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Dwarves are a naturally stubborn race with little time for religion and other mumbo-jumbo, as such they have hundreds of Gods. The basis of Dwarven religion surrounds Krunor the God of the forge who made the world and Elamic the Mother of all who created life upon the world. These two Gods are virtually never worshipped by most dwarves instead their many children are venerated. These children are plentiful and also known by many names so to an outsider Dwarven religions seem complex and incomprehensable, however the core group of worshipped tends to be the same in all Dwarven halls.
For reference purposes the names used by the Dwarven clan in Southern Ranke have been used.


In the beginning there was nothing but the Gods. Into the void Krunor created the worlds and prepared them for the coming of his people. But unto the worlds arrived the Dragons and then the Elves from places outside the void and the world was shaped by their magics and societies. The desecration of the world caused much sadness and Elamic was brought to tears which fell upon the world. So that their people would not be destroyed by the other races Krunor and Elamic hid their children beneath the ground and taught them to dig, mine and forge so that they would rise up and rid the world of the other races. When the dwarves emerged their dislike of the Dragons was legendary and many of the Dwarven and Draconic peoples died in the resulting Wars. The Elves however spun charms and glamours that kept peace between the peoples although while Dwarves are considered friends of the Elves there is still an abiding distrust of them and their sourceries.

The Greater Gods

  • Krunor - Lord of the Forge, Provider of Heat and Guardian of Light. Represented by the sun Krunor is the creater of the earth and fire. All metals placed within the earth are gifts for his children (The Dwarven race) and placed their for their use.
  • Elamic - Mother of All, bringer of life, Protector of the People. Represented by the moon Elamic created the Dwarven people and with Krunor taught them how to live.

The Lesser Gods (Children of Krunor and Elamic)

The children are known as the common Gods amongst the dwarves and there are many more than the selection listed here. Names are also highly variable and will differ from Clan to Clan depending on regional dialects and historical imperatives.




Kelsor God of the Forge (Eldest son)
Argaman Finder of Precious Metals and Gems
Ustelf God of Imagination and Mechanicians
Cron God of War
Borgan God of Commerce
Unster God of the Home and defence
Hagan Lord of the Underworld, Collector of Dwarven Souls
Reman God of blessed unions and partnership (Dwarven Marriage God)
Ofnal God of Fortune (Luck and Chance)
Dissenic Lord of Revenge
Karlor God of Lost Causes




Primencia Goddess of Thunder and Rain (Bringer of life, Eldest Daughter)
Faith Goddess of Healing
Hapensus Goddess of Hunting
Unteris Goddess of Love and Procreation
Thanis Goddess of Youth
Prodantis Goddess of Fruit and Fermentation
Kellenor Goddess of the Harvest
Fifanthis Goddess of Childbirth
Unkellis Goddess of Dreams