Western Coils of Sand and Jumping Tigers

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Adventure: Western Coils of Sand and Jumping Tigers
GM: Jono Bean
Session: Autumn 812
Night: Monday starting at 6:30pm
Location 39 Sackville Street Grey Lynn.
Level: Medium /High Level.
Information: Information from players for Jono.
House Rules: Quickness & Slowness, No 'B' Collages please

Chart of Seagate - Freetaun

The Party:

A couple of skilled thieves would be helpful to the party.

  • Tegan the female water elemental whom happens to be an Earth/Animal mage.
  • Villa a rogue of great skill, oh and cowardly E&E
  • Arwen a young beauty who is a Earth mage and slavers delight. Military Scientist and Scribe.
  • Kilroy the mighty Kilroy lending a hand with his powerful Rune magics. And Party Leader
  • Michael master of blade and flight.


Three sets of Robes of Freetown and some rings of one type or another and silver to the value of 20,000sp.


Duncan the Bold wants a high level adventuring party.


Irina of Freetaun

This group is to quietly replace some 'Western Coils of Sand' from a range of people without them knowing about it. If it was to become common knowledge that these Coils no longer worked properly it would hurt the credibility of Irina of Freetaun, which Duncan does not want to see happen. He speculates that the real 'Western Coils of Sand' have been stolen/replaced by agents of Haven, to unknown ends.

Scribe Notes:

Work in Progress - Notes (notes in regards to Guild are for player reference ... these will never be in the written notes, Arwen produces at the end of the mission) -

Guild Meeting Room - 1st of the month.

Need to complete "job" by 15th of the month. Signs indicate that Havenites will strike, possibly as early as then. Need to speak to Irina of Freetaun. Need Necrogeny or similiar to be in talking range of her (Teagan and Arwen met the requirement).

Supplied with 2 "suresafe" These are stable elements of time in potions. Need to be thrown on ground. Time will roll back several times. Only thrower will remember what happened. Boundary conditions are that the greater the number of witnesses in the area, the greater the chance the boundary will be obvious to those outside of the effect.

Duncan Bold throws a small bag of coins to Teagan.

Guild - has provided 2 stones that detect Havenites. Act as "dowsing stones" to the nearest Havenite. Range is unclear. Guild request is that we interfer with Havenites in any way possible.

Teagan is experiencing visions. Has vision #1 of Guild member walking in and placing a candle on her shoulder. Vision #2 Kilroy windwalks to her with blood flowing from his eyes.

We head to slippery rock and lent a flying carpet. Siren turns up and requests that Teagan talk to them. Requests that Teagan goes to Pasifika to help. Teagan informs them that she is required else where. Siren's agree to meet her at Slippery Rock in 2 weeks.

Leave on Flying carpet with Kilroy in command. Evening of the 1st. Teagan sets her flag to see our greatest risk within the next coming period - image of Pirates is the result.

Fun and games with unstable flying carpet.

We lack a Navigator, so are relying on multiple Rangers. To try and counter this Teagan gives herself the navigiational abilities of a Duck - oops. Given that Duck instincts are to head south for the winter and we are heading north across confederation bay... this is a problem.

Quote - "Not what it's quacked up to be" Villa on Teagan as a Duck.

Having travelled for around 8 hours several of us notice that a flying creature is attempting to attack us from behind and below. Kilroy attempts to take evasive manuevers, resulting in nearly losing party members overboard. Manticore attacks carpet and Teagan. Accuses Teagan of "stealing the master's ring". Mantiore ripes through carpet leaving Villa on a small part on his own. Manticore leaves with Teagan. Manticore disappears into the mist / night. Teagan attacks and stuns Manticore which then crashes into the ground. Teagan is nearly killed by the uncontrolled landing. Manticore does not survive the landing. Another Manticore states we will be sorry that the other Manticore was killed (although we are unaware of this at the time), and rips the carpet to shredds before leaving. Kilroy, Villa and Arwen make their own ways (using different means) to the ground. Arwen arrives first, and is lucky to survive, the ground appears to be almost tailor made to make flying lands impossible, or close to it as the locals could make it. land in narrow strip between cliff and sea. air is fill of cold iron particles. Ground is razor edged, and heavy in cold iron. Unable to draw mana. Spied on by an Imp. Arwen finds Teagan and other join. Kilroy retrieves Teagan's hat. Villa makes us invisible, and Kilroy is hunted by Manticore that tries to locate him using sound waves. Arwen and Teagan loot the Manticore - retrieve eyes (which shot lightning bolts while the Manticore was alive), tail (including poisonous spikes), belt and harness and leather armour.

Villa flys up to structure (Castle?) above and lowers down a rope. We climb up to the structure, entering through a window.

Villa supresses an E&E ward. We sneak across gargoyle room, the gargoyles do not activate. Teagan has a ghostly vision.

We follow the smell of cooking with Kilroy in the lead. We are in the lower lower basement of what is probably a Castle. come to huge storage room with 6 entrances. Cantrip the cold iron off of us. Sleep for a few hours.

2nd - Awake from rest. Unclear exactly when it goes from the 1st to the 2ndm but definitely there at this point. Spying sights Enchanted brooms, Stone Golems and Iron Golems carrying glass spheres. Guards wearing ornate armour (nature of guards is unknown). Small wooden golems walking around taking out and shaking a stick every 10feet.

Teagan bullies a curious Imp (the same as before?) that flees in terror.

- End of page 2 of notes

We prepare to leave when a construct turns and and on sighting us flees.

Exit with Kilroy towing Villa and Arwen and fly towards the Brandenburg coast. We fly over a port town with an unusually deep harbour as we cross the coast. As we head inland a serpent lie snake / lizard lands on Kilroy and barrows into him. We land and Kilroy uses Rune wall on himself to kill what turns out to be a mana worm and the eggs it has layed in him. Arwen does some Earth Mage healing on him and then we walk towards a town which has a manor house near it. On the way Arwen collects 6 mushrooms to heal with Earth Mage healing.

Town is called "Odessa". Freetaun is to the north of here. Talking to a local, said local mentions that "Smithers" can take us north by boat.

Town has a part opened portal from another world. Learn people came to close it. There is an oak tree there that allows access to the elemental planes (and some others). We have mead at a local tavern before heading back to Carrion. As we head off we sight an unnatural rock formation. A block of rock 45x45x15(high). this is a square stone block. This block of stone is on an unnaturally flat section of stone. There is a doorway at one end, a barrow perhaps?

We head off to Freetaun. Freetaun is located in a river delta. When we get there, we note that there are several ships currently in port. The town is made up of a group of islands containing fortifications, temples, residences etc. Movement between islands appears to be by boat as no bridges are in evidence. Population is probably in the order of 1500 or there abouts with another 2000 or so in the surrounding country side.

On landing and heading into town, we learn from guards at the entrance that there are currently issues with dire Wolves in the area. There is a reward for information on them. These are highly organised dire wolves that wear armour, have spell casters (fire, E&E, Wicca, Ice? + )and employ military scientists and mechanicans. The reward is 4,000sp a head (although there are also rewards for supplying information on their abilities as well).

In town we learn that as Seagate adventurers we cab receive a 15% discount in some services. We book into the Inn "Manticore Arms", and arrange for a stay of 2 weeks.

"Western Coils of Sand" While these are light and still burning, the owner cannot die. We discuss going to see Irina. Teagan talks to 2 ghosts as head out to Irina's. One ghost warns Teagan to watch out for water mages. Arwen notices a bright flash of light coming from behind some buildings as we walk. Some men turn up and get Kilroy to come with them to see their mistress.

Teagan can see vision of Mars and Cerebus, while on the way to the Witches.

As we approach the Witches abode we have to cross a ward against Lycanthropes. The Witches abode is surrounded by a moat, with a bell mounted on our side of the moat opposite the main entrance. We ring the bell for attention. As we wait for them to lower the drawbridge and let us in we come under concentrated attack from Necromancers. We survive the attacks (made by spell) and rush into the Castle. We seek an audience with Irina.

During the audience we learn the following ...

  1. 1 They create magical robes of Freetaun that can be potentially trade for.
  2. 2 They can provide protections from Death (such as the coils)
  3. 3 They can provide protection from Death Curses (but this some at a personal cost in addition to a potentially financial one.
  4. 4 They can harvest luck from one's death, and do magic with this. (such as create special potions, for example #3)
  5. 5 They create magical trinkets and amulets. Including some that are potentially unique.
  6. 6 They are offering a reward for the heads of the undead necromancers that are plaguing them and Freetaun in general.
  7. 7 The necromancers are using a giant undead jellyfish as a means of transportation.
  8. 7 They make a point of ambusing people coming to visit the witches.
  9. 8 The Necromancers keep their hearts elsewhere, next to a pool of luck.

Arwen makes sure that she remains the closest party member at all times. If you do not have protection from draining and you are the closest person to Irina, then her presence will drain the life from you.

Arwen is accused as being a Succubi (more then a bit confused over that one). State that Kilroy and Teagan and stay, but Arwen and Villa cannot. In the end all get to stay. You need amulets that the staff of the castle can provide to remain safely in some areas.

Once back in town, we pass a drunken Walrus who warns that there is rumor of a mass attack planned against Zoomala from the Sea (a slaving raid). This attack will be lead by the commander "Swordscale" who can make the night be a full moon for a league around him at will. This commander is a were-seahorse, who can take human form on a full moon, ie at will. He leads Fossagrim who are infected so that they can turn into watery humans.

-- End of Page 3 of notes --

Kilroy gets a personal bard, much to Teagan's disgust.

Note: Dire Wolves are working for different colleges in town to undermine the Wicca-E&E-Water alliance. If you want more information you are welcome to seek more at the Bardic College.

Havenites are staying in the main room of the inn we are staying at.

We go to sleep, this being the night of the 2nd. At a bit past one in the morning, a ghostly image of Irina appears disturbing the party member on watch. The party is awoken and communication is held with Irina. Informed that if we want access to Coils that are known to be good to compare against coils suspected of being tamped with, we need to visit the Sorceror Ulrich, located in a tower inside of the Jewelled Spider Woods. Irina offers letters of introduction for us to use with him. He can offer 5 coils of old enough vintage to be sure to be good. Seek to divinate them to compare against suspect coil divinate results.

Go back to sleep until 5am with Kilroy on watch. Kilroy notes there is a Guard inside of courtyard in patrol wearing twinkling leather armour. We pass him as we leave by the back gate.

Morning of the 3rd

We head to Irina's using the services of a local water mage, Duncan who acts as a ferryman aroud Freetaun.

At Irina's Kilroy sacrifices himself so that the witches can make a potion of luck for Villa to use. This potion means that for the duration of the magic any death curses that befall Villa will instead befall his relatives, of which he claims none.

After leaving Irina's we head back into town and towards the docks. Lookng for information we are sidetracked with an offer from a dodgy serpent.He offers us a number of pearls (of wisdom and knowledge) each in return for us retrieving some property stolen by a turtle and some drow.

Pearl of Knowledge (allows you to cast one spell of your college that you do not know, once for the rank of your highest ranked spell) Pearl of Wisdom (aollows you to cast one spell you you know at 1 rank higher, once)

You need to eat the pearl to invoke the magic.

Decide the best way of getting the required coils is to be rewarded with them for necromancer heads.

We call on the services of Duncan the water mage to take us to the location of the necromantic lair, he proves willing to drop us off, but not to stay around to aid in the extraction.

Entering the Necromantic lair we are deplayed by multi-layer wards (agony + raise greater undead). Villa removes them and we move into the lair. (DA triggering condition of "Living Entities"). At the centre of the lair is a huge warped world tree. Surrounded by a inner circle of warped trees which are rotating slowing around it. The world tree is surrounded by a polluted moat and on one side there is a mushroom tree and a field of mushrooms with hearts in them. The outer area is patrolled by Revenants. We fake our auras to match that of the revenants to get them to let us pass. Observing the inner sanctum we watch some sort of undead necromantic priest take a beating heart out of a corrupt mushroom, cut fat away from it and then place it back in the mushroom. There is a second priest on the stairs wrapped around the corrupted world tree. As we observe this, Teagan detects the precense of felines in tunnels below us. She spies dino riding spectral warriors. 3 Fairy Knights turn up, although they do not appear to notices us ... initially. They begin to take liquids from the moat that lays between the warped tree and the mushroom field of hearts.

We strike, several DTJs are sent towards the priests and then rest into the corrupted mushroom tree. Michael webs the priests, one of which dies from the burning web. The DTJs take down the mushroom tree (not quite what was intended). Villa Solar flares, followed by Michael sticking a rapier into a missed heart. On realising this is a bad idea, he asks Villa to pull the rapier out. Kilroy goes around collecting the necromancer heads. Recover 2 golden scykles from the priests (curse - unreasonable love for knowledge and power). Not all of the hearts were destroyed, so some of the necromancers turn up in an attempt to stop us. During the combat, a "dance of the death of hearts" is performed to the excitement of all, indeed Teagan is so excited, it proves a but much and she passes from the world to the next. All are at +3 all stats (apparently this is due to the aura we are currently under in the place of undead power)

Kilroy raises Teagan, "Oops" Maybe raising someone that died while having a rgeater undead aura in place, in an undead place of power was not such a great idea. Teagan proceeds to drain us and compel us to server her (as we also have greater undead auras currently). To avoid the compulsion, Kilroy changes his aura to human ... "Oops", 9 necromantci saves later (and not passing all) Kilroy uses an "Avoid your fate" to avoid raising Teagan in the first place. We then banish back to Kilroy's place as an exit strategy. This does not go well for Arwen, who is then killed by Kilroy's wards on arrival. It's then off to the guild to raise Teagan and Arwen.

We arrive at the Guild on the evening of the 3rd.

-- END of Page 6 of the notes --

4th, 5th and 6th are spent at the Guild getting raising, curses removed etc (there is not enough time to remove them all).

While at the Guild, curse removals are used. Spectral bugs plague and drain Kilroy, while Villa has bug dreams, he is given a rock to help protect him during sleep. Kelsie sees a portal guarded by a giant bug. We have some fun and games in the guild vaults getting rid of them.

We fly to Freetaun, on the night of the 6th. Arriving too late to enter the town we camp outside for the night.

We find ourselves surrounded by direwolves, howling as they circle into us. Seeking missile globes begin to rain down near us (from Seige artillary), and the missiles from them race towards us, thankfully the protects we have against scrying etc mean they cannot lock onto us, and as they near they stop and circle on the spot looking for a target. A golem steps out of another globe carrying a basilisk globe and starts moving towards us slowly (some what confused by the protections on us). Arwen puts up a wall of stone around us, to provide us with some cover. The golem releases the basilisk, and Kilroy distracts it with some meat. Villa in the meantime finds himself held in place by a telekinesis that is string thenr his. 4 Dire wolves (wearing leather armour and utility belts) leap over the wall onto Michael, only to immediately flee in terror (apparently one of Michael's curses is of use.

Villa keeps spinning around in the air. resulting in a comment from Arwen of "villa keeps dropping on my head" to the tune of "Raindrops keep falling on my head"

The Basilisk sleeps the food off. Kilroy turns into a Wolf (why?) and then flees the party due to Michael's presence. Villa vomit crystallises and turns white, DA "Winter's garden". The Dire wolves withdraw, and some dawn the Freetaun guard arrive to escort us into town. We walk into town this dawn of the 7th of Fruit. We determine that a curse Villa is under means that he and everyone around him is on +20 on all die rolls while attempting magic (ouch). A man form Irina arrives to greet us.

As we walk into town an otter approaches Teagan, to discus her "otter dancing" for him. apparently this prevents fire for quite some time. Teagan has not heard of this before, but wants to learn. This is an employment opportunity for Teagan if she chooses to follow it up. Villa learns that he has attracted the attention of the "Mistress of Pain", for which there is an outstanding reward.

A representative of the Freetaun council arrives to offer us 27,400sp for disposing of the undead necromancers, and we receive 600sp from the Necromancers Guild (ie from the Necromancers we just took out's representative) for information on the Dire Wolves. We also receive an Amulet of Fatigue (+3 fatigue, only works with Blackened Ranke Around or Freetaun Robes).


We head to Irina's to get a guide to take us to a portal we can use to get near the edge of the Jeweled Spider Woods. The portal is in some ruins on an island further up the river. Due to the river being dangerous we fly. As we are about to take off, Carrion turns up to chat about what he has learnt about the Dire wolves. As we fly it is noted that a grey cloud is following Villa. As we come into land on the island it is noted that it is infested with goblins. Appearantly they are well aware of the portal (which goes to multiple different destinations) which they use to raid into other locations. Some of these goblines (60 or so) are loading goods into barges. The Rune gate is in a lower basement of the castle ruins and as such is underwater at high tide or there abouts. To reach it take the northeast staircase by the chapel. As we come into land, Teagan losses control and flies into the part of the ruins occupied by the goblins. She is pin cushioned with arrows. In response Michael lands on a goblin killing it. As Kilroy lands the leader of the Goblins comes up and greet this well known hero, thanking him for answering his summons. (news to us) He asks that we deal with the 3 undead necromancers that have driven them out of their home. (2 survivors from our earlier strike, and a goblin they 'recruited') We quickly determine that they are no longer in the ruins having left through the portal. The goblin king tries to reqard us with Goblin babies for us to cook and eat. We all turn down the generous offer.

We then fly to Ulric the Sorcerer's tower in the woods.

People and Places

Duncan the Bold - Employer for the assignment.

Irina - Head of the Witches Coven of Freetaun

Ulrich the Sorcerer

Duncan of Freetaun, a water mage of Freetaun who provides a 'water taxi' service.


Treasure Distribution on adventure. Here is a PDF version.

Item # Ar Te Ki Mi Vi Final Pick?
Hair Braiding Enchantment 1 Y Y
Amulet of Bloodstone 1 Y Y
Robes of Freetown (Adjepbar veil style) 1 Y Y
Black Armour of Ranke (currently borrowed by Villa) 1 Y Y
Black Mace 1
Fine Leather Cloth and Padded Armour 1 1 Y
Potion of Demon Summoning 1 1 Y
Large Gut Buster 1 1 Y
Spirit of the Blue Rhino 1 1 Y
Amulet of Luck 6 1 1 1 2 1 Y
Amulet of Amethyst 1 1 Y
Corrs Enchanted Key 1 1 Y
Ring of Ion 1 1 Y
Twisted Adepts Ring of Protection 1 1 Y
Robe of Freetown (Purple & Gold) 1 1 Y
Robe of Freetown (Red & Gold) 1 1 Y
Corrs Enchanted Collar 1 1 Y
Leather 1 1 Y
Suresafe Potion 2
Small bag of coins 1 1 Y
Stone of Havenite Detection 2
Pearl of Knowledge 10 2 2 2 2 2 Y
Pearl of Wisdom 10 2 2 2 2 2 Y
Necromancer Heads (can be traded for rewards) 11
Amulet of +3 fatigue (works with specific armours) 1
Tiger Idol - provides immunity to charm possibly / eventually 1 1
Tiger Idol - makes vulnerable to Tiger charm, or does it? 1 1
Tiger Idol - force form? allows duck transform? protection form Imps? 1 1
Tiger Idol - protection from the disease of lycanthropy 1 1
Tiger Idol - allows learning to speak to Tigers 1 1
Drink from Freya's fountain 5 1 1 1 1 1
Girdle of Kidney Protection - Gift from Freya 1 1 Y
Amulet of protection from transformation for a carried child - Gift from Freya 1 1 Y
Rune Shield - Gift from Freya 1 1 Y
Empty Vial for storing tears to give other's courage - Gift from Freya 1 1 Y
? - Gift from Freya 1 1 Y
Golden Scykle 2
Staff of Harming (was Staff of Withering) 1
Silver Goblets (#120) 1
Round Shield (#125) 1
Bag of Pearls (#138) 1
Cushion (#139) 1
Wooden Spoon (#140) 1
Sick Mongoose 1 1
Tiger-Spider Snake 1 1
Scroll (#141) 1
Manticore parts (bunch) 1
Enchanted Weapon Coil 1
Ring of Winds 1
Amulet of Unluck 2
Amulet of Not My Fate 2
Amulet of Raido 1
Amulet of Sowelo 3
Amulet of Bloodstone 1
Amulet of Chelsony 1
Amulet of Bethony 1
Ring (#3) 1
Strange Ornate Squares (#143) 1
2 Pieces of Rope (#136) 1
Enchanted Swords Guard (#44) 1
Bone Dagger (#49) 1
Rapier (#37) 1
Ring of Vast (#13) 1
Water from Freya's Fountain 6 1 1 1 1 1

27400sp + 600sp (Freetaun Council + Necromantic Guild info)


Magic Rk Effects Dur Ar Ki Te Vi
Strength of Stone 16 +16 Endurance 17 hrs Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth 16 +34 Defence , +1 Damage Reduction 8.5 hrs Y - - -
Rune Shield 20 +25 Def, +5 AP 21 hours - Y Y Y
Quickness 16 +20 IV, +5 TMR 95 min, as required
Enhanced Enchantment 10 Adds up to 10 ranks to Range, Duration, BC or Damage 60 sec, as required


Autumn 812wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting Leave from Slippery Rock 2 In Castle in the sea 3 At Freetaun - fight the necros 4 Curse removal at guild 5 Curse removal at guild 6 Curse removal at guild
Moon2.jpg 7 Direwolves (morning), Ulric the Sorcerer's Tower (evening) 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon3.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon0.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon1.jpg 28 29 30  
Autumn 812wk: Harvest (5)
  1 2 3 4
Moon2.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon3.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon1.jpg 26 27 28 29 30  
Autumn 812wk: Vintage (6)
  1 2
Moon2.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon3.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon1.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest
Winter 812wk: Frost (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 2 3 4 5 6
Moon3.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon0.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon1.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon2.jpg 28 29 30