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An almost human looking powerful succubus who (in 808) was known to work for the lieutenants of Furfur and may now be a lieutenant of the current (808-) Furfur.

Dangerous high level assassin (naturally). Can turn to darkness/shadow/smoke and reform a short distance away (Talent? - could do this while restrained). Automatically charms any nearby males. Also very good at charming anyone.


A Blood of Girwyllan had dealings with her in Summer 808WK.

Summer 821wk Blood & Ice - She was trapped (petrified) in storage in the basement of Sulubin castle. Released and returned to hell without any interaction by dismembering the statue then reverting it from stone. 6 weeks earlier she had been reverted from stone and then re-petrified a few minutes later by someone aligned with Furfur's realm. In Autumn 817wk Northern Lords, her statue was found in the nearby lair of an Ice/Binder wizard and left in storage under Sulubin. The Kuzjera Dwarves say she was petrified by one of their artefacts after she had charmed her way into the presence of their prince to assassinate him. Not known why nor how she ended up in possession of the Binder.