A Golden Eye on the waves

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A Golden Eye in the deep 3.png

Scribe Notes


Adventure: A Golden Eye on the waves
GM: Jono
Season: ~Summer 822 WK
Night: Starting Monday the 13th of December 2021 in Lynfield (Jono's place).
Area: Carzala and some tropical wilds.
Level: High
Info: Information from players for Jono
House Rules: Jono Quickness and Slowness
Please note - Lowered specialisation to 1 per rank (from 3). See change log on last page of each doc.

Four or five guild party members -
  1. Marseille - Mind Mage played by Michael McFadden.
  2. Boris - Necromantic Mage played by Michael Haycock.
  3. Lila - Celestial/Air Mage played by Kelsie.
  4. Rhiain - Ice Mage Human played by Chris R.
  5. Cher - Binder Human played by Sean


Syrene a friend of the guild.

A Golden Eye in the deep.

Deal with issues about the Air Spirit & the forgotten city (outstanding from A Golden Eye in the deep).
Free the missing water mages, deal with the pirates.

Syrene will financially back a commissioned sea voyage to the area to a value of 35,000sp.

  • Spell training for Thaumaturgies 5,000 sp each member.
  • Spell training for Elementals 10,000 sp each member.
  • Spell training for Entities 5,000 sp each member.

Buffs & Mil Sci

'A = Always on.

Long Term

Long Term (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Bor Lil Cher Mars Rhi
Shadowform (Li) 15 +32 def melee, ranged; +16 def close 8 hrs
spell (caster)

Short Term

Short Term - Cast as Needed
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Bor Lil Marc Mars Rhi
Strength of Darkness (Li) 12 +7 PS 130 min Y
Feather Falling (Li) 6 Fall no more than 5'/pulse 5.5 hrs N
Shadow Wings (Li) 6 36 mph, 126 miles range 3.5 hrs
Witchsight (Li) 7 4 hours
Lightning Strike (Li) 5 [D-4]+7, save for 1/2 5hrs
Barrier of Wind (Li) 4 20 def vs missiles, 15 in melee or close 150mins
Walking Unseen(Li) 6 7 hrs
Weapon of Cold (RH) 10 +11 SC, +4DM Cold Damage(doubled vs fire enemies) 15 minutes
spell (caster)


Ambush/danger senses/skills/magic
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Bor Lil Cher Mars Rhi
Sense Danger % 30%
Ranger Detect Ambush % Base %, -5*OppRk, SpecArea +6% 50%
Thief/Assassin Sixth Sense % BC 10+2xPC+5xRk

Misc Buffs

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Boris Cher Rhiain
Marseille Lila Boris

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File

Marseille Lila
Boris Rhiain

Single File