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This is an Excel Spreadsheet designed for the creation, maintenance and ranking of characters. The spreadsheet takes most of the pain (or fun?) out of the numeric side of creating and running your character. It has most all the rules includling many colleges of magic, and can be used for "almost automated" character creation, ranking and maintenance, including creating custom items and abilities. This does come at a cost though: it is quite large and unwieldy as far as spreadsheets go.

Pages are available to print with with all the relevant weapons, magic and skill base chances and other information that will be needed during a game.

It should work with Excel 2002/2003/2007/2010 but is developed in a Excel 2010 so has not been tested on earlier versions (ie 2003 and earlier). It would work with the OpenOffice spreadsheet varient, except for the Macros for Ranking, and buttons used to filter lists.

This hasn't been updated in quite a while now due to lack of time or inspiration. If someone prompts me I might do something.

Quick Start

Download the latest version from File:CCS 9.5.5.xls.zip. Some notes to get to going:

  • You must enable macros in Excel. If your Excel install has been locked down to "high security" and so allow no macros, nothing much will work. I personally recommend setting your excel macro security to LOW so you don't get bothered again. (In Excel 2003 and earlier, do this from Tools -> Macros -> Security) Under 2007, you can add change security for your DQ file folder.)
  • Starting from the Chr Data sheet, enter your character information manually, or import from a previous version of the spreadsheet.
  • If you are starting a completely new DQ character, the Chr Gen sheet helps you do this following the process in the rule-book. (This is still to be done with a GM though)
  • More detailed instructions are available on how to use the spreadsheet, although many sections are sparse. You can always contact me with any questions.

Customising Layouts

One of the problem with trying to make a generic character sheet is that they are very personal to the people using them. And as you character grows and changes, different information may become more or less important, and as such you may want a different looking character sheet.

With this in mind, the main character sheet is customisable with the ability to remove or add any number of sub-sections to help. However this only does so much; You may want to play around with the page layouts (eg landscape vs portrait, and adding page breaks) as different sections grow and the printable area changes shape.

If you are feeling game, feel free to muck about with the "printable" sheets (ie the ones with the Blue tabs.) You can combine sheets together, cutting and pasting each section into new locations as required, or rewrite the entirely if you wish. If you do try this, be careful of hidden cells though: Some of the tables have extra calculation rows or columns next to them need to be copied as well.

If there is a layout you'd like to emulate, I am happy to create a custom version for you if you give me an example to go on. Similarly, if you've created a layout that others like, send it on and we can incorporate it into the base spreadsheet.

Completed Colleges

Data for all colleges has not been entered yet. Generally, they are done when and as required. If you've got another college and would like to use it, let us know. It'd be great if you could help entering the data, but I might do this myself if I'm in the mood and know someone will use it. (Contact Neil)

The completed Colleges ready to use are:

  • Binder
  • E&E
  • Mind
  • Necromancy
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Witchcraft
  • Illusion
  • Celestial (all branches)
  • Water (only partial - the magic descriptions haven't been entered)

Download Latest Version

Click on File:CCS 9.5.5.xls.zip to download the latest version (released 23-Feb-11).

This is a minor release from 9.5.4. The Water college has been completed, plus some minor tweaks. See this page for details of changes in this and other recent versions.

Suggestions and Bug Report

I encourage you to contact me if you plan to use the character sheet. Those first questions that crop up as you come to grips with how it works can be invaluable for feedback to improve it. (And if you don't ask, it won't happen.)

Also, we all have our own ideas and others may have things that they could "never live without" in a character sheet and others they could "never live with", and I'm always keen for suggestions. Please contact Neil as first port of call, whether feedback be good, bad or indifferent.

If you do find any bugs, please contact me via email in preference. I tend to get onto fixing something straight away.

Simpler Character Sheet

This is a simpler excel character sheet that calculates your current base chances, copes with a reasonable range of items and abilities, and works on a wide range of platforms (the biggest limit on complexity and advanced functionality). It now includes simple ranking calculations/functionality.

It should be compatible with Excel 2k+, OpenOffice, OfficeLibre, Google Docs, ThinkFree Office (java app available for most smart phones) and probably most java-based spreadsheets, Numbers on iPad (NB Numbers complains about a couple of things on importing but so far I haven't found anything that's not working).

No macros, no named ranges (sob!), a limited set of functions used that (so far) work on most excel platforms.

The file contains all weapons, the major skills and example artisan skills, and all colleges. Maintaining a separate file for each college became too much of a pain when making changes. To reduce the file size, delete the colleges you don't need for your character and optionally delete some of the weapons and skills you'll never use.

Download from here: File:Dqcs.xls

Getting Started...
In general, the yellow cells are where you enter stuff and the rest of them should update automatically based on what you enter.
Setup Start with the Setup Tab, update the yellow fields to the current values for your character.
Weapons Put your current weapon ranks into the yellow column in the Weapons tab
Magic Put your current spell/talent/ritual ranks into the yellow column in the Magic tab, add rows for your non-standard magics, and optionally delete all the other colleges to reduce the file size. NB You'll probably need to fix the links from the summary page so it points to your college.
Skills Put your current skill/language ranks into the bright yellow cells in column B; add your other languages and their ranks; add any other skills you have ranked; hide/ignore the skills you don't have, I suggest not deleting them as you may pick some of them up later. Also, be careful with re-arranging, ensure you don't break the links from the other tabs.
Combat Update/change the yellow cells in the Combat tab. Identify the shield you normally use in R4. List the weapons you normally use by whatever name is meaningful to you in Col A, the Weapon Name in Col R must correspond to the weapons in the Weapons tab. Cols N-Q should cover most weapon modifiers that affect IV, SC, or Damage. List as few or as many weapons as you see fit.
Bonuses This tab is for your abilities, items, party buffs, and other oddities that affect your stats and base chances. If Col A is 'Y' (NB ThinkFree office is case sensitive) then the row will be included in the currently active modifiers. Row 3 is the net modifier in effect. Rows 15-50 are on the Summary tab as your 'Equipment list'.
Summary This is the tab you print out as your character sheet. Hide/show, tweak, hack and modify to suit your personal taste. The intent is that this is just a consolidation and formatting tab, the source info and formula should be on the other tabs. If adding stuff from other tabs, Copy & Paste Special (Paste-Link) are your friends. Most characters should fit on 1 to 2 pages.
Names The spreadsheet has an additional tab to update and print, it should print all of your names with Rk and spell BC mod on one page. For non-namers, if you delete this tab you'll need to fix up some links and formula on the ranking tab.
  • Enter your available experience - after racial tax - (E3), season & year of your last adventure and next adventure (L3 & L4), number of days adventuring (L5), and any additional mods to your available ranking time (L6) i.e. add extra ranking time during adventure or deduct time spent making invested and having a life.
  • Pick what you want to rank in column A, it should look up your current rank and put that in column B.
  • Enter your new rank in column C and choose mornings ("a") or afternoons ("p") in column D for the time. NB Namers with Names - leaving column D blank indicates you are using your 'free' stream to rank that name.
  • Adjustments to XP costs, time, and money should go in columns H-J. This includes discounts for teachers, related skills, high stats, etc. and penalties for self-learning, low stats, etc.
  • Once you're all done, hide the blank rows, print / print to pdf / save a copy as you see fit then manually apply your new ranks to the appropriate tabs. This could be automated with macros but they wouldn't work on most platforms.
Stats and TmrEncumRef Tables for calculations and reference - you shouldn't ever need to do anything with these, they just need to be there.

NB Warriors, this spreadsheet includes the modifiers as per Warrior 3.0.

Questions/comments/praise/abuse to Stephen.

Release as at Feb 2013 - fixes several errors, all colleges added, compatibility with Numbers on iPad (NB Numbers doesn't support Excel Named ranges so the cell formula are now rather ugly and painful to read, they have their own elegant equivalent which would make it incompatible with every other platform). Most of these changes have minimal testing, please let me know of any mistakes so I can fix it in the master copy.

Paper Character Sheet

A wiki page that is a printable blank Character Sheet to copy, fill in and have as a page on the wiki (if you're into sharing that much detail) or just print and go old-school with a pen or pencil.