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Stats and capabilities of the squids (for GMs only)

Void Cruiser

Picture a giant ammonite approximately 80 ft in diameter. Hollow it out and add internal decks, a forecastle and a ram modeled on the original creature itself. Now add 5-8 squids and up to 50 minions with a self given mandate to 'improve' the worlds it might meet. A Void Cruiser is trouble just wanting to happen to things.

While some Calamar arm the ship with a mundane siege weapon or two, most of the offensive capability comes from the 'Creche' that is housed inside the belly of the vessel. The creche provides the magic power to lift the ship into the air and to breach dimensions. They are sentient, fully aware, and pretty much equal partners in calamar society.

A Void cruiser is pretty much the working unit of the calamar on most planes.


(7 Hex creature)

PS 120 MD 15 AG 3 MA 35 WP 80 EN 250 FT 300 PC 30 PB 0 TMR 1 NA 0 PR 20* MR 130

  • Protection is from a magical aura that protects the entity from all damage in the manner of a titan aura.

Attacks each hex has a set of tentacles that can strike up to 3 hexes away R 7 IV 40 SC 160 D +8

Often the tentacles will attempt to grapple and drag victims into the creche.

Being inside (or in close) will result in the victim being subsumed into the creche. The victim loses D10 from EN and WP each pulse and must make a 2xWP check to avoid becoming controlled by the being.

A creche has the knowledges and memories of the calamar that are/were part of it. As a result it has access to almost any magic spell known, often at a mighty rank (15-20).

A creche is in many ways the focal point of calamar society. Individual calamar are birthed in them and are reincarnated from them should they die. Those that control Void Cruisers may take on an individual name or let the Calamar commander choose one. As a result The names for these vessels range from "Victory" through "Dangerous Excursions" to "A Series of Unfortunate Events".

For personal defence and extra special missions creches have been known to create powerful golems known as 'slayers'


PS 30 MD 15 AG 23 MA 25 WP 30 EN 30 FT 30 PC 20 PB 0 TMR 10 NA 3* MR 65

Attacks Mental Rending R6 SC 131 D+10 Damage done to WP, a MR (Mind Sp) check will change this to normal damage. Range 75 hexes. Rending Claws R6 SC 121 D+8 MC 2 attacks in melee, 4 attacks in close

A slayer resembles a large brain with 4 beclawed feet surrounded by a sickly green aura. This aura provides 10 points of damage reduction to all attacks.

A slayer may either rend with it's mind or it's claws in a pulse. If mental rending is used the damage is applied to WP unless a magic resistance is made which will change it to physical damage.

Calamar Magus

Most of the squids are pure mages with heavy representation in the Thaumaturgies with Witches or Rune mages almost unheard of. While a squid is certainly capable of using most weapons, they tend not to as such training takes them away from their preferred pursuits. As a result they prefer to use simple weapons like daggers, short swords, staves and maces. Most calamar are somewhat proficient in using their prehensile tentacles as garrottes in close combat.

On the other hand they are formidable mages. Most will know the entirety of their general knowledge branch at ranks 10+ and be proficient in the special knowledges. Remember that all squids automatically have access to the Mind College as well. Some Calamar specialise only in this college and are indeed mighty (Ranks 15-20) sorcerors indeed.

Calamar also have a reputation for silvered tongues (or whatever it is they have). They all have ranks in Courtier and Beastmaster (Humanoids). Many know words or phrases that control or influence lesser mortals.

Calamar Have High MA and WP and Good EN, They have unusually high PS owing to their aquatic origins.

An example is Leok Matadar

Calamar Warrior

As noted above these are just rare. However those that do exist are plain deadly. Most remain Mind mages only and are nominal in the college at best (low ranks except for ESP, Empathy) and instead devote themselves to arms and martial warfare. The most fearsome ability of warrior caste calamar is their ability to operate their forearms independantly. Each arm of a calamar are actually two limbs operating as one. Even with their vaunted mental powers most calamar cannot co-ordinate four limbs at once. The warriors can and so while still employing light weapons the ability to wield four at once is truly incredible.

A warrior will have lower MA and WP than a Magus but will have unusually high AG and MD.

An example is Ngantara

Rank and File

Imperium regular troops run the gamut of fantasy army types. On average a regular trooper will have good discipline, have high morale and have equipment of good quality. The most telling advantage is that imperium troops are professional soldiers.

Due to experience in fighting with a lot of magic flying about, Imperial troops tend towards lighter armour such as leather with steel breastplate and helm which provides an excellent compromise between mobility and protection. (Pr 5 WF 5 AG -2)

Of Note

Agony Troopers

For those special times when necromancers abound, ruining your whole day the Calamar have elite squads of Agony troopers who can only function while under the effects of an agony spell. At other times they act as if under agony themselves. Often used in ambush with magical traps or more expendable troops with agony investeds. While virtual cripples out of an Agony field they have Extremely high AG (25-30) when one is in effect.

Elite Infantry

Highly trained special forces who make use of the full range of buffs the Imperium can provide. They are also highly adept at using their phenominally boosted physical abilities to perform feats such as leaping 50ft to attack. While rare they almost always appear when most needed, much to the delight of Sabrina.


Sappers, artillarists, fieldwork specialists are light imperium infantry with skills in mechanician used to build fortifications, sap enemy forts and rain burning death on their foes. Most squads of engineers will have a binder and will have access to namers and earth mages. These guys (oddly enough for the rather egalitarian Imperium) are an elite corps with many unusual traditions.


From time to time an engineer builds a war machine or one is dug up and pressed into service. These devices owe more to Verne, Wells and Da Vinci than historical armoured vehicles and the squids have nothing approaching a useful doctrine for using them beyond shock value. Despite being wierd and scary, nine times out of ten an elemental will do the job better.


Cadres of elementalists whose job it is summon and control elementals. These are specialist mages and need to be very well protected. Also includes some namers for banishing rogues and unleashing captive beings onto an area.

Guardians of Morality

Calamar society is ordered, peaceful and ruthlessly enforced by a police force known as the Guardians of Morality. These beings are well trained investigators (Spy) and mind mages who ferret out dissent and crime. They will hunt you down and then 'cure' you of your problem. They will find out what you are best suited for and then condition you to like it. Most Gaurdians are former captured rebels who have now 'seen the light'.


To constantly expand the Imperium must have good intelligence on where it's next 'helping'. The Scouts are tasked with exploring and finding out about other planes and guarding the frontiers. They are often allowed a lot more personal leeway than other citizens but often end up being eventually mindwiped when they start to know too much. A scout will have ranks in both ranger and courtier as they are also first contact specialists.