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Head of Clan

Osidar (b 753)
King of Ibanvaal (792-)
Osidar has reigned as King of Ibanvaal since 792 when his father Ijels died at the age of 78.

He has two surviving older brothers and two younger, one of whom, Earlan, holds the town of Pelby.


  • Jaro (b 780), who holds Bilun, is his son by his first wife Gierny (dec).
  • His son Irlon (b 778), by his second wife Thorlaug (dec) holds Jegle, and has recently taken Froyby in Menglana.
  • Osidar has 3 children by Thora (b 757), a daughter Thordis (b 796) and sons Bersi (b 801) and Hallvarth (b 806).
  • By his 4th wife, Hallfrith (b 758), he has 6 children, Ijels (b 794) and a daughter Thurith (b 805) at home.
  • By his 5th wife Halla (b 744) he has 3 adult children and 3 young sons, Gnup (b 795), Starri (b 799) and Falki (b 803).
  • His son Greniath, by his wife Thurith (dec), is deceased, leaving a wife Ottarr (b 789) and two daughters, Biorg (b 806) and Herdis (b 808) in Osidar’s care.

Jaro (b 780)


Jaro has two wives Asgerth (b783), sister to Steinn Erjolafsen, jarl of Rydaen, Ethna (b 790), originally from the Hellenic States. His third wife Thorkatla (b 791) died in 813.

  • Ethna has a daughter, Groa (b 810)
  • Thorkatla had a son, Thorbiorn (b 812)

Irlon (b 778)


Irlon has three wives, Thurith (b 781), Dalla (b 785) and Vigdis (b 783).

  • Thurith is a sister of Steinn Erjolafsen, jarl of Rydaen. She has lost four babies. She now has a son Ulf (b 812) in good health.
  • Dalla has three sons, Moror (b 805), Kothran (b 812) and Thorkell (b 813)
  • Vigdis also has a son Thorth (b 805)


Irlon and Jaro have wives who are sisters, Asgerth and Thurith and both women have no children at a fairly advanced age. It was rumoured that their family is cursed by Orm but this curse may have been lifted.