Blood and Sand

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The adventure is to take place on Alusia. The employer comes from a shrine on the outskirts of Asan in the Desert of Sand and Time.
Adventure: Blood and Sand - Full
GM: Callum
Session: Winter 808 wk
Night: Tuesday 7:00pm till late.
Level: High Level.
Location: 31 Methuen Road, Avondale Map.


A priest by the name of Sartep. A middle aged man with a very good tan, dressed in simple brown robes wearing sandals that appear to be made from reeds. He is carrying a staff fashioned from ebony, the head of which has been carved into a sheaf of corn entwined with a wagon wheel.

  1. Pierre a Water Mage & Cook, played by Andrew Luxton-Reilly - Party Leader.
  2. Count Aryan a Warrior, General, Hero, Swordmaster, Navigator, Aerogator, Lover, Drinker, and most powerfool mage! Occasionally influenced by Stephen - Mil Sci.
  3. Dalran a Brave E&E, played by Chris Caulfield - Scribe.
  4. Canon Rowan Velcanthus, a Wiccan priest of Chantris, played by Jim.
  5. Lath an Air Mage, played by Jono Bean.
  6. GoK a Celestial Warrior, played by Hamish Brown.

To recover a stolen idol ...


Scribe Notes

1st Frost - Start of Guild Employment and then cloud travel to Asan

  • 9am: Guild meeting
  • 10am: Party Meets employer and establishes party details
  • 11am: Departs Seagate bound for Asan on Lath's cloud, travelling @ 100mph

Travel for the rest of the day, sleep and rest for most of the party as well as further discussions with Sartep.

2nd Frost - Asan - Investigations progress

  • 1am: Arrive at Sartep's shrine in the Unknown Desert of Sand and Time
  • 1.30am: Dalran starts ritual spell prep while party talks to dead and undertakes physical investigation
  • 11.30am: Ritual finished and results reflected upon

Sleep at Sartep's Shrine until 4pm

  • 4pm: We leave to head for the Westernmost Shrine run by Jaffe
  • 4.30pm: We arrive at Jaffe's Shrine. Investigate the idol based there and memorize it for the future

A 'service' is underway and several of our party (Aryan, GoK and Fr Rowan) decide to participate while Lath, Pierre and I decide against it. A later DA shows that the 'service' drained the followers and that the energy drained travels away in an Easterly direction. It is at this point we decide to investigate what is in that direction which we also hypothesize is in the center of a pentagram. We depart Jaffe's Shrine at around 6pm.

  • 6pm: We arrive at Pentagram Central Station where we fight with 4 large Sand/Earth elementals and flee from 3 very large Air Elementals. We establish that the controlling magic on the elementals is Rank 20+.
  • 7pm: We find ourselves once more at Sartep's Shrine to regroup and reflect on the days events.
  • 9.45pm: We are back at the ruins where we find no land based elementals and the air elementals seem not to notice us under our eddy effects. We espy a small fire on the edge of the ruins. We investigate and then chat with Petras for some time.
  • 11pm: We take leave of Patras's campsite and proceed to the center of the ruins which appears to be a large plaza. The plaza is unusual and we judge it to have been a building previously but there is no sign of a building here. I send my face looking through the earth and finally some 500ft down I encounter something unexpected which causes my face to dissipate. Using a sand shovel we manage to 'dig' a shaft down the 500ft and discover fitted bound earth there which we are unable to penetrate. We leave but mark the spot to return later. Having nothing else to do we decide to make a start on looking for the foreigners and the D'resh raiders and so we fly off eastwards into the night looking for any signs of light or habitation.

3rd Frost - Asan - Discovery of Target, completion of Employment, Travel to Khatovar

  • 2am: we espy a light in the desert and we descend to land on the lip of a Hidden Valley of the D'resh in a thin valley amongst some low hills. We undertake to watch the area for a short time and we also note the presence of a number of beings in the tents and we hope to have found the raiders of Sartep's shrine.
  • 3am: I start investigating each tent and discover the foreigners. Once I see them we attack and quickly overwhelm or kill them. We grab the bodies, equipment and anything else close to hand and flee the camp into the night away from the remaining raiders.
  • 4am: We resurrect the boss man James and undertake some questioning of him and his men. Investigation into their equipment is ineptly done by the famous forensic dark celestial mage, GoK and results in the complete loss of his primary arm up above his elbow. Moments later the arm is back but now he can't use his primary arm for 2 months. Facts are uncovered and decisions made. The foreigners were given the job of stealing the idol by Sebalius of Khatovar.
  • 8am: Start travel back to Sartep's shrine.
  • 3pm: Arrive at Sartep's Shrine and return the idol and are given the diamond as payment. GUILD ASSIGNED MISSION COMPLETED
  • 3.30pm: We use the rune-stick of our captives and portal to the Wolfpack Mercenary Company camp outside of Khatovar.
  • 4pm: We enter the Wolfpack Mercenary Company camp and discuss ransom for our captives. We are paid 10,000sp for their return.
  • 5pm: We walk to the gates of Khatovar, sign in and leave excessive weaponry and other such armaments as well as receiving the customary warnings about magic, fighting etc.
  • 6pm: We take rooms at the Dancing Dolphin Inn (100sp/night) near the gates and we spend the rest of the night at the Inn resting and relaxing.

4th Frost - Khatovar - Rest and Relaxation

  • 8am: Send a message to Sebalius that we wish to talk at his convenience. He will see us at 6pm so we rest and sleep for the day.
  • 6pm: We meet with Sebalius to discuss matter and learn that the idols are feeding the possible rebirth of an evil god who will not be pleasant to be around and will lay waste to where he rebirths. Without uttering a name, he leads us to believe that the entity in question is 'the Father of Serpents'. The area in the center of the pentagram and where we found the hidden underground chamber is where an acolyte of the god is undertaking a long ritual to rebirth him. This acolyte is said to be a master elementalist and may have dominion over more than one element. He offers us employment to destroy the idols. Some of our party are informed that Wilber (a shaper) is no longer a member of the enchanters guild since their last visit.

5th Frost - Khatovar

  • Check out the Allied Traders Guild and look for work.One of the contracts is on behalf of the Enchanters Guild. This contract is to restore their mine, which is no longer producing the gems they need for their craft. We leave Pierre at Khatovar to do some grocery shopping.
  • We arrive at the mine and encounter a couple of mining golems. They appear to be controlled by scorpiders which hang around their neck. We prevail.
  • About 20 minutes further into the mine, we are surprised and attacked from above. We prevail and go outside the mine.
  • Pierre has finally arrived, and GoK goes back to shop for clothes.
  • We search the mine for loot, and find a large, totem pole sized rune stick. It is a re-usable Rune Portal. Divination revealed that the other rune stick that was paired to create the portal was NNW, many hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles.
  • We took the rune pole and the brood warrior's blood and report back to the Allied Trades guilds. We get the blood analysed because it damaged Aryan's and Pierre's magical cutlery.
  • We hear about a recent rash of thefts in Khatovar. There are some interesting characteristics to these thefts.
  1. The thefts involve large, powerful magical items.
  2. The items are held in private hands, rather than belonging to states or large organisations (like the Guilds).
  3. No one seems to know who is behind the thefts.

6th Frost - Khatovar

  • We get our fee from the Enchanters.
  • We find out that the Healers Guild is looking for something called the Eye of Auralius, a powerfully magical gem.
  • Dalran spies and finds out that contraband is being shifted, but no one knows who is doing it. This is unusual.
  • We visit the Paper Guild and speak with Gerald to offer our services. He asks us for our information but is not interested in our help.
  • We hear about a fellow called the Smith, who lives some 500 miles to the North, in the Twilight.
  • We spend the rest of the day in Khatovar and plan to leave the next morning.

7th Frost - Asan

  • We steal the idols upon our return to Asan. The first four are recovered okay, but on the last one Pierre suffers the effects of a spell like Whirlwind Vortex that we call the Shears of the Wind. He traps it in his chest. Later, when he releases it, he is torn into 97 pieces.
Being within 250' of the idols with hostile intent (or not being invited) triggers the Shears of the Wind spell (Instant death, torn into 2-200 pieces, resist vs Air Special for no effect).
Removing the idol with only one protection bracelet results in additional resist vs air special at -100.
  • We try to use a miracle to resurrect Pierre but fail because of the extent of the damage.
  • When we have all of the idols together, they lose their form and look like shards of something (presumably the heart of a god).
  • We take Pierre to Ambrose's Inn, and he agrees to help us but it will take a long time. We propose using the gem to accelerate the healing, he aks to see the gem, then before we can object he fits the shards together to form one large heart shaped gem. Light pulses gently within it. With a "this will do nicely" Ambrose tosses the heart of the god into the vat with Pierre. Not to be out-done, Lath throws her staff in the vat too. Ambrose tells us that he will be better in two days. We drink some beer.

8th Frost - Brandenburg

  • We drink some more beer.

9th Frost - Brandenburg

  • We drink some more beer.

10th Frost - Brandenburg > Asan

  • We pull Pierre out of the beer with the other dregs.
  • We head down to Pentagram Central Station, land nearby and kill the Air Elementals. We send Dalran's mining golems down to try and find a point of entrance in the bound earth.
  • We meet Petras again. He has a research student with him called Lyndar.
  • We talk to them a while, they tell us nothing new but are very interested in everything we have found out.
  • Lath and Aryan get bored with the conversation and attempt variants of the Sleep spell that requires that the head of the target be uncovered. Sadly, the material component of the spell bounced off some odd aura. With a brief gesture, both Petras and Lyndar are quickly covered by sand that slipped up their bodies. They wield scimitar-like extensions of mana. During the fight, two earth elementals appeared in their support. We slay Petras and one of the elementals. Lyndar and the other elemental flee in terror of F. Rowans sermons. Otherwise, we prevail.
  • We communicate with the mining golems, and discovered they had been restrained by earth elementals. A third EE turns up and starts pouning on the golems. Rowan attempts to summon an elemental and the pounding stops. Dalran sends a couple of Spectral Warriors to deal to the EEs still holding the golems, they are released and shortly after the SWs are destroyed. The golems start the slow race with the elementals back to the surface.

The combat ends with a victory for us.

11th Frost

We fight in the basement of the Engravers guild to free Wilbur from his 'Plinth of Suffering' and Father Rowan dies in a blaze of flames. We flee via Teleport and then off to Lath's Island.
On Laths Island we undertake some questioning of ‘Wilbur’ and the events leading up to his untimely demise. We discover he’d like to be ressurected if possible and holds no animosity towards the party for his death – which he saw as a release from the pain and agony anyway. We take Wilbur in a bucket and continue on our way to the guild via Winds, Wings, Clouds and Prayers.

12th Frost - Seagate - Tycho - Khatovar

6am: We arrive at the guild after passage through the portal from Adjepbar, post Laths Island.
Arrangements are made for ressurections for Wilbur and the two female bodies we recovered in the same fight.

Noon: We depart the guild via the portal to Tycho.
We fly via cloud to Khatovar, arriving 10miles away by 6pm. We land and undertake rituals to stop scrying on us as a group in our location and then as individuals to decrease our detectability by magical means - this takes the rest of the night.

13th Frost

1am: The rituals finish and we move to enter Khatovar by way of the sewers. We notice a new light is at the entrance of the sewers and are very wary of this new development. Enter the city proper by way of translocation via Gok.

We find ourselves in an alley. Deciding to get some cover we enter a nearby house and subdue (no lethally) the inhabitants and reorganise ourselves.

We quickly plan: The more subtle party members are to go to a local pub and see what info they can find about the target of our investigations – Sebalius.

Not much is discovered but we note an exchange of information and decide to follow the ‘information flow’ to its suspected destination. As suspected the info makes its way to the Allied Traders Guild (ATG) and thus we follow it there.

Dalran approaches the guild with a proposition of value. We want a place of safety in town for 2 days that is guarded from others by the ATG and that news of our latest presence doesn’t become known for 2 days – esp from Sebalius and the Enchanters/Engravers Guilds. The cost is 10,000sp which we pay knowing the possible exorbitance of the price – but what price on establishing a relationship and good faith for future dealings!

We get the ATG to contact the likely friend of Wilbur - Jermay and arrange a meeting for the morning.
We sleep until 8am when we wake, eat and recast spells.

9am: we meet with Jermay, who while sympathetic to our causes is a caustic, crochety old man wrapped up in his own world of texts and power. We do discuss the issues we are facing, warn him of the danger from Sebalius, what we are looking for as a result of questioning Wilbur in his deceased state and what we plan to do.

10am: We see Jermay again and he has recovered the orbs from Wilbur's desk which are 10 orbs of 'Universal Solvent', a very dangerous substance indeed.

11am: Wer re-enter the sewers and prepare to destroy the wall into the chambers using the 'Reavers Axe' we recovered last time we fought in this very room. Recast of short term magic is done and then Aryan starts 'cutting away' the wall with the Axe in a most efficient manner. Once the last section falls everyone charges into the Darkness beyond prepared to lay waste to the room and its defenders. We find the 'Grey Twins' are here and they have killed everyone here. We use 7 orbs of 'Universal Solvent' to destroy the plinth into a liquid metal goop and we save some of the resulting goop for later investigation. We 'clean' the room while there and take 3 intact male bodies for use at a later time.

Noon: We find ourselves resting after an ardous morning.

6pm: We meet with jermay and relate our findings

7pm: The Grey twins arrive to take us to a 'duel' with the Heralds of Sebalius - to the death.
The duel starts badly for us with magical darkness swamping our senses and runebaldes cutting some of us from the air and a number of nasty spells. Once the darkness dissipates the duel become smore of a level 'playing field' and we finish of the Heralds with the loss of Rowan.

14th Frost

15th Frost

16th Frost

17th Frost

18th Frsot

19th Frost

20th Frost

Information about the Visions of GoK, Canon Velcanthus & Lath

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Best Death
  • Pierre WWV into 97 pieces
  • Lath's Plan to mind control a mind controlling bug to control a mining golem to tunnel into the bound earth - Not enacted


Hot and Not

Magical Divination
Divining Dark Spheres by touch

Reference Information

Information gained about the attack on the shrine

29th Vintage. Sartep's shrine is attacked and the idol there is stolen by raiders.

The D'resh affect flowing robes and veils, and they provided support for a small band of more professional infiltrators. Everyone's features were concealed, although the hands of two of the infiltrators were pale unlike those of the D'resh. Additionally, they spoke Common and had the accents of people who come from the North, beyond the sea.

Many of the raiders were 'torn apart and the remains scattered upon the winds' on their way to the shrine. It is likely to be the work of air elementals, not whirlwind vortex. The northern infiltrators seemed to have protection against the elementals, but it is not perfect.

After the idol was captured, the D'resh fled East, further into the Unknown Desert of Sands and Time. We guess that the northern infiltrators went with them at least some of the way.

Visions, Prophecies & Presentiments

Entities we met or have information on

The Allied Traders

A guild that offers mercenary tasks on behalf of other guilds.

The Bone Singer

The son of the previous High Priest of Yig. He seems to be able to use Naming Incantations and Necromancy. We have not found out anything else about him, and suspect him of being an ascetic.

Brood Mother

She was not seen, although egg spoor and the associated slime was spotted near the Rune Portal pole. We surmise she used the portal before we could get to her.

Brood Warriors


Insectoid humanoids with mandibles and claws. They have claw/claw/bite routines, and inflict damage of about D10+17 physical damage. The bite might only be usable in close. When we saw them, their TMR was 12, but they might have been Quickened. They have very high strike chances, in excess of 170% or so. They appear to have an increased chance of defeating armour or causing grievous wounds.

They were not affected by Knockout Gas, but then they may be especially resistant to it. They may also be resistant to poisons.


The D'resh, a nomadic tribe who seem to practice banditry in the deserts surrounding Asan. They were hired to provide support on the raid of the shrine. The D'resh are feared for their vicious and calculated attacks and the abilities of their warriors.

The Enchanters Guild

A guild of mages who seem able to create shaped items. They own mines that produce fine metals and gems.


A functionary in the Paper Guild who reports to the Commander of the Guard (the guild master).

He Who Works Flame & Shade

The son of the previous High Priest of Yig. He seems to be able to use Fire and Celestial Shadow magic. We believe that he is stealing magical items to raise power to summon Yig to Alusia, but don't know how.


A human, male fighter and leader of the foreigners who stole the idol from Sartep's shrine on 29th Vintage 808.


A woman posing as a research assistant of Petras, in fact, we believe, a minion of the Elemental Master.

The Master Elementalist

The son of the previous High Priest of Yig, who seems able to draw upon Earth and Air magic. We believe that elementals that he summons are transubstantiated to Alusian air or earth, and we hypothesise that this has several benefits:

  1. the elementals cannot be banished to their plane of origin.
  2. the duration component of the spell is no longer limited by the concentration of the summoner.
  3. their combined EN & FT may exceed the usual values for elementals.

We believe he used the idols to draw on the worship of the Sartep's people to raise power, thus to summon Yig to Alusia.

Mining Golems


Magma elementals encased in a crust, and it is this crust that is the golem. Immune or extremely resistant to fire. They are also immune to pain-based attacks. They have lots of armour and strength and will usually move into close when they attack. They have a claw/claw attack routine, and seem to do about D10+22 physical damage. Their TMR is about 6.

We believe that these things can move through the ground in the same way that earth elementals can, and so are not stopped by most walls, except, perhaps, a Wall of Iron.

When the crust is breached, the magma elemental is exposed which kills it. On its death, it inflicts damage in a similar way to Smoking Magma.

These golems are three hex creatures.

The Paper Guild

Khatovar's equivalent of Guild Security.


A human male of silver hair and middling years who is an archaeologist from the University of Ur in Asan. Short lived sentient, non pacted or colleged. His area of specialty is the ruins in the center of the pentagram.

Death Scarabs from Hell.gif

It turns out that he is not an archaeologist from the University of Ur. In fact, he is, we believe, a minion of the Elemental Master. Basic abilities is some kind of damage reduction aura, which can be enhanced by drawing sand over his body. He has a strike chance somewhere in the vicinity of 175% or more and wields scimitar-like extensions of mana. These do damage on the order of D10+5, but they bypass armour and can be thrown. The range seems to be short, 'though.

This is a damage transfer, healing him for a like amount. The effectiveness of healing is quartered when trying to mend these wounds. It is possible that some part of the healing may be received by Petras.

On his destruction, he turned into a swarm of flesh-devouring death scarabs from the blackest pit of Tartarus.

He was attended by Lyndar, who was graced with the same gifts, except for being a woman and younger.


A young, human female mage and one of the 2 leaders of the Wolfpack Mercenary Company. Has a carved staff covered in runes.



These creatures are about the size of a small dog. They seem like a cross between a spider and a scorpion. They have a single attack with a strike chance of around 90%, which inflicts about D10+8 physical damage. It seemed like if they do effective damage, they drain something like D10+5 WP per successful attack, and adhere to you.

They may be able to control their victims if they drain sufficient WP.


A mage of Khatovar and a member of the Enchanters Guild. A young human male mage specializing in shaping shadows and portals.

The Smith

A weaponsmith & armourer who lives about 500 miles to the north, in Twilight. He is said to practice iron braiding, where rods of the metal are braided in the forging process to create weapons that have extremely hard and sharp edges, yet the core of the metal is resilient and flexible. His armour and weapons are much sought after.


A male human fighter standing some 7ft tall. Dresses in Plate-mail and carries a large war hammer and a mirrored shield.

Yig, the Father of Serpents

Although not a pan-dimensional entity, Yig is a Great Old One. He has manifested as a huge serpent in the visions of Canon Velcanthus.

Time line

29th Vintage (Autumn)

The shrine overseen by Sartep is attacked and the idol stolen.

  • 6 of the raiders die during the 'robbery' and their bodies are ripped apart by strong magic.
  • The band of 30 raiders seem to have been led by up to 7 'foreigners' who instigated the raid. The foreigners seemed a well coordinated group who appear to have operated as a small group together before or are well aware of how to co-ordinate with their companions. The foreigners all were pale skinned and spoke common in a Western Kingdom accent or accented Lunar or the Northern end of the Western Kingdom. - We hypothesize that the foreigners are a group similar to ourselves possibly from Tac or Sanctuary
    • 2 of the foreigners wore light armour and carried light weapons
    • 2 of the foreigners wore heavy armour and carried heavy weapons
    • 1 of the foreigners had a weird shield on their arm which appeared to be a 'Targa shield'
    • Braided cords across the wrists of the foreigners helped to protect against magic intrinsically protecting the idols for being moved/taken from their shrines.

2nd Frost (Winter)

Arrival at Sartep's Shrine, undertake investigations.

  • Questioning of the dead raiders at Sartep's shrine reveals the following information
    • The tribal D'resh raiders were hired by outsiders who said they would be protected against the shrines magic
    • The outsiders were all human
    • All the foreigners carried wolfs head with red eyes on them as tattoos or amulets etc. Some sort of ID
    • The outsiders came from the North across the sea.
    • The tribal raiders have been employed for a month

Visions received by members of the party are not good ones and bode badly.

Visit Westernmost shrine under Priest Jaffe, travel to ruins in center of area and battle Elementals

Items or things

Shrines to The Traveller

These shrine seem to be semi-permanent structures made from local materials. These are built of Skins, local earthen bricks on stone or wooden poles. The sides can be rolled up and stored to air the shrines and they appear to cover an area of 60x60.
There appear to be 5 shrines in the Unknown Desert of Sand and Time. These are spaced some distance from each other.
In Winter 808 a guild party came here and noticed that the shrines are spaced apart and make up the five points of a Pentagram. It was hypothesized that this shape was of significance and that in the centre of the Pentagram was a location of significance. Investigation in at least one shrine indicated that energy flowed from that shrine into what would be termed the center of the pentagram.

  • Shrine overseen by Sartep
  • Shrine overseen by Jaffe
  • Shrine overseen by
  • Shrine overseen by
  • Shrine overseen by


These idols seem to be idiosyncratic depictions of The Traveller god in various poses that are similar but not exact copies in that the pose differs as do the 'accessories' carried by the god.

  • The Idols are raised off the ground on a pedestal made from a milky white marble? The purpose of the pedestal is to channel the energy created during the religious services held near the shrine.
  • The idols are fashioned from fragments of a god's heart. The heartless god at this time is unknown. The idols are made from a Milky Jade material. The purpose of the Idol is to drain energy away from and towards those worshiping the Idol. It also acts as an amplifying enhancement for 'religious' type magic.

Each idol is crudely made and represents

  1. a builder
  2. a sower
  3. a miner

Places we went or found out about


A very strictly controlled theocracy in a mostly desert based land, some 1500 miles south of Seagate.

Unknown Desert of Sand and Time

This desert is home to a large number of Nomadic Tribes as well as at least 5 shrines dedicated to a god known as The Traveler or The Harvest and a number of other names.

Ruins in the center of the Pentagram

A small village that seems to have been mostly reclaimed by the desert sands as the walls are almost indistinguishable from the sand dunes and there are only a few 'imprints' of buildings still visible.

Hidden Valley of the D'resh

This valley is hidden amongst low hills, some 130m East of the center of the pentagram and a few miles north. We only spotted it by flying at night and looking for light from campfire etc. A locatable coin is hidden in the nearby rocks to enable a later visit by Dalran. The valley lies west to east, is some 1000ft in length and has a small 'lake' some 100ft across in its eastern end. There are a number of semi permanent tents there, some 12 in number and looks to house about 60 beings or more if new tents erected.

Wolfpack Mercenary Camp

This small encampment is home to about 30-40 individuals and is home to the Wolfpack Mercenary Company. A well 'presented' small camp of good design and placement of defenses, strongpoints and watchtowers.


A place to the north of Khatovar, about 500 miles away. The Smith is reputed to live there.

Standard Buffs

Always On: Aryan Dalran Gok Pierre Lath Rowan
Vapour Breathing Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Red x.png Red x.png Green-tick.gif
Witchsight Rk20 Rk20 Rk20 Rk6 Rk6 Rk12
Eddy Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Enchant Armour Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Feather Falling Green-tick.gif Red x.png Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Flying Green-tick.gif Red x.png Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Red x.png
Enhance Enchant (Dalran)
Rk 20 Italics indicate additional time when enhanced
Enchant Armour (Dalran)
Rk 19 +40% Def and 1 damage point absorbed 10 +9.5 Hrs
Barrier of Wind (Lathe)
Rk 20 total +42 Def 10.5 + 10 Hrs
Eddy (Lathe)
Rk 12 +6% to BoW Def 13 + 12 Hrs
Cloud + Air Elemental (Lathe) 
48+hrs 60+mph
Flying (Lathe) 
Rk 12 42+mph 6.5 +6 Hrs
Vapour Breathing (Lathe) 
Rk 11 6 +5.5 Hrs
Feather Falling (Lathe) 
Rk 8 4.5 +4 Hrs
Heat and Cold Protection (Lathe)
Rk 16 +/-5 steps on heat scale -5 Damage from Heat/Cold 21 +20 Hrs
Witchsight (Gok)
Rk 10
Str of Darkness (Gok)
Rk 8 +5PS 90 +80 mins
Shadow Wings (Gok)
Waters of Healing (Pierre)
Rk 9 [D-5]+9 250sp each for permanent ones
Restoratives (Rowan)
Rk 6 -8EN +16FT
Enchant Weapon (Dalran)
Rk 19 +20 SC +7 Dam for 24 +19 mins

Combat Only Buffs:

Quickness (Dalran)
Rk 19
Fast as the Wind (stacks with Quickness)
Increase of +5 TMR up to a maximum of 12 TMR, and +6 IV for melee, for 36 Mins (102 Mins enhanced)
Chantris Blessing (Rowan)
+10 SC +10 vs Fear for 55 mins, 1 hrs 45 mins if duration enhanced.
Melee Only
With Aryan as Mil Sci, anyone in melee gains +12 IV, +12 SC, +12 Def, and a free pass action for those engaged at end of pulse.
Also when Aryan is engaged, everyone gets -12 dice modifier on checks vs Fright and -24 dm on the fright table roll.

Mil Sci

Lath & Pierre
Dalran & Aryan
GoK & Rowan
Marching Order
Pierre  Gok
Dalran  Lath


Sebalius' Wolfpack Mercenaries
  • Bag of Holding/Devouring
  •  ? x Rk 15 Str of Stone Scrolls
  • Ransom
  • ...
  • God Heart Stolen by Grey Twins
Enchanters Mine
  • 20,000sp
First Assault on Engravers
  • Prisoners: Engraver (Gr Summoner), 2 (female) grunts
  • Rune Sword (Later Destroyed)
  • Shadow Reaver (Big Great Axe) - Double damage, cuts anything, indestructible blade
  • ...
Second Assault on Engravers
  •  ? x Spell Snakes
  • 8 x Engravers Robes
  • 8 x Leather Armour
  • ...
Sebalius' Heralds
  • 2 x Spell Snakes
  • Plate Armour (His) - 11pt, castable, ...
  • 2 x Cloaks of Defence
  • 2 x Spell Anchor Broaches
  • Lion Head - Catch/Store and Release Spells
  • 3 x Ruby Crystals - stored spell prepares (one-use)
  • Ruby Knuckles - use Enhance Enchant if within sight
  • 2 x Striking Charms - each miss against an opponent adds 10% SC vs that opponent until a hit
  • 3? x Shadow Darts - keep trying until they hit, 1 FT, 1 EN, 1 SG
  • Rune Sword (Destroyed)
  • ? His Sword ? - Shadowy-flamey-soulsucking badness
  • ? Her Blades ? - Nice curves, poison delivery
  • Pavisse Wood (shelters from AOE magic)
  • Dark Titan Skin and Bone
  • Wand of Elemental Damage
  • Shadow Seed (one use)
  • Pendant of Specific Spell Immunity
  • Bracelet of Spell Enhancement - +1 effective rank at EN cost
  • Half-round Stone - Doubles area of passive AOE spells
  • Small box made of Jade and Bone
  • Shadow Dragon Skull Throne (Returned to F. Rowan)


  • Repair of Trident and Sword - 5,000sp - Gratis from Enchanters
  • Name of Wilbur's friend (Jermae) from Traders -
  • Safe House at Allied Traders -
  • Info on Sebalius' whereabouts -
  • 2 x Rk 20 Light and 6 Potions - 46,000sp
  • Resurrection of Pierre
  • Resurrection of Wilbur


Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Winter: Frost (7)
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting Seagate 2 Asan 3 The Hidden Valley of the D'resh,

Asan. Contract complete

4 Khatovar 5 Mine of the Enchanters 6 Khatovar
Moon3.jpg 7 Asan,

Ambrose's Inn

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Winter: Snow (8)
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Moon0.jpg 12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 2nd DoC 21 3rd DoC 22 4th DoC 23 5th DoC 24 6th DoC 25 7th DoC
Moon2.jpg 26 8th DoC 27 9th DoC 28 10th DoC 29 11th DoC 30 Twelth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice (9)
Moon3.jpg 3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
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Moon2.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30