What's going on in the south of Prevada

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The adventure takes place in Prevada on the plane of Rile.


  • Adventure: What's going on in the south of Prevada
  • GM: Phil Judd
  • Session: Winter 804 wk
  • Night: Can't remember
  • Level: Medium/High
  • Style: Investiagtion


  1. Amaranth Vale, played by Chris Rose
  2. Amber, played by Jo Drum
  3. Clarissa d'Ornay, played by Ben Taberner
  4. Dawn (aka Mary Jane, aka Thistlefoot), played by Hannah Jackson
  5. Grendel Beetlebrox
  6. Kern Silvercrest, played by Chris Caulfield - Mil Sci
  7. Vychan Adam Jones, Played by Sean English

Can whomever was scribe please come forward and detail them here.


Homesteads are razed, taxes stolen by parties unknown. What is worse is that all who have been sent to investigate have not returned - including the powerful group known as "The Dragon Slayers". The Royal College of Westness offers to sort out the issue (in return for certain considerations) and requires an independant party of proficient, independant guild members to make it all look easy. South Prevada is a land rich in magic with many strange creatures just beyond it's borders. The faint hearted need not apply.


(in lieu of actual scribe notes)

The party returned alive after investigations and a big fight with some trolls on a mountain top involving a really big pit with stalagmites at the bottom. Some Trolls got away too.