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Aurora Steelwind is a female elven airmage originally from Alfheim. She is 5'8" tall with long blond air, sky blue eyes and delicately pointed ears. She is also rather shy, and is rather easily embarrised, which can make her the target of other adventurer's jokes.

She originally was a junior reporter for the Seagate Times but got rather curious about this adventuring thing and decided to try it for herself. So she became an Air Mage. She loves to fly and has a desire of being able to shapechange into a winged fae, probably a pixie or a sylph, so she can fly with her own wings. She also likes to make the occasional pun, usually god-awful bad ones. Prefers the vegetarian option when eating but will eat meat if she has to. Rather fond of birds, butterflies and flowers and has been known to occasionally whistle bird-calls while walking.

She is rather nervous of deep water and is currently very reluctant to go on a seagoing vessel as she is now convinced that any ship she goes on will sink. So far, she has survived two ship sinkings and a crash. In combat, since she is well versed in the longbow, prefers to be at the back shooting things. Her few forays into the front line has resulted in her being hurt a lot. She also stays near the back as she's still rather shy and prefers not to draw attention to herself.

She is usually seen in one of the four outfits below while adventuring and has a collection of most of the standard wiccan amulets. She also wears what looks like a daisy chain necklace which enhances reaction rolls to the fae.

  1. Standard Guild leather armour dyed in the light blue colours of the Air College (AP 5).
  2. A Caledonian kilt of a basic tartan, and white blouse top, sometimes with sporran added for more casual wear.
  3. A formfitting assassin stealth suit of pure black, so much black as it seems to soak up the light around it. This fits her like a second skin. (AP 3). Usually worn while on night watches or when the situation demands it.
  4. A negligee sleeping garment which is opaque is just the right places but mostly translucent silk. It also provides magical protection (AP 3). Has been known to purify in it in the mornings as well as wearing it during nighttime surprise attacks. Is still a bit embarrised about being seen in it though even though she now accepts that people will have lustful thoughts about her.

Is sometimes seen with purple stains in various places owing to a liking of banapples which are an exotic fruit recently grown in Asheth.

If the situation looks like she will need it, she will also bring her Royal Court gown which is sky blue in colour with a white cloud like trim and sparkles as if it was sprinkled with pixie dust. It was made by a high ranked tailor and adds 4 to her PB.

Used to live in the fae realm of Asheth. Was named Lady Dawn of Highpoint Downs in Artzdorf in Winter 810. The title comes with a manor so she was considering making it her Alusian home with a permanent faerie circle to Asheth, at least until Summer 813. That was when she took up an offer to take up residence in the province of Ladlaugh in Alfheim as an unofficial elven ambassador to the fae. She also used to be part fae, with an entire fae college and an allergy to Cold Iron but she no longer has that. She now uses the manor as a home or stays with friends when in Seagate.

She still works at the Seagate Times when not training or adventuring.

She can also play the flute and bagpipes but will NOT bring the full set of pipes on adventure unless specifically asked to. Maybe only the chanter piece to practice.

Has a part share in the ship The Lost Redemption

No longer allowed to create Faerie Circles in the Sorceress of Silver's garden as the Sorceress would prefer not to have stray fairies in the bottom of her garden.

Her Aspect is still Solar but the racial Aspect has been changed to Dark owing to an explosion caused by the mixing of Holy Water and a powerful magical artifact. It's not quite sure what effect this is going to have on her yet. Is her vegetarianism going to be supplemented by raw meat or even if she could end up as an chaotic UnSeelie Fae, even though she still considers herself as Seelie.

Rated as a Medium level adventurer although that may now be debatable having return from a recent adventure with all her stats halved (with all consequent roll on effects) because of a severe knock to her self-esteem, which meant she nearly committed suicide while on adventure. She is actively attempting to fix this by whatever means she can find and may set off on a personal quest.

She no longer has a connection with the fae and sometimes wonders what she may have a connection to. Has been described as a 'halfling in an elven body'. Also is no longer a strict vegetarian.

Stat changes

Original 16 15 16 16 14 14 6 20 20
Lost -9 -7 -8 -8 -7 -7 -10 -10 -10
Regained since +9 +6 +5 +8 +7 +7 +7 +5 +5
Gained by EP +2 +4 +5 +1 +2 +4 +17 +5
Current 18 18 18 17 16 18 19 15 20
Personal Maximum 24 25 26 26 26 24 26 20

Recently she participated in a 'Ritual of Change' which she hoped would regain her lost stats but, at the time, nothing happened. However, a subsequent divination showed that her, and the rest of the parties, personal limits were removed and stats can be raised all the way to racial maximums, or +5 the original stat, which ever is greater. Plus her and their fatigue is now uncapped.


Major Items

Item Collection - Aurora

  • Amulet of Aqueleguis (-10 from all rolls on fright table)
  • Amulet of Betony (reduce infection by 15%)
  • Amulet of Bloodstone (20% less chance of infections)
  • Amulet of Diamonds (+2 to Strike Chances)
  • Amulet of Elderflowers (proof against Evil Eye)
  • Amulet of Hypericum (+10 to MR from magic by demon or demonic being)
  • Amulet of Luck (+3 MR +2 DEF)
  • Amulet of Jasper (allows MR versus undead draining)
  • 'The Face of Dorian' - Jacinth (20% MR v Mind & Binding/Controlling/Summoning)
  • 'Nightmare Amulet' - Garnet (Immune to nightmares & phantasms)
  • Fae Daisy Chain Charm (+10MR versus fae magic, +30MR to non-royal fae charms, +20% improvement on reaction rolls with fae)
  • Negligee of Protection (+3 AP)
  • Assassin Suit (+3 AP)
  • Blackened Ranke Scale Armour (+8/+4AP +30CC)
  • Somewhat Less Improved Drow mage Robes (6/2 AP, -1 AG, +0 Stealth (+10 in >60% darkness). Can resist 'dark' or 'black' spells for half damage.
  • Pending Partial Protection from Chronomatic Reset
  • Scroll of Preserving the Dead
  • Sgain Dubh (Black Dagger) - a small dagger that can be concealed (has the same SC and D as a normal one) (cold iron - left at Seagate)
  • The Cup of the Twelfth Djinn (gives bonuses to summon air elementals)
  • Glowing Canith (-3 PS and -2 MD off the requirements for the weapon it is permanently attached to) [Currently attached to her maingauche]
  • Companion Tree (a gift from the Sorceress in Silver - grows into a 75ft high Norfolk Pine.
  • Canith Crystal Cracker
  • Canith Eye Poppers - negates poison for 40 hours
  • Canith Getup and Go Crystal - Heals up to 60 points of damage
  • Dark Tulwar (Permanent r10 Sword of Darkness on it. Does an additional +4D and +11SC v Light Aspected creatures)
  • Mithrilite Shortsword (SC 48, D+6)
  • Mithrilite Maingauche (SC 48, D+4)
  • Silvered Blade - more effective against insubstantial creatures.
  • Shielding Bracers - adds two points to any protection and reduces incoming damage by twice MA bonus when purified.
  • Crown of Control - Allows casting of Mass Charm at Rank 12 (BC 70)
  • Fire Drake Hide Backpack
  • Somewhat Magical Drow Rapier (+5SC +1D. Can take enchantments)
  • Somewhat Magical Drow Maingauche (+5 SC +1D. Can take enchantments)
  • Fire Drake Hide Vambraces (AP7 to forearms)
  • Everblooming Rose

Major Spells

New magics - Aurora

  • Elven Witchsight - 4
  • Aerial Affinity - 10
  • Wings of Air - 11
  • Calm - 6
  • Feather Fall - 10
  • Mage Wind - 6
  • Mist - 6
  • Speak to Avians - 6
  • Vapour Breathing - 6
  • Wind Whistle - 6
  • Arrow Flight - 7
  • Barrier of Wind - 6
  • Flying - 20
  • Resist Cold - 6
  • Air Blast - 6
  • Knockout Gas - 6
  • Shaping Cloud - 6
  • Conjuring Air Elemental - 6
  • Summon and Bind Cloud - 8
  • Air Spring - 6

  • Eyes of the Fae - 6
  • Minor Magic - 4
  • Sense Mana - 6
  • Pixie Pranks - 0
  • Animal Speech - 6
  • Disguise Illusion - 6
  • Enchant Mortal - 6
  • Fae Blending - 6
  • Lesser Glamour - 6
  • Personal Glamour - 10
  • Create Faerie Ring - 6

Major Skills

  • Horsemanship - 5
  • Flying - 7


  • PRIORITY: To be more self-assertive
  • To be either a sylph or a pixie so she has her own wings
  • Be able to affect her Air Wings with her Glameur to make them translucent or look like butterfly wings
  • Discover some special knowledge spells of the Fae College such as these.
  • To be able to shrink herself to pixie size, i.e. feet become inches, and resume her own size at will.
  • Her clouds can have objects lie on them and not fall through as well as shaping itself to her desire.

Current Personality Profile

  • Who am I.....
I'm an elf and an airmage. I'm also part-fae with an allergy to Cold Iron and access to General Knowledge Counterspells. I'm female. I love to fly – the faster the better. I like pretty things such as butterflies, flowers, rainbows, colours and patterns. I like birds and the music of birdcalls. I also like puns and wordplay.
  • I am currently.....
Adventurous. Like to visit new places. I can be a bit shy. I can feel uncomfortable in social circumstances. I tend to let others influence me.
  • I want to be...
Diplomatic. Confident in my own abilities. Willing to listen. Assertive but not aggressive. Understanding of other people. Friendly but not too friendly. Not be afraid to do what must be done. Be useful to the rest of the party, especially when the situation is desperate.
  • I need to ...
    • Learn to make a firm decision.
    • Learn to make my opinion heard.
    • Not allow people to treat me like a 'doormat'.
    • Not allow others to dictate my actions.
    • Learn that I am important, even as part of a team.

  • If I was Queen of a Fae Court I want to be …
Respected, Loved, Courteous, Diplomatic, Kind, Approachable, Wise, Understanding.
  • I want my subjects to be …
Happy, Content, Not afraid to approach me with problems, Productive, working for the good of the Court.

Played by Keith Smith