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(One of the Alternate Alusias)

Elusania is much like Alusia Prime and has similar history, social and technological levels, although both demonic and powers of light activities are somewhat more prevalent.

Primary differences include human society being ruled completely by the Powers of Light. Mages are burnt at the stake (except for bonded Church “miraclists”. Non-humans are hunted and purged.

The Powers of Light of Elusania are lead by:

  • Kafziel: The Angel of Death
  • Nathanel: The Angel of Fire
  • Kemuel: The Angel of Destruction
  • Cassiel: The Angel of Tears

The Seagate Guild in Elusania is the home of the inquisition of the Western Church; guildmembers are initiates of holy orders or miraclists.

Elusania appears very similar to Alensia, another of the Alternate Alusias, although it is not known if there has been contact between the two.