Desperate Hope

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GM: Jono Bean
Level: Medium
Title: No Hope / Desperate Hope
Night: Tuesday night
Location: 31 Methuen Road, Avondale
Time: 6:30pm till late
Mission By: Thorn


The village of Hope houses the families of cowhands raising cattle on the Plains of Desi.
Past attempts to drive their cattle to Cazarla for sale failed miserably.
Seven years ago the villagers petitioned the Duke to become part of Cazarla and asked him for protection. Five years ago, they stopped the Cattle Drives to Cazarla after the complete failure of two in a row.
Now the Herd is way too big, they have to sell some, and in desperation have turned to the newly founded Bolton Manor and Lady Thorn.

The Villagers have asked Thorn to:

  • Make some civc improvements - a new well and some sort of wall.
  • Help them take their Cattle to market in Seagate.
  • Get rid of the Bandits.

Thorn would like to invite a few Guild members to help her, help these people.



Space for six in the party and no more.

  • Please don't sign up here sign up at the Guild Meeting.