Alagaad Family

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The Aladar Alagaad Family

had been the ruling family of Aladar from several hundred years until the 'Baronies war of 793-795' when a number of them lost their lives in the many battles.

The effects of the war and the subsequent peace treaty forced upon them by the Aquiland and their supporters meant the loss of some 30% of its lands and the dispossession of a number of nobles.

Balthar Alagaad I (b738 d785) = Margaret Alagaad (nee Von Habsburg) (b740 d761) (she died giving birth to Novamund)

Balthar Alagaad I subsequently married (for love this time) = Caroline Alagaad (nee Alounso) (b745 d -), Female

  • Novar Alagaad IV (b758 d795) Son of Balthar and Margaret
  • Novamund Alaggad (b761 d 795) Son of Balthar and Margaret
  • Baltar Alagaad (b763 d790) Son of Balthar and Caroline
  • Baltmund Alagaad II (b765 d -), Male, Son of B&C) = Briana Rothschild (b779 d-)
  • Barina Alagaad (b773 d -), Female, (Dau of B&C) = Bryn Amsel (b764 d-)
  • Bariich Alagaad (b775 d -), Female, (Dau of B&C) = Gabriel Schaefer (b773 d-)

The Borderlay Alagaad Family

This 'distaff side' of the Alagaad family settled in Borderlay around 630 and has been gentry there for several hundred years. The family holds the estate, Chateau D'Verve on the eastern borders of Borderlay as well as a number of other holdings in the County.

The current Family head is

  • Schaun Alagaad (b755 d-), Male, who married Melinda Schaefer (b758 d-), Female. Together they have 3 children
    • Lyall Alagaad (b776 d-), Male
    • Danielle Alagaad (b777 d-), Female
    • Pytor Alagaad (b778 d-), Male