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(One of the Alternate Alusias)

Alensia was visited by Alusians years before it was recognized as an alternate Alusia. Although no permanent portal is known to exist, Guild members who visited Alensia originally did so via some form of "crossed portal" event while using a supposedly same plane portal in Alusia, travelling from Kinlu back to the Guild.

Alensia is much like Alusia Prime and has similar history, social and technological levels, although both demonic and powers of light activities are somewhat more prevalent.

Primary differences include the lack of elves in Western Alensia until around 787 WK when the Alfheim analogue elves were released by a Seagate party from their place of hiding/imprisonment since the fall of the elven empire.

The Seagate Guild in Alensia is an inquisitorial arm of the Western Church; guildmembers are lay members or initiates of holy orders.

Alensia appears very similar to Elusania, another of the Alternate Alusias, although it is not known if there has been contact between the two.