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Zanak Warrior Priest 1.png


  • College: Zoroastra
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight 130
  • Birth order: 3rd
  • Right Handed


Zanak started as an Earth Mage but on the first adventure with the guild accepted an opportunity to convert to the Mind College.

It is widely believed that the conversion tainted him in some aspect of Chaos as he became an extremely unpredictable character. He was prone to doing things differently to the rest of the party and succumbing to the temptations of bright, pretty things. He was also rather stupid and often found himself in need of a resurrection.

At the end of Reason Unborn he converted to the college of Zoroastra when Ahura Mazda applied his touch to Zanaks soul.

The College of Zoroastra

The College of Zoroastra prizes three virtues above all others: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds - and holds Good Deeds the highest in the order. If the Thoughts, Words and Deeds of an Adept are not Good, the adept may be forced to leave the college.

Adepts of this College are known as Zoroastrian Mages. They are a rare breed, seeking to further the ideals of Ahura Mazda and to bring people away from the Great Lie.

The Great Lie is the choice of Evil over Good. Taint and its aspects of Evil, Chaos and Madness are aspects of the Great Lie. Zoroastrian Mages, when confronted with beings following the Great Lie, will focus on converting them, or destroying them.

The college’s powers lie in its ability to combat Taint – either directly or through the manipulation of Gravity, Light and Sound.

Zoroastrian Mages have an affinity for “healing the effects of taint” which comes from their studies of the universe around them. Zarathustra himself (the Prophet of Ahura Mazda) is said to have “become one with the universe” and ascended to the side of Ahura Mazda.

Traditional Colours & Symbols: This College follows the principles of Purity and adepts normally dress in white with a golden sunburst proudly displayed.

Restrictions: A Magical Aptitude of 13 is required to join the College. Members of the College of Zoroastra may operate without restriction.

Modifications: The following modifiers are cumulative with all other modifiers (including those specified in §7.4).
Per hour of Ritual Spell Preparation +1
Per Rank in Unarmed +1

Preferred Skills Zoroastrian Mages favour crushing weapons, such as the Quarterstaff or a War-hammer. Generally they will favour an off-hand weapon rather than a shield.
A Zoroastrian Mage is always prepared for combat and Military Scientist is a skill they favour. They are often in circumstances where their Healing magic, along with their desire to convert the heathens, leads to unexpected combats. Being a Priest they also tend to have high Will Power values.


Talents GK Spells SK Spells GK Rituals SK Rituals Counterspells Out of College Spells Out of College Rituals
Detect Aura - RK 14Smite Taint - RK 12True Seeing - RK 16Truth Speaking - RK 2March of Doom - RK UPurity GK - RK 6Fire Speech - RK 1Elemental Warding - RK 0
Dark Vision - RK 13Telekinesis - RK 6Increased Gravity - RK 0Rune Healing - RK 2Purity SK - RK 6Smoke Creation - RK 6
Necrogeny - RK 13Coruscade - RK 20Web of Purity - RK UBubble of Force - RK 16
Shattering Shriek - RK 12Weapon of Purity - RK 10Lightning Armour - Rk 0
Locate Taint - RK 6Laying on Hands - RK U
Heal Taint - RK 16Holy Light Aura - RK 10
Bolt of Starfire - RK 7Star Wings - RK 7
Resistance to Light - RK 6Thunderclap - RK 7
Quietness - RK 6Sun Fire - RK 2
Rune Wall - RK U
Rune of Willow Healing - RK 6
Solar Flare - RK 6

Adventures/Scribe Notes

Summer 813 - Squid Row
Autumn 812 - Divisions Within
Summer 812 - Delph_Vermin_-_The_Extermination_Mission
Spring 811 - Manhunt_–_In_Search_of_RocSingers_Past
Winter 811 - Where Have All The Dragons Gone?
Spring 810 - Dark Dangerous Secrets
Winter 810 - Reason Unborn
Summer 810 - The Great Sperm Race
Winter 809 - Ground Zero Day
Autumn 809 - A Loss of Reason
Summer 809 - Can_we_fix_it?
Spring 808 - Save the Demon
Winter 808 - Alusian Innocents Abroad, The Evil Within
Autumn 808 - The Long Way Home


Adventuring: Climbing 4 Stealth 2 Swimming 5 Flying 5 Horsemanship 2

Healer 6 Courtier 1 Mil Scientist 2 Troubadour 1


Zanak Warrior Priest.png