Clan Hargelsen

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Head of Clan

Bjan (b 755)
King of Lokemheim (807-), High King of Swenway (807-)
He succeeded his father in 807 at the age of 42.


  • Hialti Ulandasen (b 776), Varaal II’s eldest son and likely heir.
  • Four of Bjan's father’s wives are still living, along with numerous brothers and sisters, including Djaak (b 773), Jarl of Mosig and Braen (b 781), Jarl of Lepesaar. A number of of them are still of dependant age, the youngest a sister of 11.
  • Bjan’s cousin, Lyaran Hargelsen (b 773), is his closest advisor
  • Bjan has five wives, Oddlaug (b 768), Arnleif (b 773), Thora (780), Guthrun (b 780) and Arndis Vuro (b 788).
  • By Oddlaug he has 3 sons Thormoth (b 748), Solvarr (b 802) and Orn (b 808) and a daughter Valdis (b 789)
  • Arnleif has 5 daughters Groa (b 789), Ingibiorg (b 798), Ingunn (b 800), Otkatla (b 802) and Hlif (b 812).
  • Thora has 2 daughters Herdis (b 807) and Halldora (b 809)
  • Guthrun has a son Thororm (b 798) and daughter Yngvild (b 803)
  • Bjan acquired Arndis’s hand on a journey to Harbaal. Strikingly beautiful, Arndis had her first son, Ulfhethinn, in the late spring of 811.


High Kings of Swenway from Clan Ulandasen

804-807 Garin Hargelsen/Lokemheim
807- Bjan Hargelsen/Lokemheim

Kings of Lokemheim from Clan Ulandasen

702-725 Taarken I
725-745 Erbaal
745-779 Taarken II
779-807 Garin
807- Bjan