Banshee Bits Required

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Adventure: Banshee Bits Required
GM: Julia
Session: Summer 817
Night: Wednesday
Location Julia's
Level: Low/Medium Level.

The Party:

  • Lila: Dark Celestial/Air (Kelsie) - Scribe and Leader with
    • Little Flame - Fire critter
  • Lothar: E & E manticore (William)
  • Marco: Earth (Michael Young)
  • Mayhem: Shadow Weaver Hobbit (Jim)
  • Quentin Ulysses Ash Namer orc (Sean) - Mil Sci
  • Marseille: (Michael McFadden)

Employer & others

A rural middle aged woman beastmaster wants some banshee parts to use in creating a masterwork bridle to control a wyvern. She believe that this is possible due to events in the adventure The Hippo's Bride about six months ago.

She is offering 40000sp. We negotiate for with 12000 up front for expenses which I am holding for safe keeping.

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Session 2

Buffs and Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Morning buffs have +6 ranks due to feather hat halo and rk 6 counterspell

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Li LF Lo Mr My Qu ??
Shadowform (Li) 21 +44 Def, 22 in close 22 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Greater Enchantment (Lo) 6 +7 on Magic & Resistance Green-tick.gif
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur

Short Term

Magic Rk Effects Dur Li LF Lo Mr My Qu ??
Fire Armour (LF) 10 Absorb 44 Fire Damage 5 hrs
Magic (caster)

Watch Order:

Watch cycle as follows: 8pm ? 11pm, 10pm ? 1am, Midnight ? 3am, 2am ? 5am, 4am ? 7am.


Other Enhanced Senses:

Marching Order:



6 x 2 x standard healing potions = 4000 6 x 2 x rk 12 waters of healing @ 200 = 2400 Passage to Calder @42 = 252


Hats for all from market

  • Quentin: Skull Cap
  • Lila: ?
  • Marseille: ?
  • Marco: ?
  • Lothar: ?

Some healing potions

Ring (Cursed Greed must steal 1/day) +1 Thief Skill

Wooden Sword (Holy Sword of (Name) (ghost))

The now Holy Spear of Arawn

Cloak (Shoulder) something to do with Strength

Circlet something to do with Intimidation


Candlestick (Gold) something to do with Namer

Smells for party:

  • Human Attraction
    • Lila
    • Marco
    • Marseille
  • Cheery Blossom
    • Quentin

7 Robes 5 point Armour plus matching Hosen, Shoes, and Hats

Amulet (Cursed) -4Md +4Ma Remove curse to remove

Eye Glass (Cursed) 1/day DA but everyone looked at has Human Attraction

Bracelet (Cursed) MR to all Demonic Powers but must sacrifice 3En / day.

Lance plus other assorted items from the gate guards

Runes from Grobbinbonk:

  • Quentin: Willow Healing
  • Lila: Rune of Boon paper
  • Marseille: Rune of Boon paper
  • Marco: Rune of Smite on paw
  • Lothar: Rune of Smite on paw

Rolls for Loot Split

1: Marco 26

2: Lothar 39

3: Quentin 52

4: Lila 64

5: Marseille 91