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Arms of the Serene Republic of Destiny


Destiny is the capital city of a group of islands that lie in a broad channel between Alba Longa and the Alusian continent. The middle & southern parts of the channel are deep and navigable, although only Destinian vessels are permitted in these waters.

Destiny is best known on the seas and oceans of Western Alusia as the fleet of law & supporters of trade. They are looked upon by merchants and captains of all nations as the thin line between trade and pirates. They are known to have many merchant and war ships ranging far and wide throughout the Venarian Sea and from the north of Ivina and Great-Kingdom of Harbaal, to the huge city port of Tycho on the edge of the Lunar Empire.

External vassals
Gem of the northern sea, the great trade city of Chelemby, Realm of the Merfolk - An area Sea Kingdom located southwest of Palestrina.

It is understood that the Elven Isles are close to some form of settlement with Destiny.

Current Events

Winter 813 WK

Credible rumours and stories learned from several officers over dinner on the Destinian Flag ships Don Bellow under the command of Admiral Don Fishinbow in the: The Destinains are negotiating an offer for the Elven Isles from Drow Forces.

Spring 813 WK

Drow Sea forces sail within two miles of a large fleet of Destinian War ships without incident.

Spring 812 WK

Credible rumours of a letter of Marque for the private return of the ships 'The Bull & Harp' & 'The Dons Carlos’ Tail'. The Black fleet of Calder are rumoured to have accepted the letter.

Spring 811 WK

Two ships 'The Bull & Harp' & 'The Dons Carlos’ Tail' are wanted by the Republic of Destiny.
Any navel vessel will not engage by will follow and call for reinforcements in an attempt to board and capture this vessel once they have odds of 8:1 in their favour. At the same time they have offered 65,000 sp cash for the 'The Bull & Harp' and 45,000 sp cash for 'The Dons Carlos’ Tail' vessel.

Father Broc purchased the vessel for an unprecedented 200,000 sp cash, thereby directly offending the Republic of Destiny, who have issued an open invitation to ‘visit’ as soon as possible for a period no less than three years.

Braegon purchased the vessel for an huge 90,000 sp cash, thereby directly offending the Republic of Destiny, who have issued an open invitation to ‘visit’ as soon as possible for a period no less than three years.


The region was called [New] Calatrava by the first speakers of Destinian, who arrived some 5 centuries ago through a mana-storm in a ship of astounding size and complexity.

These people intermarried with the matriarchy they found there and their leader became Marquis of Calatrava. Within a century of settling, Destiny became the homeport of a trading fleet that increased the importance and wealth of many coastal towns of Alusia. In fact, modern ship design is based on the Destinian vessels, many naval terms adopted from their language, which is spoken to some degree in most ports.

King Carlos

The title of Marquis, like all property in the realm, passed from father- to son-in-law, until Don Carlos di Calatrava usurped power from his father, with the accidental aid of a Guild party, Winter 792 {See Disappointment at Destiny}, appointing himself first Duke of Destiny & then King Carlos the first.

Carlos quickly conquered Alma Viva, the collective term for the islands & fjord-like headlands N.&E. of Calatrava. The Almans were a mixed, thrall-owning, fur-clad heavy-drinking barbarian people split into clans, ruled by chieftains and jarls. Indeed the Almans’ raiding longboats were a major reason why, in the north, in pre-Destinian times, there were few large towns near the sea. The conquest was quite quick, since the Almans had no friends in the baronies -- and any would-be allies were busy in their own wars (the recent unpleasantness preceding the glorious re-establishment of the Western Kingdom).

Carlos, for his brief reign, was extremely popular domestically as he brought wealth, morality, and a sense of “Destiny” to the masses; Carlos also built lavishly and commissioned several new warships. Of the Dons (the Officer class), Carlos discouraged those who opposed him, and granted advancement and lands to those who performed well -- forging a modern, feudalistic nation out of the former, aristocratic oligarchy.

By skilful treaties and outrageous bribes, he pacified foreign interests, and began the Conquest of Terranova, under licence to the Elvish Crown. Unfortunately this license was revoked after the impolitic but necessary “Dago–Squid” alliance of San Juan (797) with the Calamar; and so began the Fall of Carlos.

Rumour has it that Carlos was preparing to lead a Michaeline invasion of the Unholy Lands in 800 WK (considered by most scholars to be the 2000th Anniversary of the Fall of Panjari).

King Carlos was murdered Spring 799 on Alba Longa, coincidentally when several Guild parties were in the region {see Spr799 scribe notes Travels with Father Bob}. Many Destinians believe Guild-member Aryan, Count of Ebola, was responsible – since his wife’s cousin, Baron Scarpia, (coincidentally head of Carlos’s Secret Police in the South) was killed shortly beforehand — despite, or because of, the witnesses placing Aryan in at least one other place at the time. However the Summer 800 issue of the Seagate Times tells the truish story.

After a few days’ civil war, almost all of Carlos’s remaining Barons burned the Armoury (Destiny’s ship-building district) and fled to the Far South or the Far East, taking what little remained of the treasury with them. It is estimated that Carlos, over & beyond his profligate public spending, secretly squandered the equivalent of some 40 million Seagate Shillings from Destiny’s Treasury on his secret projects and bribes to foreigners, depleting the accumulated wealth of centuries in only 8 years.

Despite several Royalists attempts at revenge or to bring back Carlist heirs {see Seven for Thebes, Aut800, & Olympic Security/Destinian Gold, Aut802}, the republican (or “flamingo”) faction has maintained the Serene Republic of Destiny, ruled by the Council of Ten, actually 20 in number; the nominal Head-of-State being the president of this Council.


Based in the Home Islands there some:

  • 500 Dons [& Donnas]
  • about 300,000 commoners (a.k.a. citizens).

In the various overseas ports still remaining under Destinian control there are a further:

  • 100 or so Dons
  • 40,000 commoners.

Naval officers [of the rank of teniente or higher], military officers [of the rank of capitán or higher], and mages are all members of the Don class.

Senior officials, such as the alcade (or mayor) of a town, will be retired officers — however brief the military or naval career may have been.

Standard dress for a Don is Black & elaborate, with plenty of lace, and a bright sash (to show he is republican, rather than royalist); broad-rimmed, excessively ornate, black hat; frequently wearing small moustaches &/or a small pointed beard. Pearls & diamonds are always in fashion; rubies are also popular, but more rare.

A stereotypical Don is considered proud, even arrogant, and touchy; he will normally be rank 8 or better in tulwar or rapier, and have several ranks in Military Scientist or Warrior (if an officer); if in a position of authority, he will be at least a master Military Scientist or Merchant (if not both).

Few positions of authority are held by women (about one in 10 to one in 12), but it does happen -- although often in travesty, especially in the lower rungs and at sea.


The teaching of magic, alchemy, & healing is strictly controlled by the Holy Office of the Cardinal (or the Bishop in the overseas possessions), which licenses all magic-users, including any visitors who wish to practise magic.

Watermages, Airmages, Celestials, & Namers represent 95% of all mages -- and the other 5% are assumed to be E&Es, even when they aren’t.

About 70% of Dons are magic-users; non-mages are usually in the military or officials, often inheriting the status rather than earning it.


The trade fleets provide Destiny with most of its food; and they also, for a price, ship cargo amongst the various maritime countries of Alusia (and passengers to a lesser extent). Almost any legitimate item may be purchased at Destiny.

The cold-iron & alloyed weapons of Destiny are famous and skilled: as a gesture of good-will, guildmembers visiting Destiny, who are of good standing (i.e., not currently excommunicated or known to be demon-worshippers) may purchase up to Rank 11(!) weaponsmithed weapons at merely listed guild-cost + 25%


  • Mostly Destinian (Espanol) &/or Money;
  • some Common;
  • a little Elvish;
  • a few other Western Human tongues.

When speaking Common or other human tongues, Destinians pride themselves on their atrocious accents.


Important people and other guild contacts in and associated with Destiny.

The Council of Ten


  • Don Rodrigo di Posa;
  • Donna Astoria (a.k.a. Fr Roberto Javier, “Father Bob”), normally resident in MMHS;
  • the former guildmember Don Jon Fenris;
  • Fenris’s wife, Donna Leonora di Calatrava (who would have been Marquessa)

Don El Cazador

Secretary of the Interior

Don Emmanuel De Pluma

Lord Secretary to Don Carlos.


The Destinian colours are red & gold: and their ships have always flown long red-and-gold pennants.

  • The shield of the old Marquisate was variously Gules bezanté or else Paly, Gules et Or;
  • The Kingdom was Per pale, Gules et Or
  • The Serene republic is Quarterly, Or et Gules.