A small colony of dire-bats summoned during the fight, now surrounds Pierre, which is now in command of them.

After assisting all the injured people and fixing all the wagons, the convoy form a laager where we camp for the night.

The celestial Undead provides us with extra cover by creating a dome of dark and light. Pierre and I need to sleep outside of the dome as we might drain more people.

Thaw 13

We wake up, early in the morning and no sound to be heard in the vicinity. May be I have drained all the animals in 150 radius. We interrogate my minion again and discover new informations regarding the brigands. He comment on the fact that the convoy took them by surprise; they were expecting that repair will take longer as they were waiting for reinforcements. He informs us that a group of horsemen dropped the bandits in the attack area, as they were sure of their victory of their attack.

After spending some time in designing our attack, we conclude that the best way will be to attack the village of Niort at dusk and defeat any possible reinforcement before attacking the returning convoy.

We spend the rest of the day helping with the repair of the wagons and healing the injured.

After a good meal, we depart so to arrive at the town at dusk. The town is built around a rocky hill and the main castle is on a side spur of the mound. A wider but lower wall has been erected around the bandits’ camp, just outside the breach of eastern town wall. The Minion informs us that the local castle owner is in the pocket of the bandits and for a cut of the bounty, he allows them to stay.

Roderigo cast his wizard hey and discovers the bandits leaders have taken up residence is in 5 of the town houses by the breached walls. There is movement in the encampment and we discover that dwarfs have pitched their tents.

The plan is to attach the leaders of the group, so Roderigo shadow-walks into the main boss bedroom and after killing him with a single poisonous bite before moving into the other rooms. Unfortunately, he wakes up some of the guards so, we enter the house from the kitchen entrance and in few minutes, we succeed in eliminating most of the bandits. A couple of them were able to raise the alarm and; 8 figures are now approaching the building. Boris and his minion along with my minion and I have the attack suppressed. After looting all the bodies, I suggest to my minion to call a few falling stars on the other houses of the other bandits leaders, which he kindly oblige.

Subsequently, after Boris fetches a couple of dozens minions, we approach the dwarf camp; Pierre and Roderigo proceed in addressing the dwarfs chief, which agrees to abandon his quest in supporting the bandits.

As the sun rises my minion along with 10 undead turn into Wight.

We will rest before attacking the wagons.

Thaw 14

Pierre finds a good spot for a proper ambush, just outside Niort, while in the distance we keep an eye on the departing Dwarfs.

Roderigo casts his tracking spell and discovers the convoy is no longer heading toward us. We quickly change our plan and after casting wings on everyone, minions included, we take flight.

In a couple of hours, we are atop of the wagons. Pierre and I can sense there is life energy waiting to be drained, however the caravan procession is invisible to our eyes. Pierre suspects Earth magic and figures out that once we are inside the illusion we should be able to see the bandits

Most of us land and set the ambush while Lila will provide aerial support. Pierre has animated some of the forest trees to help with our attack.

We cast invisibility on ourselves and once inside the illusion we spot 4 mages on the second, fort, fifth and seventh wagon.

Roderigo with his sneaky tricks jumps on the last wagon, while the zombies attack the second to last wagon. Pierre and Boris are on wagon number one while Lila and I proceed to attack the mage on the second wagon, and kill him instantly. The illusion dissipate.

A necromancer on wagon 5 casts his agony spell while his wagon along with wagon 4 and 6 try to make a run for it. Pierre’s trees, capture the 3 wagons stopping them in their tracks. The fight is aggressive; however, we manage to subjugate most of the lizard men in change of the wagons.

After the fight, we interrogate the survivors and we discover the convoy was headed in the cave inspected by us few days back while in Leon. The humans in the cave were willing slaves, and along with the lizard men, they serve the Elves or it may be Drows; they cannot tell the difference. After looting them and turning the wagons, we chase the main convoy that we reach by nightfall.

Thaw 15, 16, 17

The next 3 days are spent driving the wagons to the river crossing, where the drivers and solder fashion boats out of the wagons. They then drift over the placid water. While on it we discover the water carries small gold fragments afloat.

After one of Lilas prayer, a nimbus bring us a visitor: a senior Angel. We explain our problem with our undead limbs and ask help in restoring them to their normality. We are entrusted with a task which has to be accomplished by each one of the party. We have to go in the river until the water is a foot over our head and fill the jugs he provides us. Subsequently we have to bring those carafes to the Archbishop of Mordeaux. The carafes are filled as required, and stored for safe keeping during our journey.

Once on the other side of the river the guards of the convoy thank us for the assistance and for retrieving the stolen wagons. From here forward they have organised other support so we are free to return to Sant-Michel.

On our way back, we stop and revisit the villages’ surroundings the land of Baron Bonneville. We realise that some of the land is now been worked and some of the inhabitants are supporting their lifestyle with banditry work, and are led by twelves man at arm.

We decide to employ a diplomatic approach and convince them to join forces with the Baron. After the successful negotiation, we depart once more for Sant-Michel.

The guild of merchant is ever so grateful of our work that offers to pay us more and provides us with training funds.

Thaw 18

Before starting our training in Saint Michel, we will try to accomplish the task given by the Angel, so after putting on some wing we fly to the city of Mordeaux.

Once there we make our way to the cathedral and, as we cross the main gate, Pierre’s bare feet start to burn along with my arm and Lila’s leg. I suppose a little penitence for our wrongdoing is called for.

It takes us a while to get inside the cathedral, and once inside the Archbishop of the Western Kingdom and Bishop of Mordeaux is expecting us. After updating him on the challenges faced along our journey and all the undead we met (and created) he ask us what do we want.

On presenting our case we ask for forgiveness and ask for the undead body part to be returned to its original shape, and as we finish to speak we fill the immediate change in our body and we are back to normal.

We head back to complete all task we had not finish, and to begin with some more training.

And with all task achieved another successful mission for the brave guild members draws to a conclusion.

Mil Sci


Lila: So lets be clear if the wagons are in need, we will protect them
Party: Yes ok
Lila: Shall we attack a village of bandits to see how the party works as a team (Experimental Ethics in progress)

Marching Order

What is Hot

  • Biting someone's throat when is sleeping. (Ignis is mistaken here as this certainly never happened. Roderigo.)
  • Shoving granados in a lizard's mouth

What is not

  • Swallowing, and getting blood up your nose
  • Lizards with heartburn

What is awful

  • Throwing granados in a building full of sleeping people, and have the doors guarded by zombies.


  • 8x buckler
  • 4x large round shield
  • 6x Suit of chainmail
  • 4x Arcane wands of storage, only one contain spells, and are all rechargeable
  • 20x assorted swords
  • 4x Amber amulets, 5 point Protection from draining (Resistance against draining for necros)
  • 380sp
  • Leather Armour
  • Chain armour
  • Hand and 1/2 mage sword
  • various assorted weapons
  • Scrolls
  • Mage Oil
  • 680sp
  • some gold coins
  • 1 zaphire (worth 2300sp approx)
  • 1 emerald (worth 2300sp approx)
  • Scroll celestial
  • 5 Chalcedony amulets
  • 5 Amber amulets
  • 5 Jet Amulets
  • 3 small full chests
  • 4 potion vials of dark liquid
  • (1 Callice now smelted)
  • 6 rubies, worth 6000sp
  • 9 Zaphiris wort 9000sp
  • the following 18 items require divinating
  • 1 gold ingot worth 12000sp
  • 6 sets of ceramic scale mail (8 fatigue 3 En)
  • 1 dark stone ring ( May summons Dire bats)
  • 1 blue stone earring ( Casting fatigue can be ranked into it, and can count towards massive damage)
  • 1 teaspoon ( increase TMR)
  • 1 broken shoe lace
  • 8 magic daggers (1 contains Poison)
  • 2 Magic hand and half
  • 4 Magic short swords
  • 14 triggerable items
  • 18 items triggered items
  • 400sp
  • 2 Shield (Bandits Leader House)
  • 2 swords
  • 12 full strong Boxes, Locked and Trapped
  • Mixed amulets, magical items, and casting sticks
  • 9 Scimitars (2 have magic auras)
  • 4 colored stones invested rings ( 1 red 1 blue 1 green 1 clear)
  • 15000sp worth of staff on the wagons (returned to the convoy)
  • 12000sp each as payment for our services
  • 30000sp for the party from the Baron of Boneville
  • 20000sp training funds each


Magic Rk Effects Dur/
Enh Dur
Greater Enchantment (R) 16 +17% Res/Mag/Com/Skill - RMCS RMCS RMCS RMCS RMCS RMCS
Fire Armour 10 +44 protect against damage by fire 11/19 hrs Y - Y - - Y
Fireproofing 10 Protect from non magical fires 11/19 hrs Y - Y - - Y
Shadowform 15 +32 defence melee & ranged, +16 close, +15 stealth in twilight +45 stealth in darkness 8hrs/12hrs Y - Y 1/2 duration only - - Y
Celestial Witchsight 9 See invisible 5/9 hrs Y - - - - Y
Shadow Wings 6 Fly 36mph 3.5/6.5 hrs Y - Y 1/2 duration only - - Y

With hat ie 3hrs notice

Magic Rk Effects Dur/
Enh Dur
Fire Armour 16 +68 protect against damage by fire 17/23 hrs Y - Y - - Y
Fireproofing 16 Protect from non magical fires 17/23 hrs Y - Y - - Y
Shadowform 21 +44 defence melee & ranged, +22 close, +21 stealth in twilight +63 stealth in darkness 11hrs/15hrs Y - Y 1/2 duration only - - Y
Celestial Witchsight 15 See invisible 8/12 hrs Y - - - - Y
Shadow Wings 12 Fly 42mph 6.5/9.5 hrs Y - Y 1/2 duration only - - Y

Seagate Time

"Escort the caravan" They said, "Get it to reach destination and provide loose cover for it". Simple enough. "Then the caravan will continue it's journey while you chase after the bandits and eliminate them". Sure it appears to be a simple enough task and since we are in the area we have pick up other small jobs.

First of them is freeing Baron de Bonneville Manor house which has been taken over by bandits, and his lands have not been cultivated since the beginning of the drow invasion. We are swift and dispatch the bandits in no time. Simple enough...

We might come back to visit the surrounding villages once our main mission is completed.

We also manage to track down a group of bandits that have attacked a previous caravan, secured the stolen good and eliminated the lot. What surprise we find once we are back? Well, once we return to the main caravan we discover that 60 wheel have been broken by what appears to be the job of a nasty bard. That's what you get for thinking of secondary jobs.

Then we are recruited by Leon's town Master to investigate the disappearance of some of his man.

It's easy he says, "just investigate the strange tunnel underneath the city". It appears to be a hideaway for undead and weird minor lizard creatures. In addition, some of us manage to get to the brink of death, as well as acquiring an undead body part and the ability to drain We report our findings to the mayor which is in denial of our findings, get our payment then follow the wagon. While we survey ahead the caravan is attacked. Can we have a normal day out here? I’m reminded that diversity and business and crazy adventures is the reason I'm part of the guild.

We successfully defeated some of the assailers; however, some of them are successful in capturing eight wagons. We are not too worried, as I have acquired an undead minion (thanks to my draining) who knows where they are headed too. We will chase them in the morning.

We head to Niort the village where the bandits are headed to and manage to slain the bandit chief as well as sending the outlaws reinforcements (a platoon of dwarfs) scampering from our platoon of undead. The now know better than messing with us. However now the village of Niort has an undead problem; my minion started draining uncontrollably and became a Wight. Well more work for the guild I suppose.

After a quick rest we scout a good place for an ambush, however our problem do not finish here. Roderigo discovers that the wagon have taken a different direction and now we are chasing them.

We catch up with them and ambush them. The fight is violent but quick and we are successful in defeating the bandits and return the wagons to the convoy ahead.

That night on the placid water of the river we are crossing with the wagons, a senior angel appears to us since Lila wants to see the back of our undead appendages. He has a quest which all of us need to accomplish before our healing can begin. Who am I to argue, however Roderigo does not see it this way. Is unhappy because we drain, and is equally unhappy to accomplish the task assigned by the angel. Jealousy and greed at is best I presume…

Therefore after tying up all loose ends , we conclude our mission with all task accomplished, a minimum disruption to the locals’ population, except for the outlaws, and a new found fondness for the Power that Be