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Barony of ?
Location County of Fesenheim, Aquila
Government Baron Davos of Bryshande
Religion Western Church: ?%

Demon Worship: ?%

Population 40,000
Languages Common ?%

Folksprach ?%
Reichspiel ?%
Lalange ?%
Dwarvish ?%
Elvish ?%
Halfling ?%
Literacy ?%


Bryshande is a bustling city of commerce in the far northern borders of the Western Kingdom, in the north of Aquila and the County of Fesenheim.
It is the southernmost city in the Diril Highlands and it borders the Kanst Mountains to the south through which there is a pass, the Kanst Pass which enables passage to Kanstyn to the south, almost all year except in incredibly bad inclement weather.

The city is the home to the Baron of Bryshande.

The city is built on the lower slopes of Mt Shande and is surrounded by 30ft tall solid stone walls with tall towers every 100ft. The walls are for protection from the elements and also the known raiding populations that inhabit the wild mountain areas.

The city is known for its metals that are gathered here from the nearby mineral rich mountains and then smelted and transported elsewhere.