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Western Kingdom map
Arms of the New Western Kingdom

NOTE: This area of Alusia may be out of date, given the campaign events - The Drow Invasion.

Kingdom in central Western Alusia, originally founded in 1200AP as the result of northern invasions and migrations. Dissolved some 500 years later with the loss of the last Western King, and refounded 300 years later (in 793wk) by the rulers of Aquila and Bowcourt. The current capital city of the Western Kingdom is Konigburg.

Western Kingdom Map



The main languages of the Western Kingdom are Folksprach, Reichspiel and Lalange with Reichspiel and Lalange being spoken in court and upper class settings exclusively (unless in intimate circumstances) as is proper. While well-ranked knowledge of 'common' is widespread it is after all <snooty voice> 'Common' so anyone gentrified (classy, stylish, well-heeled etc) will have other languages ranked like Reichspiel and Lalange


The Western Kingdom is bounded by many natural features such as mountain ranges, rivers and seas. In the south along the coast of Aladar is The Great Western Sea, in the North are the Dragonspine Mountains, in the east are the x Mountains and in the west, the Pagan Mountains provide other boundaries. Mordeaux and Ranke are bounded by ..


The Kings Court

  1. King Ulric Schwarzrotgold
  2. Duke Frederick of Aquila
  3. Herzog Albrecht of Aquila
  4. Dulcenia, Marquessa of Bowcourt

Royal Officials


The following is a list of the 10 highest ranked officials at the royal court of King Ulric, King of the Western Kingdom who are based in Konigburg. The listing does not indicate rank in any way as is the nature of political court intrigue but does define which offices are officially defined in order of precedence and occasion.

Most of these royal officials have been in position for many years or decades, having been in place or been apoointed by various people as the need arose over the past few decades. When King Ulric Schwarzrotgold takes office upon his majority he is expected to perhaps 'relieve' a number of officials of their arduous duties so they may enjoy a well deserved retirement and some peace. These officials are all appointed by the King and serve at his pleasure.

  1. Lord High Steward, Otto von Sammelhausen. The position of Lord High Steward is the first of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and he is appointed by the King to represent him in the kingdom and he has a mandate to govern it in his name should certain conditions arise. The Lord High Steward presides at coronations, he supervises the lord's household, takes care of the King’s estates when they were away and checks on the taxes collected directly from the king’s demesnes and manor.
  2. Lord High Chancellor, Leo de Caprici. The Lord High Chancellor is a senior and important functionary in the royal court. He is the second highest ranking of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and is responsible for the efficient functioning of the royal court as well as being the keeper of knowledge on judicial matters, precedence and law. The Lord High Chancellor deals with petitions on behalf of the King and mediates matters of high and common law if the king chooses not to intervene. The Lord High Chancellor has in the past also been known as the "Keeper of the King's Conscience." Leo de Caprici is a very dignified middle-aged man who attends most court functions, has little time for anyone beneath him and lots of time for anyone more senior. His private life is very private but is rumoured to be a lot more colourful.
  3. Lord High Treasurer, Oswald von Liebstrau of the von Leibstrau family. The post of Lord High Treasurer is the third highest ranked Great Official of the Western Kingdom and functions as the head of His Majesty's Treasury, responsible for knowledge of the realms wealth, the safe and secure storage of the treasury and for the collection of the royal taxes from across the realm.
  4. Lord President of the Council, Albrecht Vette. The post of President of the Council is otherwise known as the Lord Privy Councillor and is the head of a group of the monarch's closest advisors to give confidential advice on affairs of state and the President of the Council is the fourth highest ranked Great Official of the Western Kingdom. There are 5 members of this council including the president of the council.
  5. Lord Privy Seal, Ferdinand Hartmann of the Hartmann Family. The Lord Privy Seal (or, more formally, the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal) is the fifth of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and is responsible for the monarch's personal (privy) seal as well as the Great Seal of the Realm.
  6. Lord Great Chamberlain, Theobald von Schulz of the von Schulz Family. The Lord Great Chamberlain is the sixth of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and is in charge of the Kings household.
  7. The Lord High Constable, Kaiuwe Devinter. The Lord High Constable is the seventh of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and is the commander of the Royals Guards and Royal Lancers.
  8. The Lord High Marshal, Bernhard Nordburgof The Nordburg Family. The Lord High Marshall is the eighth of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and he is the commander of the Kings armies, directly commanding the generals and captains of the realm. Bernhard Nordburg had served as a military officer his whole life until he became Count of Geisterholm in 795 upon the death of his father. Bernhard ran his County well and in 802 was asked by the duke to become Lord High Marshall when the previous office holder Elgin von Blanche died. Bernhard agreed and elevated his son Karl to be Count of Geisterholm in 802. Bernhard is now retired from the field and his armour and weapons are more symbolic (and comfortable) than functional. He is still keen of mind, an is excellent military strategist and social tactician.
  9. The Lord High Admiral, Gerhard Schnieder of the Schneider Family. The Lord High Admiral is the ninth of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and is the commander of the Kings navies. These Include the Navies of Aladar, Aquila, Bowcourt, Ranke and other realms.
  10. Lord Clerk Register, Francoise Lerchensfeld. The Lord Clerk Register is the tenth of the Great Officials of the Western Kingdom and is the principal Clerk in the kingdom, from whom all other clerks derived their immediate authority and positions. He (or deputies) acts as Clerk to the King, Royal Court, Privy Council and other royal officials. He is also known as the Lord Royal Sage and the King’s High Keeper of the Records and is in charge of the kingdoms archives that are rumoured to be held in areas almost or as secure as the royal treasury.
  • Lord Warden, Georg Januszewska
  • Lord Castallen, Fritz Falkenhayn
  • Lord Protector, Werner de Hassel of the De Hassel family. Werner de Hassel (b750) is the Lord Protector of Aquila since 799WK. Prior to being Lord Protector he was Trade Ambassador to Azuria between 780 and 783 and he then returned and served in the Aquilan High Lancers as a Lancer initially and ended a Commander of the Aquilan High Lancers in 794 before taking the role as Lord Protector. Werner is a powerfully built man of imposing height at 6ft 6inches, solidly built and with a very martial bearing. Werner is head of the De Hassel family of Aquila.
  • The Armour-Bearer, Theodore von Guytnburg
  • The Bearer of the Royal Banner, Franz von Studnitz
  • The Cup Bearer, Herman Grunwald of the Grunwald Family
  • Royal Master of the Stables, Karlos Nadasdy
  • Royal Master of the Hunt, Horst Valkenstein
  • Royal Master of the Estate, Alain Lymburg
  • Lieutenant-General of the Western Kingdom, Boris von Altenstadt
  • Grand Master of Ceremonies, Jurgen des Rothschild
  • The Chief Ambassador, Lord Terrance de Halbherd
  • The Keeper of the Royal Family, Lord Daryk Hawke of the Hawke Family. Lord Daryk overseas the Blackhawke's

Military Forces

The Western Kingdom military is mostly an army with a few sea-borne units.
Air Units'
The Western Kingdom has a few Air Rocks under the control of the Royal Air Ground. The large rocks and the crews that man them, are currently patrolling the northern and eastern border of the Western Kingdom. Some Seagate Adventurers are involved in working for the Kingdom.

Current Events

Over the past few months there have been undercurrents of dissent amongst the nobles at the costs incurred in 'putting down' the Dark Circle and in particular why should they have to pay additional taxes to fund the war in the south. There have been unconfirmed reports of taxes not being paid for various reasons and talk of revolution in the kingdom which has obviously been well repressed.

Alehouses in NW Aladar and Aquila have been alive with tales of how it is to live without a 'king' telling you what to do and leaving realms free of interference. The tales go on to show how 'beautiful and ideal' life is in the independent realms of self-made Barons and Wardens where the crops are plentiful and the maidens pure.

There have been 5 incidents between feuding barons over small parcels of lands and the liege lords were called to order and dealt with the issues. However one of the liege lords showed signs of rebellion himself until he fell off his horse one day. The province has since been bought into the kingdom proper and order restored. Inquisitors have been seen in these provinces and incidents of 'heretics' being burnt have been noted.

813 WK

Drow army pushed inland up an enchanted Ice road after invading the mid-coast (Zomalar city area), the point near the Ffenargh Swamp between Aladar and northern Ranke. The road ran north almost to the Dragonspin Mountains cutting the Kingdom in half and creating real issues.

812 WK

In Konigburg His Royal Highness King Ulric Schwarzrotgold married the Duchess Meredith of the Duchy of Ranke on the 2nd of Heat 812wk. The Duchess became Her Royal Highness Queen Meredith Schwarzrotgold of the Western Kingdom.

810 WK

While rumours of war, insurrection, strife and kin-slaying abound (as they have done so for many years) the Western Kingdom has been steadily rebuilding itself and creating order from the previous decades of chaos. King Ulric is approaching his majority when he becomes 'free' of his regents and king in his own right and the kingdom looks forward to that time with anticipation. The desire to see a steady dynasty restored to the kingdom has (according to rumour) inspired the 'Royal Debutante Ball of 810' being held in Winter 810 at Konigburg and the most eligible and appropriate ladies of the kingdom and near realms are expected to attend, all with eyes on the possible prize of the title 'Queen of the Western Kingdom'.

Social Information

Families and Social Groupings

Social Occasions

Throughout Alusia there are any number of avenues for amusement, recreation, sport, gambling and enjoyment of life although some are weather or seasonal dependant.

These are occasions such as

  • Fairs, Market Days, Brawling contests, Hunting, Archery contests, Tourneyments, Joustings, Cock Fighting, Wrestling Competitions / Bouts, Horse Racing, Fencing, Gambling Houses, Saints day processions, Guild Fairs, Balls for varying occasions (such as Yearly/Family/Royal/Noble/ Guilds/Events - Eg Birthdays, Coming of Age, Anniversary etc, Weddings, Funerals, Births, The Lords Ball, A Guildmaster’s Ball, A Family Ball or other such occasions.

Well known Events

Well known social events are held in the various realms across Alusia with some notable events being:

Other Information

Mercenary companies based or operating in the Western Kingdom

Newly uncovered information regarding the Western Kingdom

Middle Duchies War map.jpg

Since Information on the Western Kingdom is notoriously difficult to get hold of, gather (or simply stab with a large knife) etc I am working to flesh out more of the Western Kingdom, specifically Aladar and Aquila and as such I ask for those with interests in that area to drop me an email (through usual channels) so that we can discuss what the interest is and its current state.

We have some old info as to details prior to the baronies war (now 10 years ago) which will be used but if you have any other facts, figures, detail etc please let me know.

Cheers Chris