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Arms of Westgate
Location 20 Miles south of Brastor Landing on the Western Bank of the Champion River
Government Mayor: Silanus Ausonius. Was a hereditary barony now a freetown.
Population ~800 in 818WK






– Drinking Tax
– Hearth Tax
– Bonding

250sp once a year
25 sp twice a year
%2 of goods' value/month

Subinfeudation Carzala-sub-map.jpg
Westgate town map.jpg

Westgate is currently a small town existing outside the current rebuilding efforts in Central Brastor. The current population is made up of a range of peoples from Arabie, the Lunar Empire and various parts of the Western Kingdom.

Small farm plots and gardens have been established and a solid wooden palisade has been erected round the town. A market square has been established and regular trade has begun between the Westgate and Brastor Township.

Plots have been marked out through the town and most of these are covered in rough wooden building a number of stone constructions are underway.

While the population is still far too small to require such buildings the town appears to be designed for expansion back to its former glories.


The Town
The town itself was effectively razed to the ground in 802. A number of buildings including taverns, and storage yards have been erected and simple wooden housing and a few shops have been erected filling several streets.
Most of the plots now have some form of structure but tents still exist in a few places.
The buildings are mostly green wood and quite rough hewn although a few have been constructed from more expensive dried timber. Construction has started on a more solid stone wall to replace the wooden palisade.
The Healers
Westgate has a larger than normal contingent of Healers (ranks 0-4) and Herbalists and there is a large wooden building set aside for the sick and injured of the town. This service is free for townsfolk but there is a charge for visitors.

No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency

Establish as office in 810, moving into a freshly build two storied stone built in 810. This branch specialise in finding lost youth.


The town is run by a mayor and town council under a charter approved by the Duke. The hereditary barony that the town used to be part of has been discontinued and the town is a freetown.

People of Note/Importance

Silanus Ausonius
Mayor of Westgate.
A grey haired Gentleman in his late 50's. He is rake thin and his body is covered in scars after many years working on a galley.
Rowan Velcanthus
Archbishop of the Church of Chantris.
A spiritual lord and accomplished spell caster, as of Spring 815, the Archbishop has settled his family in Westgate and has begun to build a manse and cathedral there. He has blessed crops, livestock and unborn children. Masons have been secured to raise a cathedral to Her honour, the monies lodged in escrow against completion.
Jonn Wicker
An elderly ex soldier whose mind was damaged by the war, his body is covered in scars. He lives in the nearby forest and occasionally appears in the town. The town folk treat him kindly and provide him food and clothing.


There is little trade although a merchant has been seen travelling between Brastor Landing and Westgate, buying and selling small amounts.

With the reopening of the trade route through Gryphon Pass to Novadom the volumes of trade passing through Westgate are slowly increasing.


There is no official religion in the town but a number of small shrines and places of worship are present for a range of religions including the Powers of Light including the worship of Chantris.



Summer 807WK
Farmers digging fresh fields uncover ruins of an unknown temple. Anyone that goes near the field become bedridden for weeks with a wasting disease. The field is blessed by the church and walled off.
Spring 815WK
Rowan Velcanthus: Archbishop of the Church of Chantris. A spiritual lord and accomplished spell caster, as of Spring 815, the Archbishop has settled his family in Westgate and has begun to build a residence and temple there.
Summer 810WK
A large premises is built to accommodate the large number of Healers in the town and the regular influx of patients they treat.
Summer 808WK
Accept offers of Paintings and Sculptures if Sabastian promises not to bother them again.
Spring 807WK
Politely turn down offers of Paintings and Sculptures.
Winter 807WK
Politely turn down offers of Paintings.
Autumn 807WK
Politely turn down offers of Sculptures.
Summer 807WK
Silanus Ausonius, a middle aged slave from the Lunar Empire is made mayor and the town is opened up to trade and immigrants. Politely turn down offers of rebuilding efforts.
Spring 806WK
Duke DeWinter announces that following the successful release of a large group of slaves from the Lunar Empire and the total demise of Westgate, that the remains of the village of Westgate be turned over to these slaves (under advisement) and be thus rehabilitated. A sponsor has been found to supply initial essentials.
Winter 803WK
Town overrun by Dark Circle.