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GM: Keith
Session: Winter 817
Night: Tuesdays
Location: Smiths
Level: Low
Plane: Golarion/Alusia


  • Mort - Human, Bunny necro, played by Beth
  • Cristo - Human, Dark celestial, played by Ant
  • Jaycey - Halfling illusionist, played by Anne
  • Minerva - Human Celestial, played by Jacqui
  • Aaron - Human E&E, played by Helen
  • Lim - Elven Water played by Bernard
  • Marseille Human mind mage played by Michael

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin representing the Pathfinder Society


  1. Wreck a pirate base, ensure they, being Captain Socantri and crew, move on somewhere else, and recover a statue of the anonymous sponsor's daughter.
  2. Retrieve a bottle of wine - and in the process, discover lost knowledge
  3. Fix a historian's mistake before demon hordes overrun Absalom
  4. Find a missing Pathfinder

Scribe notes

--Insert initial notes here--

Session one - 'Are Wayfinders actually useful'

1st & 2nd Frost
After the Guild meeting we made our way down to meeting room 6, being the last adventure assigned. Expecting a mission checking out a place for colonization, only to be told that there was a lot of underwater and with most of the party lacking a good enough ability to swim, including myself, I don't do drowning thanks, there was a little bit of an issue.
That's when an 'Venture Captain'called Ambrus from Absalom entered the room apparently expecting this to happen. So we got pulled into a Adventurer Exchange Program. After a fair bit of talking about nothing and being told all reasonable expenditure's would be reimbursed, we agreed to meet with the Ambrus the day after tomorrow at dawn, in the courtyard.
We did our prep work with greater's from Aaron and now permanent lesser's, some weapon enchants and a great deal of other stuff, including food.

  Kali the Nameless has a bet going with the Venture Captain on their respective groups. So we best not fail this one.

3rd of Frost
We met with the Ambrus in the courtyard and were led down the stables into one of the empty back stables. Ambrus walked through the wall followed closely after by the party. We came out on the other side in a stable that looked identical down to the horse shoes, of course minus the unicorns and other weird assortment of Guild Member mounts. We were brought through to the Pathfinders Society Grand Lodge where we were all given a Wayfinder. After asking some questions we worked out they were pretty much useless the way we were given them as we could all just become rangers and get the same effects. We were all also give a haversack with generic adventure kit inside.
We were then given a bit more brief of what we were here to do. We were told we were to evict some pirates from their hideout. And to fetch a statue for some extra reward. We were told the mission had to be done with discretion meaning the sponser doesn't want to be known to be in association with us, which means that if we get caught the wayfinders with out names and their logo and haversacks with the pathfinder logo on them was not such a smart idea on their behalf.
We were given a couple of maps of the area and shown where we had to go. We are told that we aren't allowed to kill ferrets or weasels within town as it's illegal. Meaning killing Aaron is out of question for anyone. Marseille wanders off and comes back with a parrot and a pirate 'disguise', eye patch and all. After we all finish laughing we wander down to the docks to find a boat going west to Diabata. We board with Captain Zarina and set sail. We talk with Zarina about anything but Alusia and Seagate and are told about how she became a sailor and now have a very nice cover story no one can dispute. We dock in Diabata and say or farewells to Zarina.

Session two - Guard dog or Lord

3rd Frost Continued
Once barged into town we wandered towards the nearest pub with the help of my alcohol and tavern finding dagger and found ourselves at the Mother of Pearl. We found ourselves a table and gossiped with the locals about local rumors and turned up nothing about the pirate problem we were hired to deal with. After talking with the locals and learning Brad Kwoski was potentially hiring we had some half decent food, nothing special I'll say. I've had better forms of fish dinners. Then we found a room and Lim played with waters of vision and we went to bed.

4th, 5th and 6th Frost
We meet with Brad and went tuna fishing and 'had extremely good luck' and Lim was seasick which was blamed on the stew and/or the drinking. Which of course was laughed off. Lim continued hi waters of vision whenever he could and found cave entrances. About a day later (5th) he noticed a flashing irregular light and a 40ft boat leaving from where he had been watching. We came back and were payed 70sp total for our 3 days work and then wandered back to our room. Minerva was useful and read the night sky and confirmed that the statue we were looking for was at the caves Lim had been watching. We then started planning our course of entry and attack, eventually deciding to go with my favourite plan, sneak in and stab them in the knees while their not looking. Or as Lim phrased it, stealth.

7th and 8th Frost
We went into down after a discussion about why Minerva wanted a boat and found one of the wrecks that was just being put out on the reef of wrecked ships. After a little bit of back and forth from Lim and the owner we acquired ourselves a wrecked boat. We then proceed to spend the rest of the day mending the mast and fixing other bits on the boat, being watched by citizens who were more interested to see if we could get the boat floating and 'sea worthy' than dobbing us in to the local authorities. Deciding that boats work best with sails, we went and bought the old sail from the owner of the boat we had just mended. Then at dusk we set sail southernly away from the town. After about half an hour after dark we turned with a mage current in the write direction. Lim learning the dolphins had hitched a ride on the mage current did some yelling in dolphin to get them to go away. On the morning of the 8th we docked on a gravel beach and hid the boat and Lim took it's ship strength off to make it less stealable. We then climbed the cliff and walked for half a day till we made it to about where the pirate caves were. Minerva talked to some birds and learned of a Big Flappy Lizard thing living in one of the caves on the cliff. Either it's a guard dog for the pirates or it's their master, lord thing. We had a look round for air vents and Aaron played with wizards eye to look down things. With a total of 4 possible above cliff edge entrances and 2 cliff face entrances. We decided that with stealth that avoiding the lizard things dwellings, the lookout post and the main entrances were all good ideas, it was down to spider web air vent, trap door air vent or another air vent. Being particularly not fond of spiders I opted out of that and we went for the trap door entrance as we decided that it probably led somewhere. Climbing down to the old green bronze door. We discovered that it needed a special kind of key to enter. So we let the E&E loose on it. On the other side was a room with blood and grim everywhere and a puddle of water that we later discovered was acidic enough to take your boot, or foot in my case, from you. Oh and there where some rats that didn't last long enough to worry about.

Session three - Death by horror and flames

8th Frost Continued
We started searching the hideout by walking down a roughen tunnel that had a hooked corner, which led out into a large cavern room with 4 chests in puddles of what we assumed and confirmed was acid water. Oh and a dead body with a large hole in his back, who lucky for us didn't come back to life. Seemed to have been there for at least 72 hours. A few papers on the table described a shipment coming in and there being a payment in lotus for it that should have turned up by now. We confirmed that it had turned up by opening some lovely gas trapped chests which had veering colours of Lotus. The door at the end of the room opened up to the actual entrance as a large S was engraved into the door with some other stuff. Aaron who had been standing next to a wall while Lim and I played with chest found a seam along the face of the wall by the door we came in. This led to a secret floor. Being suspicious Lim and I kept an eye out for traps leading the party and our suspicion was supported when we found a floor pit that would give in the moment we stood on it. So We picked up and over turned the table and used it as a bridge. In the room on the other side were 4 more chests. 3 of them contained more lotus, 1 contained some alchemical stuff according to Lim. We moved the chests to our entrance way and headed down the other corridor.
Down the other corridor, which was a more carved out passage. That corridor led to a couple of doors. So Aaron and I took one, Lim and Cristo took the other. On the count of three Lim and I opened our respective doors, expecting to see each other on the other side from our door. Instead I saw a room with a bookcase and a fireplace, the library. When me and Aaron entered nothing seemed weird or out of place but Aaron told me I had to leave that's when I noticed that we had lost some of our hearing.

  "It's not such a bad thing. Now I can't hear Minerva yak on"-Jaycey

Lim and Cristo had found the cellar which was amazing spotless, there was a pool of water in the far back corner. There were some reasonable wines and two good quality wines that went in to a haversack. After deciding that there was nothing on the top floor we went down the stairs in the pool of water.

Downstairs there was a large room with a trail of blood leading out one corridor and down another. We also discovered a nice hidden door which had a lovely wyvern behind it. Which is now a lovely dead wyvern There a couple of rooms in he immediate area with no interesting things in them like the wyvern cave and a bedroom. The dinning hall however was a very nice site. The room was set up to serve a large group of people, sadly none of the food was there. The place had been destroyed and there were 5 bodies lying on the floor. We were coming to suspect that dead bodies would be a running theme here. Thanks to Mort, who is a very beginner Necro we learnt that the main treasure room was downstairs from where we were and that flames and death befell them. We decided to DA rooms before entering them...just in case. In the barrel room Lim played catch a snake and now has one asp in a sack. In another bedroom we found a dead naked lady with a smashed lockbox and some coinage. Nothing of interest in that room. Across the hall was Socantri's office with a very suspicious black curtain hanging in front of the wall. The pedestal in this room looked like it was supposed to hold a statue but didn't at the moment. Behind the black curtain was another secret door which held an armory behind it. Within the armory were many odds and ends of weaponry. We did mangae to find a silvered shortsword, a silvered dagger and silvered main gauche set all of decent enough rank. After making noted to collect this before destroying this place we continued on.

Session 4 - Skeleton Crew

8th of frost Continued
Further down the corridor was another bedroom with a couple of chests with nothing of interest in them and some made beds. Across the hall was what we disovered was a summoning room. There was a marble Altar stained pink with blood and gutters with the remnants of blood from bloodletting. Through some very heavy DAing we worked out the room was for Enhanced Greater Summoning which had been days since it was last used which didn't surprise any of us as it had been about 72 hours since everyone was killed. At the end of the corridor was a ship wrights carpentry room with ship wrights tools and some wood. The spring at the end of the corridor led down a sloop with the water pooled at the bottom of then drained. Lim upon making his way down there discovered draining holes to the ocean and a statue of the description we had been looking for. Behind yet another curtain were some bloody steps. We made our way back down the corridor to investigate the other one. In which we found a 4th bedroom with destroyed furniture and lots of blood and hair. And on cue our DAers went to work. The blood was from a human and the hair was from a mule.

  "If we see a mule, we jump on it and kill it" - Lim

We discovered a sword under the bed with had blood of a daemon on it. At which point we were all very suspicious because a mule on a island with centaurs didn't make any sense. Across the hallway from the room of death was a long bedroom with more death. Flesh, blood, brains and bones scattered the room singed with multiple sabers lying on the floor. Upon inspection we learnt that Necromancy magic had done this.

  "If we see a mule, we walk away and if it doesn't follow, Mort will cast counter spells, if it does follow. We go with plan A" - Lim
  "What was plan A?" - Jaycey
  "Jump on it and kill it" - Lim and Aaron

Along with the mutilated bodies there was yet another curtain in this room which was pulled back to reveal another secret door which had been left ajar. However the door was 5ft the room was 4 ft. So being the only member of the party not to have serious issues with the room I stepped forward to investigate. There was a body face down with a scorch mark along her back and lots of coins littered the floor. Over my head Cristo spotted a 3ft giant spider hiding in the back corner which was creeping out to come eat me. So without a moments hesitation I noped out of the situation and sat by the door to the hallway till I had confirmation that it was dead. I was not going anywhere near that thing. Once the spider had died we went in to have a look at the chests of which held lots and lots of coinage. The dead body had a saber with permanent enhance weapon on it and a sack which held a 10pt healing potion, a armour of earth potion and a walking unseen potion. At the end of the corridor was a set of bronze doors which Lim let me take to with detect traps and lock picking and stuffs as he said and I quote "Your better at that bit of it than I am". Having found a trap on it of the magical kind I let the DAers see how bad it would be if I screwed up and apparently it would be very bad. As the spell in the containment was a Summoning trap. So I set to work on disarming it while Lim stood behind me weapon ready...just in case. After the 7 minutes I spent undoing it I opened the door with ease. Behind it was a room with props of summoning and the blood trail started here. Someone screwed up something.

After this event we went downstairs. There was a light blue green glow from the base of the stair case so as stealth crew Lim and I went down first with a nice set of Ablative Armour from Aaron. A ship with a skeleton crew was preparing to leave. To the right from the stairs where 3 chests and about 12 bodies lying in the sand some naked some not but all unarmed. Along a 15ft wide passage to our left there was a pile of oars with a mule standing over a dead body next to them. So we backed up did some counter spells against necromancy and Lim and I set out to kill a Daemon Mule. Once the Mule was dealt with with a final killing blow from yours truly sending back to its own plane and the rest of the party had dealt with the horde of undead zombie sailors that the Mule had summoned, Minerva dealt to a skeleton crew who had continued to prepare the ship to leave even though there was nothing more to do. We took a Ring of Greater Summoning Counter off one of the bodies which had two charges left in it. After collecting the hordes and hordes of loot from the hideout we left and let Lim play make it unusable unless you know how to undo what he's done with some water college spell and left on our way back to the Venture Captain.

Session 5 - Not Just a Wine Mission

8th-11th Frost
We spent time loading the loot we had found into the ship we looted and Lim spent the time to make the pirate lair unusable for anyone else. Having been 72 hours after leaving the closest town we headed back to Diabata to give the fisherman back his boat and sell him the sail we bought from him for exactly the same price we bought it for and headed back to Absalom.

11th-18th Frost
We spent a week having some down time, ranking some spells. Lim did some research and we all spent some time selling some of the loot that we brought back with us. The Grande Lodge Pathfinders decided that we all needed a briefing in the Pathfinder Society history and stuff like that. I'm not really sure what was happening there as I think a may have slept through some of the lessons.

19th Frost
We had been hired by Venture Captain Drungle Dringe and were asked to meet him on a street corner down the road. So we set of in the rain, which doesn't bother us at all. We came across a beggar on the street corner where we were to meet our employer. We very quickly found out that the beggar was our employer on a stake out mission. Why you would arrange to meet a fully equipped adventure party on an undercover mission, I have no clue. We apparently are required to pick up a package from the Wounded Wisp from someone called Heran Gale. Lim 'kicks' off the 'beggar' and we walk our way down to the dock to make sure we weren't being followed and then circled round to the Wisp. After coming in, Minerva got caught up in conversation with a customer and the rest of us wandered over to get drinks masking the fact that we're here for a package. Minerva walks over and continues to order drinks so we end up with a cask of cider a bottle of wine and lots of other stuff that gets passed round the tavern. We recount and listen to tales of adventure. A halfling of about 3' straight by the name of Sir Williamint decides that I'm a great person to flirts which I let him do as I get stories of adventure from this world. with We wait about an hour or so until we are told that we can go get the package. Following Gale downstairs we leave Cristo and Mort out by stairs to keep watch and not crowd the wine cellar. Lim and Aaron stand at the door way and waters of strength up while Minerva and I search for the specific bottle. We find it after not so long however the bottles holder has a mechanism which at first I mistake as a trap. Informing Minerva, we arrange to have her distract Gale. I guess she's not quite so useless after all. I set to work at disarming the mechanism but the key signs of trap are missing.Eventually I work out it's not a trap but in fact a trigger for something. I give Minerva a 'somethings come up' look and ask Gale to remove the bottle as 'it's not our property'. Upon which a door swings open into a room with a glowing light and lots of spider webs. Why does it have to be more spider webs? I send Minerva to get the others as I step into the door way to have a closer look. That's when the group of giant spiders climbed out of the side tunnels. Luckily the rest of the party turned up just in time to save me from being spider lunch.

After dealing with the excess of spiders we look at the room and find lots of paperwork that said something about the pathfinder society and some betrayal thing going on. Can't say I was paying much attention as at the time it wasn't that important to me. There were also a couple of chests with lots more paperwork. We wander our way back over to the Grande Lodge were we take the package back to Drungle and then get put on the mission of finding out more. I think the pathfinders want us doing things not just hanging round playing with magic and were sent on what was more than just a wine mission. Now I regret not listening or noting the betrayal stuff as apparently its become important. After Lim very clearly states that we are going to our room for the night where we will be all night and in the morning if they want to ask us more questions we leave Drungles office. With that we went to our rooms cast some spells and snuck out the window and over the wall to go to a mausoleum to follow lead on a stonemason who was now dead. Getting to the graveyard we walk unseen through everything to the mausoleum where Lim and Aaron start to open the door. Sadly we get caught by one of the patrols, a worshiper of some goddess called Sarenrae. Lim quickly states that were here on official business and she can watch us if she feels more comfortable about us not stealing anything from the site, which is fair considering we are Guild members, everything including the kitchen sink. Once inside we open the casket and find a skeleton with a gold coin in his mouth with a pathfinder symbol on it. Once placed on a wayfinder it hovered above it and gave us a message.

 The path and chamber are complete, hidden behind the name plate of the requested aspirant and guarded by the word you requested. Thinbrick will add more

Once having closed the mausoleum having taken the now blank pathfinder message coin we went back to our room in the lodge over the wall again nodding to certain members of the guard who saw us and went to bed so we where in our room like we said we would be.

20th Frost
In the morning we went to breakfast and asked about a wall of names which was the second of our three leads. The other being an illusionist gnome. We were told of the black marble wall in the garden of the lodge. And the kind fellow even showed us where it was. We had a very close inspection of the wall finding the three names that we were looking for as they were the only names on the wall that were not members of the Grande Lodge before they died. Doulgonlir Caskmail, Hollis 'Evil Grin' Throne and Karina Clamp. Each one had words in their inscription that were underlined. This was weird to me as none of the other names had underlined words. So being suspicious I asked a local. This lead us to the knowledge that the only other place they knew had underlined words was in the place where people tried to become gods. So having more information on this lead and no magic coming from the wall we headed into the city to find this place. We had a look round the shrine and found the only name and domains that fit. Karina Clamp, fish and bountiful sea. But with this leading us to nothing we could work off of, it was time to go see Thinbrick the Gnome Illusionist. maybe i could learn something off him. Or practice my counter spells. We'll see how it goes.

Session 6 - Wiffle

20th Frost Continued
We wandered our way over to the Arcana Mirim Campus and located Mr Thimbrick's house, which was an impressive stone building with lots of newspapers stacked outside the front door the latest of which was this weeks paper. While Lim and the rest of the party knocked on the front door Aaron and I wandered round the side of the building checking all of the windows as we went round. The first window had a study with a gnome looking at books. The second one had desks and chairs enough to sit about 6 people with a gnome sitting in a chair reading a paper. At this point two identical gnomes in two different rooms was a little suspicious and knowing he was a Illusionist I check the gnomes. Both of which in the end turned out to be illusions. After checking the last two windows which had nothing much of interest we went back round to the door and had Aaron let us in. Which prompted Lim to want Minerva to do some DAing which in turn lead to her setting off a magic trap located under the carpet that summoned some hyenas. Again leading to a dog pile in the door way. After dealing with the hyenas which popped out of existence we headed into his study to see what we could find. Lim talked to the illusionist illusion and was 'given permission' to look round that lead to the discovery of a note on the desk which said he had left Absalom to find a friend but also had the pass word written in the text. 'Wiffle'. Who knows why they chose wiffle but they did so well go with it. After leaving the house in the state we found it with the loot and all we went back to the Shrine of the Failed were we had been earlier that day and snuck in unnoticed and wandered into Karina's room. I locate a fake wall with a door behind it and Lim found a hidden compartment with a chalkboard and chalk in it. Putting two and two together to make four, I knew what was going on and took up the board while everyone else stood by the door ready for things to come out it. Writing 'Wiffle' on the board which triggers the illusion to disspell and the door to open. With nothing instantly charging us like we have had for the past couple times we've opened doors we took the moment to buff before heading into the unknown. I took point with Lim only slightly behind me and we wandered through till we found a room with lots of piles of paper written in code in a foreign language or at least something none of us recognized. Putting the papers in to a safe place in a sack and then in another sack we wandered back expecting a shrine patrol, so we took it with stealth. And instead of finding shrine guards we found members of an organisation called the Aspis, rivals of the Pathfinders. We dealt with them leaving three of the seven dead, taking the rest of them prisoner and headed back to the Grande Lodge, dealt with playing ransom with the Aspis and got payed for playing fetch.

Session 7 - A commentary by Lim on the wonders of how humans survive.

Two days after we clean up from the previous excursion & sell the bulk of our gains we are called in to deal with another small problem. It appears from the frantic reports of one of his aides that a Historian, Argos or someone, has dabbled in rituals in a book known as the Infernal Incantations, and may be about to release a trapped army of what they call 'The Hells' on this plane into the city. Humans never learn. Anyway, the Lodge wants us to head over to his villa, find out what's going wrong and stop this invasion. Sounds like they've finally worked out we have an enchanter making our swords better. Jaycey gets asked to investigate a number of other possible leads on information about the book since they should be able to get around fast even through a crowd and without being noticed.
Heading over through the city takes a couple of hours even at the just before dawn hours & we arrive at the villa inside the district of Eastgate a little after dawn, to discover a concerned crowd observing from the street while lights flicker inside a second story window. Guards outside are managing the crowb but no-one senior enough to enter has turned up yet, so Minerva talks our way in past the guards and we investigate.
The ground floor seemed quiet and we aren't here to loot the place bare so we head straight up for the second floor and the study where the lights are coming from, opting for an abreviated kick the door in after a bare minimum of thinking time plan. A halfling or so sized flying Daemon of some kind is in the room, guarding the open book on a makeshift altar, while there is a summoning circle on the floor, and some bodies in the corners. Minerva & I engage the Daemon while Mort checks for undead, and Christo & Aaron look if any of the bodies still live. A brief bout of biting & stinging by the Daemon later it succumbs to a final bolt from Minerva, and Mort is feeding a healing potion into the unconcious but living Historian, who unfortunately starts babbling on and trying to make crazed demands about what we should do as if he knows best.

Sensibly ignoring the possibly possessed and certainly foolish human, we haul him and the book to the nearest Temple that seems opposed to the type of Daemons we are dealing with, Sarenrae who is some kind of Sun god. We discuss things with them though they seem to think we should keep all the dangerous artifacts with us for a while rather than keep them safe on holy ground, but we eventually talk them into common sense, also leaving an enchanted dagger with them for more investigation as it bears a daemonic symbol they identify as some sea daemon called Vephar. The Historian takes even more convincing but Minerva finally just drags him back to the temple and leaves him sitting there after we get directions to some holy knight called Oliver Zandrin who has the partner book (Celestial Song) needed to stop the invasion allegadly, who is often harrassing the local residents of Gilltown, a neighbourhood in the south of Eastgate, over religious differences & trying to buy magics they consider dangerous off them.
Following our directions we head through the streets, then shortcut through a warren of alleys where we get slightly delayed by a bunch of cultists who also seem to be following this Vephar fellow who demand the book from us, good thing we didn't bring it with us though sensibly none of the party actually tell them where we left it, and we deal to them in a reasonably timely fashion after some brief difficulty discovering we were in totally the wrong order for fighting in alleys. They appeared to be not entirely human, probably part of the cult rites or something, and a little bit oddly none of them end up unconcious, all dying when they fall. Perhaps some kind of enhancement magic as they did seem to have significantly more fight in them than one would expect from a Human.
Heading into Gilltown we find the knight haggling with a gillman merchant over some kind of holy symbol of a necromantic kind or something, Minerva stepping into speed this up significantly, and we discuss the problem, moving to a nice secluded corner shortly after it gets mentioned as to what we are up to. The knight never got the book, but did see one of the Historians aides and some other people vanishing into the tunnels beneath the Gilltown neighbourhood, and we purchase some better information from the nearby merchant, at the exhorbiant but cheap enough price of 25 gold shillings. Around this point Jaycey catches up with us after exhausting all the wild goose chases, and a couple of stops for breakfast, and shares the remnants of the bag of cream buns they have with us, while we briefly discuss how to further to about this.

Session 8 - Playing in Chest Deep Water

24th of Frost
After having turned up with my cream buns apparently we were now hunting a book. So with Lim and Aaron realizing that their not carrying A class weapons that they have training in considering we where about to go play in water, we headed over to a blacksmith and Lim and Minerva picked up some weapons. Then we proceed to head over towards the tunnel entrance that we apparently had a map to find. Encountering a couple of hell hounds on the way who were looking for something but didn't find it on us so left us be. Heading down the tunnels with knee high water on the rest of the party, I was basically almost swimming so that was a very interesting time accompanied by the fact that there was some angelic music echoing down the corridor that concerned some of us. At least I wasn't getting wet. With the music Lim signed "At least we all speak silent tounge, right?" Which of course only three of us responded to. We walked a bit and found a large room with stairs 30ft in the air and some more tunnels shut off by large granite slabs all with numbers written in Azlanti on them. Surprisingly I recognized them. Lim working out what they did meant we made Minerva make a decision of which of the two combinations we pulled. We fulled the room with 30ft deep water. And the music got louder and louder. Then was so loud that without some serious concentration we couldn't hear ourselves let alone other. With the level raising the door at the top of the stairs opened. I standing by the door was one of the first to see the half man half octopus studying a book. I think it may have been the one we were looking for looking back on it after the combat. We flooded in the room and beat the octoman up. Learning that Octomen will take action on your taunts if you possess something they want. With the book securely placed in Lims pack we wandered our way back to the temple after climbing down from the room which was now 30ft up with no water to swim in, or fly down if your name is Lim. Upon arriving back at the Temple we found the Hell Hounds that we had encountered earlier. I guess they found what they were looking for. We dispatched of them quickly. Apparently we missed the Imp attack earlier. Putting the books back together we had finished our mission, whatever it was, I'm still a little lost. At the end of all of this we went back to the guild and had hot bathes and dinner.

Session 9 - Apparently Urgent 2 Week Old Mission

27th Frost
A couple of days after dealing with the book issue we are woken up at 2 in the morning and sent to the Venture Captains office. Apparently it's a very urgent mission that must interrupt our sleep. A one Arech hasn't reported in, in 2 weeks so they want us to go down to the Lusty Mermaid and investigate whats going on. Apparently he was looking for a priceless artifact called the Sniper. We would recognize him by the Owlbear amulet necklace he wears. And only after being missing for 2 weeks we are woken up and sent to find him and it couldn't wait till morning. At least the guild waits till lunch. So we wander down to the Lusty Mermaid and walk through the door following Lim. Some of us notice the man at one of the front tables with an Owlbear necklace and continue to walk over to the bar. We talk to the lady behind the bar and ask about Arech and she wanders off to talk to the boss. We sit and drink our ales and I eat last nights stew reheated. She comes back and tells us that the boss hasn't seen Arech or his apprentice Dargo for at least 2 weeks. I follow the Bar keep and her friends out the bar door and listen in on their conversation while the rest of the party prep for a potential bar fight. I came back in after learning that they were just leaving cause something weird was happening and didn't know anything. Lim handed me off the last of my ale and said 'drink'. So I drank. 'Arech' left the bar after a couple minutes and we gave it a couple letting the conversations continue before we followed them out. One of his friends walked round the corner and as we passed him he turned to follow us and just as we meet the corner a bolt meet Minerva and made her very angry and the one following us rushed on Mort. A very extensive and hot battle broke out before we downed all him henchmen and knocked him unconscious. Minerva made some bouncers very agitated walking into the tavern with a weapon drawn trying to get through. After concluding suspicion that this wasn't the guy we were sent to look for but Arech was dead and these men killed him under hire and Arech amulet was taken as part of the payment. and the proceeds of the sniper were supposed to be split with the barkeep. Dargo was in a boat looking for the sniper. While Arech's body was hidden in a cave. The guy we had captured bought his freedom from us with some amulets. We made the decision to water walk to the location of the boat.

Session 10 - Boats and Fish

27th Frost Continued
We water walked our way over to the boat which we could see was called the Iron Tide. I had picked up 2 heat signatures while leading the party over. I could see the boat from about 90 feet away while the rest of the group had to wait a bit. After sneaking up on them and murdering them on the main deck. We explored the main deck and the doors leading off from it. I found the captains cabin that had a chest in the room that we decided we would loot later and an empty room with stairs. Lim by the time I had opened my doors opened his to an empty room with another door than lead to a room with stairs. We split the party, which is something I am always told you should never to and made our way down both sets of stair. Minerva, Mort and I went downstairs on the fore deck and found a room almost fill of water with hammocks. Behind the next door was a room fill of ghouls. After backing up a couple of steps and reading myself I hit the butt of my Short Sword on the wall to alert the rest of the party that something had come to attack us and held our place. Lim and Aaron emerged from the door across the room and took on half the ghouls. Lim surprisingly enough controlled like 6 of them and we finished them off with ease. Making our way through the last remaining door on this level and found a hole down to the next ship. Through which we find a couple of sharks and a couple of sahuagin. We dealt with them and moved on to the stairs that went up. Up the stairs was a room empty of water with Dargo crouched with a chest trying to get it open and a ghost captain.

Session 11 - The Trip Home

27th Frost Continued
We charged in to the room and we had only just all gotten in when the ghost captain turned of all the lights and made the room dark. Aaron spent the combat outside of the darkness invisible hiding from things in the darkness. Lim spent time trying to help with not really knowing where things are, eventually grabbing a dagger from Minerva and coming and stabbing the ghost captain following the noise in the dark. Minerva spent the fight blasting everything with light. Mort spent it attacking and eventually killing Dargo, to be fair Mort and Minerva probably did the most all battle. I spent it occupying the ghost captains time and hoping he didn't hit me. Cristo spent it watching the entrance just in case things came back.
Dargo had on him a Dagger and some goggles of dark vision that let him see in the dark, even rank 20 darkness. In the chest Dargo had trouble opening, that I just clicked open with no issue. Inside was The Sniper, which had a curse of undeath to those who stole it. Learning this we decided we'd take it straight to a temple of the deity it's a relic of so that we weren't stealing it but returning it. We also went and got the chest from upstairs that had the ships log book and some coins. Afterwards making our way back to the Grand Lodge. Some of us arranged to get some spell work done with the Pathfinders here before we went home.

Mil sci

Mil sci will receive an EP bonus for ensuring combats run smoothly and quickly

Daily pattern

Roughly 11 hours day, 13 hours night. Mid winter 10 hours day 14 hours night.

  • Sleep/Camp: 12-13 hours.
  • Travel/Investigate: About 7-8 hours.
  • Meals: About 2 hours, ranger cooking.
  • Rituals: Purify mornings, Aaron forge evenings.

Travel magics

Watch order

Day, to watch anyone doing rituals or such.

  • Mort

Night, about 4-5 hours each watch

  1. Jaycey / Marseille
  2. Aaron / Lim
  3. Cristo / Minerva

Marching order

Scout: Jaycey / Lim
Main body front: Cristo / Aaron
Main body rear: marseille /minerva
Tail guard:Mort


Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

General buff notes

Restoratives/WoH used to be at full Ft after buffing.

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Mo Cr Ja Mi Aa Li Ma
Greater (Aa) 12 +13% all areas 21 days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Enchant Armour (Aa) 14 +30% Def, +1 Ft Ap 21 Days Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Enchant Weapon (Aa) 10 +11 sc, +4 DM 21 Days S-Sword Claymore S-Sword ? ? H&1/2 ?
Water breathing (Li) 15 Water breathing, see through water mage fog. 26 Hours (enhanced) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water proofing (Li) 10 Water proof, ignore rainstorm & geyser. 66 Hours (enhanced) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
??????????? (??) ## ******************* ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Mo Cr Ja Mi Aa Li Ma
Waters of Strength (Li) 14 D-2+14 PS 75 Mins (30 to drink) ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Enhance Enchant (Aa) 10 +rk CC/DM/Du 60 secs ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Ablative Scales (Aa) 12 +44 points 22/32 Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
??????????? (??) ## ******************* ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



Reasonable expenses covered - used for Greaters, Lessers, 12 WoH, 6 Restoratives and some basic Alchemy supplies.


  • Mission 1: 2
  • Mission 2: 2
  • Mission 3: 2
  • Mission 4: 2


15 TSG (3,780 sp) - Each
(Individual share of loot is about 50k so far if numbers are right)

Pirate Treasure (2845.5 sp)

  • 141 sp
  • 67 gs (804 sp)
  • 7 tsg (1,764 sp)
  • 546 cf (136.5 sp)

Shipment (6.5sp)

  • 1 * Pirate pocket loot (6sp 2cp)

Dining room & Storeroom (45 sp)

  • 5 * Pirate pocket loot (40 sp 20 cf)

Ship Floor (298,806.75 sp)

  • 1987 gs (41,727 sp)
  • 936 tsg (235,872 sp)
  • 73859 cf (18,464.75 sp)
  • 743 sp
  • 2000sp worth of gems

Aspis attack

  • 510sp
  • Ransom (whatever you get for 4 living Guild members) - 100,000sp


  • 200sp of gold coin


  • 2009 TSG, 1003 GS, 103685 SP, 74427 CF
  • (2009*252) + (1003*12) + 103685 + 74427/4
  • 506268 + 12036 + 103685 + 18606.75
  • 640595.75 total monetary take
  • Less 20% tax (half to the Pathfinders, half to the SAG) 128119.15
  • Nett: 512476.6 shared equally among 6 = 85411.26667sp per PC


Path Finders

  • Standard Wayfinder - Each (Pathfinders) [6000]ea
  • Handy Haversack - Each (Pathfinders) [6000]ea


  • 7 * Chests of lotus flowers (assorted) [Dragon 121]
  • 1 * Chest of mystery alchemical tins [paint pigments]

Wine Cellar

  • Two bottles of well preserved wine worth 2000sp each [4000sp]


  • Wyvern Body


  • Specific weapons [r10 weaponsmithed +5TH +1D] - one of everything in the standard weapon list
  • Value Cold iron weapons - (party choice)
  • Value Silvered weapons - (party choice)

Dining room & Storeroom

  • 1 * Asp in a sack

Pirate Pocket/Treasure Room

  • 10pt Healing Potion [500sp]]
  • Armour of Earth potion (1hr duration)
  • Walking Unseen potion (2hr duration)
  • Silvered Saber Permanent Rk 3 Enchant Weapon

Summon Store Room

  • Props of Summoning - silvered broadsword, cap, mitre, girdle of lion skin

Ship Floor

  • Ring of Greater Summoning Special Counter-2 Charges - Rank 0
  • Whatever was in the chests and crates [10000]
    • Six Pearls of Waterbreathing (empty) [4000]]ea
    • Wand of Light Healing (5pts per charge - 50 charges) [12500]
    • Wand of Serious Healing (10pts per charge - 40 charges) [20000]
    • Wand of Critical Healing (20pts per charge - 20 charges) [20000]
    • Wolfskin cloak with bone clasp (cloak of skinchange - wolf)


  • Pathfinder Message Coin - Blank [15000]

Aspis Bodies

  • Wand of Mass Fear (Rnk 5, 10c)
  • Potions of Serious Healing (10pts) x6 [500ea]]
  • Cloak of Magic Resistance +5%

Secret Office

  • Half sphere Alexandrite Gem (containing permanent r11 Firelight spell) [1100]

Infernal Incantations.

  • 2 * Book - allows the learning of either Celestial or Infernal, Each language is in its own family and group.
  • 1 * Coral Dagger, Spectral weapon enchanted r5 - other weapon spells will overwrite if more powerful
  • 4 * MW Silvered Coral hilted short swords (+5SC +1D) - will take other weapon spells [784ea]
  • Other cultist loot


  • Holy Symbol - Vephos
  • Amulet of Luck [2400]
  • Amulet of Diamonds [8000]
  • Amulet of Elder Flowers [400]
  • Amulet of Carbuncle [9600]
  • Amulet of Amythist [3000]
  • Amulet of Aqualegius [2400]
  • 20pt Healing Potion [1000]
  • MW Silvered Coral Spear - RK10 +1 DM +5SC - will take weapon spells [196]
  • Bracers of Armour - +5 DF [8000]
  • Spell Fatigue Store Crystal - stores 10 spell FT points. [22500]
  • Elemental Water Gem - when broken, summons a water elemental
  • Horse shoes of Quickness - allows a horse to move twice as fast.

Bar Fight Ransom

  • Amulet of Luck
  • Amulet of Diamonds

Iron Tide

  • 2 * Rapier - +5, +1 Enchant and +5SC, +1DM
  • Studded Leather Armour


  • MW Silvered Coral hilted dagger +5 +1
  • Spectacles of Darkvision


  • Dagger - Spectral Weapon - Rk 10 WS - Minerva
  • Javelin - Rk 10 WS - Aaron
  • Trident - Rk 10 Enchanted Weapon - Rk 10 WS - Lim
  • Main Gauche - Rk 10 WS - Lim


  • Permanent Lesser - Each (Guild + Aaron)
  • Improved Methane Grenadoe recipe (Trade by Lim, cost & time to implement?)
  • Magic training for variations (Research cost & time to implement?)



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Moon2.jpg Samhain
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Moon3.jpg 7 Boat mending 8 Pirate caves 9 Clean up 10 Travel 11 Absalom 12 Training 13 Training
Moon0.jpg 14 Training 15 Training 16 Training 17 Training 18 Training 19 Errand for a wine bottle 20 Errand for a wine bottle
Moon1.jpg 21 Errand clean up 22 Training 23 Training 24 A daemonic book 25 R & R 26 Training 27 A 2am errand
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