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The Emmitsburg Cathedral is currently a building site in the town of Emmitsburg in Brastor. The timeline for completion is approximately 100 years, using mundane methods. However due to an unusual contract with the local masons no registered masons will work on this site. The site thus sits languishing for most of the year. This is fortunate, as the small town of Emmitsburg has no need for a Cathedral that may hold twenty thousand people, and which would consume the entire income of the town in upkeep.

This folly is intermittently worked upon by a magical being, usually at night. Mysterious & haunting music is heard over the sounds of chiselling and stonework. In the morning, many months of work have been mysteriously completed. Current estimates for completion range from 200 to 500 years, due to the intermittant and unpredictable nature of the construction process.

Current Status

Foundations for a 350x200 foot main cathedral have been dug down to 40 feet. The locations of the side chapels and buttressing have been marked out in thin lines of stone. A round stone tower, apparently serving as a "workman's shed" stands 30 feet high (i.e. just below ground level) in the middle of the foundations.

One massive archway was raised and braced in early Winter 807. It was 50 foot high and nearly as wide. This was the only stonework above ground level. After dark forces used it as a magical portal, the archway was taken down, and the rock turned to dust, to prevent the weaknesses that occur from openings into the Void from affecting the inviolate sanctuary of the church. The ground was also reconsecrated.

In early Summer 808WK the Room of Stone and the cloisters were partially built. Some wandering Raphaelite friars stayed at the site for a week or so, praying & singing hymns. Work seemed to progress quite quickly while they were there, but then they moved on again. Some thousands of tonnes of purple-black volcanic rocks were delivered from the mountains near Gryffon Valley in mid summer. The pile dominates the surrounding area, dwarfing the partially-finished buildings.

The Final Plan

A Sammaelite priest has registered the following plans with the local masons:

1. - Bell Tower.
2. - The Door of St John.
3. - Church Notices.
4. - The Door of Judgment.
5. - The Door of St Francis.
6. - Clock Tower.
7. - The Door of Death.
8. - The Door of the Apocalypse.
9. - The Door of the Ressurection.
10. - The Throne of the King.
11. - Apse.
12. - Chapel of St Lucy.
13. - Chapel of St Astoria.
14. - Chapel of St Christopher.
15. - Door of the Thistle.
16. - Presacristy.
16'. - Sacristy.
16". - Music room.
17. - Chapel of St Anthony.
18. - Tomb of Carlos I.
19. - Chapel of the White Lady.
20. - Chapel of the Lady of Hope.
21. - Chapel of the Birth.
22. - Chapel of the Lady of the Way.
22'. - Chapel of the Seven.
23. - Greater Chapel.
24. - Chapel of St Teresa.
25. - Access to the Cloisters.
26. - The Door of Lady Luck.
27. - The Entrance to the Cloisters.
28. - Door of Ghosts.
29. - Chapel of St Nicholas.
30. - Chapel of Count Rebolledo.
31. - Stairs of John the Badajoz.
32. - Room of Stone.
33. - Cloisters.
34. - Heart and Transepts.
35. - Choir.
36. - Nave.
37. - Chapel of Prester John.
38. - Access to the Crypts.

The good news is that this cathedral is unlikely to be completed before Emmitsburg grows to a size that can use it - i.e. at least 20 times its current population.