White Leech

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This Leech is grown by Kathrine the Witch

White Stomach Leech
Wgt: 0 lbs Value: 200 sp

This slimy one inch long white leech has a bad taste to it. The leech is swallowed whole and then lives in the stomach of the host. If the host needs to test to stay conscious, then that test is made a bonus of two steps better.

Example I - At 3 EN the host needs to make a 3 X EN check to stay conscious, but now only needs to make a 5 X EN check.

The leech will have to stay in near constant contact (max 30 seconds apart) from the red leech or it will die. If not kept in the stomach of the host, it will need to live on the skin of the host and the leech will need 1 Ft points per 24 hours (or part thereof) to stay alive. The Ft that is lost to the leech can be rested back.

Aura: short lived sentient.
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Nature of Magic: None
College: None
Magically Trapped/Warded/Cursed: No
G.M. Jono Bean
Special note: When the leech is in the stomach of the host it counts as a possession and not another entity.