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Wiki Server

For those that want to know, the wiki is running on Ubuntu Server on an IBM x336 eServer (Intel Dual-core Xeon, 1Gb RAM, 36Gb Mirrored SCSI Disks) that was donated by www.intercity.co.nz. Hosting of the server is sponsored by Mandos.

The database is now (April 2011) over 800Mb, the uploaded files add another 250Mb.

Backups: The database is now replicated to my PC at home, the slave should be no more than 60 seconds out of date though I may reduce this to synchronising overnight. The uploaded files are synchronised to my local PC nightly.

Harn Source Material

Special Thanks to Columbia Games who have given permission for us to post the portions of their Harn material that we are using on the Wiki. They only require that we list proper credit and copyrights as below.

Copyright N. Robin Crossby & Columbia Games Inc., 1982-2005. 
HARN, LYTHIA, & KELESTIA are trademarks of Columbia Games, Inc. 

Please do not abuse their generosity. If you are making regular use of their material then buy a copy of the Harn modules.

Issaries Inc Material

Special thanks to Greg Stafford of Issaries Inc, for bringing to our attention the ownership issues, and allowing us to correct them to be:

The Lunar Empire Map which is accessible from the DQ Wiki is based on a map which is 
(c) Copyright to Issaries Inc. 2005

Original Lunar Maps.

Wizards of the Coast

Any original SPI material published on this site and under copyright by Wizards of the Coast remain the property of Wizards of the Coast (now owned by Hasbro).