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Headquartered in MMHS the College of Heralds in (by human standards at least) an ancient organization dating back to before the founding of the Old Western Kingdom.

The College controls the heraldic jurisdiction of Western Alusia, covering not only the Western Kingdom and those parts of the Baronies that were once part of the Kingdom, but also many other areas.

The College trains heralds for courts and noble families, maintains noble genealogies and an impressive library devoted to heraldry, ceremony and inheritence.

One of the primary functions of the College is to register heraldic achievements (armorial bearings / coats of arms) for the gentry, nobility and royalty of Western Alusia.

Armorial Services

Fees for the armorial services of the College of Heralds (last revised in 793 WK)

Service Fee Description
New Grant of Arms 4 tsg Registration of arms for a previously non-armigerous person who is now entitled by their social status to have arms granted.
New Grant of Arms (Peer) 5-10 tsg Registration of arms for a previously non-armigerous person who has been elevated to the peerage (Baronial rank and higher) and the grant will contain coronets, supporters, etc.
Grant of Arms to a Guild or Company 4 tsg Registration of arms for a registered Guild, incorporated company, or permanent military unit for use as a Badge by members of that organization.
Matriculation of existing Arms 2 tsg Arms are heritable property, and on the original owner's death they descend to the heir. Younger children and their descendants inherit a right to apply for a Matriculation of their ancestral Arms with appropriate differences.
Matriculation of existing Arms (Peer) 3-6 tsg As above but for arms of Baronial rank and above where there are coronets, supporters, etc.
Petition to Inherit 1/2 tsg Inheritance of arms is relatively straightforward for an heir; this fee covers name changes in the records, checking for inheritance disputes etc.
Change of Motto 1 tsg Mottoes may be registered either with arms or at a later date. In either case they may be altered without changing the rest of the arms on payment of this fee.
Complexity Surcharge Variable The fees listed are for typical examples of arms. If the arms are particularly complex (for example with many quarterings, an additional charge may be made for extra work. This will not typically exceed 1/4th of the main fee.