Clan Ulandasen

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Varaal II

Head of Clan

Varaal II (b 751)
King of Seldenbaal (802-)


  • Hialti Ulandasen (b 776), Varaal II’s eldest son and likely heir.
  • Thand Ulandasen, (b 780), the king’s second eldest son. Something of a wastrel, he has no chance of succeeding his father.
Hialti and Thand are by Varaal’s first wife Vigdis (deceased), as is their sister Thorgerth (b 793)
Riupa (b 761), Varaal’s 3rd wife, is Rothek’s mother. She has another son Ulf (b 791).
  • Snælaug (b 757) is Varaal’s 2nd wife. She has 2 sons, Thorir (b 789) and Thorsteinn (b 792) and a daughter Hallbera (b 797).
  • His 4th Wife Thorgerth (b 764), has 2 sons, Thorkell (b 740), and Olaf (b 793), and 3 daughters, Asny (b 797), Hrothny (b 799) and Ormhild (b 805) while his 5th wife, Hallbera (770) has but 1 son, Surt (b 790).
  • Among the many bastard children of the King is Rothek Ulandasen, third eldest son of the king, also known by the nickname Mungo (b 795) who is the son of one of the political hostages Asdis Ulfesen (of Clan Ulfesen of Rosby).


Kings of Seldenbaal from Clan Ulandasen
611-630 Alagaar
630-654 Swen I
654-678 Varaal I
678-696 Tarlas I
696-728 Tarlas II
729-770 Swen II
770-772 Arguthen
772-802 Swen III
802- Varaal II