Alternate Alusias

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A group of planes "local" to Alusia and apparently created as shadows of Alusia Prime by Baals attempt to destroy Alusia and remake it in his image.

The planes are accessible from Alusia and from each other (although not all are accessible from all others) by way of weak points or "shallowings". Some of these shallowings occur on the ground and others in the aether around the worlds. In addition, creating portals to these parallel worlds is somewhat easier than making portals to planes further apart.

The recorded Alternate Alusias are:

The planes appear to share some common history and attributes. Since their histories seem to have diverged just after the Ancient Dragons left Alusia Prime, most had or have an Elven Empire. Several exhibit damage from the fall of the Elves, while on others the Empire still persists in some fashion. Rather more oddly and inexplicably, many also have an analogue of the Seagate Adventurers Guild.

Another probable alternate Alusia, although it is not known whether it can be accessed by a shallowing is: