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Nastiness Rating 4/10

Duke of the Bath


Crocell appears in the form of a dark angel with flowing silver hair and yellow cat's eyes. His voice is great and all-pervading and he ever speaks of things mystical and hidden.

Crocell practices Water Magics, and has the power to warm or cool waters. He can discover water even in the desert and can create the illusion of waters to fool the unwary.

He sometimes carries a sword whose blade is of infernal ice that can never melt and which inflicts burning wounds that later turn white and waxy and eventually turn black and rot unless cured by magic.

Known Agents and Followers

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

Autumn 799wk

During an adventure Crocell's sword was removed from its resting place in Sanctuary and wielded for a while by Aryan before it was used to mutilate Belial and then left next to him in a place close to the demonic realms. It is presumed that Crocell recovered his sword afterwards as he was there observing.

While it was not divinated, hearsay from its wielder claims that it does lots of damage and the longer you use it in combat the luckier you become. Anyone slain by it is irresurrectable as their soul is sucked into it. Using it led to its wielder gradually changing to look more like Crocell (a winged drow), and would have eventually led to him being controlled by Crocell.