Wedding Preparations

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GM: Terry
Night: Wednesdays for a few weeks, starting 15th Jan (this is a fill-in game while Paul is away terrorising the natives in Kenya)


Season: Summer 814wk

  • Prudence Smith played by Julia
  • Kaitlin Hill borne played by Clare
  • Gnashdar played by Chris
  • Elgar played by Neil

Day One

Gnashdar hires Prue and Kaitlin (and others) to go to Castle Black aka Castle Erewhon in Erewhon and sort out problems before the wedding of Turf (the theoretical/possible Baron of Erewhon]] and Ithilmor (the theoretical well behaved bride to be aka Bridzilla) as some are expected, while others will just happen.

We travel via sea between Seagate and Gullet Hollow arriving one week later. We travel by horse up to the castle and are given quarters before meeting with the Seneschal.

Meeting with Argent the dwarf. He is harried and flustered. He wants to employ us to investigate two problems,

  • ghosts in the kitchen
  • and oddly a tall bear with arms in the woods.

Argent seems keen to keep any loot we find after some haggling it settle is on "Turf can keep reasonable loot". I am unimpressed but the others seem unconcerned.

Things are looking up when Argent calls for the dishy Lt Message to show us around. Sadly it is a short walk to the secondary kitchens to meet with Francis.

Into the haunted corridor

Francis seems like a smart no nonsense type, she tells us her story over a glass of good port.

Some of her people had been running from the kitchen in panic attacks. At first Francis had written it off as youthful silliness, then it happened to her. None of the kitchen staff will return to the kitchens.

We set ourselves up in the Kitchen, hoping to meet with the ghosts.

After some hours of boredom and poor food choices by the orc, everyone is feeling sleepy when Kaithlin spots a skeletal rat. It's easily dispatched. Everyone is now on high alert Gnashdar notices not only a rat but a rat hole.

Venturing outside, Racka the Sargent on duty shows us into a storeroom behind the kitchen, No Rats!

Scrying through the hole we see a corridor with a door into the kitchens. No thought for our safety into the haunted corridor we go.

We come to a round room with a large box in the centre. The rats are inserting small bones into a slit in the box. It is making a sickly grinding crepitous rasp. Lifting the cover off the box it is discovered to be a bone box.

Biff bam crash. !

Gnash deals the box a mighty blow

The box bites back

So this is what agony feels no wonder people don't like Necromancy.

Oh good 4 skeletons. A quick audit of our gear shows that we don't have a lot of big smash weapons.

A big fight ensues. We barely make it out alive.

On escape its back to report to the lovely lieutenant.

Alarm Alarm

The whole castle is awakened. It transpires that we are the only ones who can see the door or the corridor.

Turf insists that we must immediately return and remove the box. Buffs and healing are arranged.

Bravely the box is procured. As we head down the corridor a ghostly figure apparition attacks, luckily we are buffed and kick butt.

The castellan takes the box from us and it is time for sleep.

Into the faye

Argent is in a fluster as the special flowers picked in the lower meadows are being taken by pickies. Also the rangers in town have captured a large hairy man in from the meadows where he was found sleeping. Travelling to the Rangers in the village we meet ranger gerald who shows us the beast. It turns out to be a gentle forest creature known as a Yeti.

There has been a misunderstanding and the Yeti is a guild member known as Scab. The townsfolk release him to us on the proviso that we are responible for anything he does. Scab was put to sleep in the field where the flowers grow and can show us the way.

We ready overselves for meeting pikies with many mighty magics. And a large amount of booze. Afterawhile the fae are overcome by curiousty and come to drink the booze. It transpires that the fairy tree they live by is sick and they are using the magical flowers to heal it.

We want to help but are 5ft too tall

The fae come up with a cunning plan... They go and steal a magic sword from their village then they challange gnash to a duel. We shrink...

Many cunning plans are made to shift the booze. Then much of the grog gets consummed.

I hug the tree and have a vision of its future. The tree is going to die Then a weasel attackes us .. The weasel dies Scab divinates the tree using the entrails.. The tree is going to die.

Investitation show that healing the tree using the flower petals from the afore mentioned flowers does infact heal the tree a little.

Eventually we find a door into the heart of the tree.. in we go. ESP tells us that there are 3 minds inside the tree which are in agony.

Bravely we rush forth to sort this out.. Encountering a piky impalled on a spike inside the tree and accompanied by some badies we engage in combat. Sadly we are unable to rescue the little fae

There are alcoves covered in wax. I have a go at deciphering them but to no avail.

Onward to the next mind. The is another pikcy this time suspended on a stalamite of sap, amber coloured above and blood coloured below.. again we engage in combat again we are victorous. Sadly we are unable to save the fae.

The tree does not appear to be cured so we bravely venture forth.

The next room has a piksy in a large cloak , We charge, it is a trick, Kat gets charmed,

Shock horror there is a large evil wasp hiding in the cloak behind the fae. It summons minions to kill us. There is a swarm of little wasps and they cover us in wax. Making it impossible to breath or cast.

It is a hard fight we are unable to save the little fae. The wasp dies.

While healing the tree the time is taken to roll in the magic sap We find a crown and return it to the piksy village.

Big party for a week. While they appoint new tree gardians and the effects of the challege wear off

fixing the well

The water from the village well is brakish. I volunteer to be lowered into the well in a bucket to look. Halfway down the well I remember that I am a water mage. We can walk down the river to where part of it goes underground and find the well.

I have done this before silly me.

At the bottom of the well we find leiutenant messer tied up with large pins through him and the remains of atleast one other victim. He has a beard of atleast 3 weeks growth. He is carefully knocked out and secereted back to castle black.

The girls go out to spy on the other fake Messer. We spend the most part of a day following him round and checking on things. It is decided not to go to anyone in the castle about this as we don't know who else might be a dopleganger. Then we have a brillant idea.

Send a card to turf letting him know that his old friend Scab is here and wants to talk to him. Eventually we get out message through.

It pisses off a large number of courtiers and staff but we are allowed in to see Turf. We pass him a note which reads 'there is a doppleganger' Turf makes time to speak to us privately.

He is alarmed and sends out people to arrest Messer.

There are people in Castle black with DA which we don't have. They tell us that the fake Messer was a flesh golem and the pins are transferring memorys from the real messer to the fake.

We wangle a dinner invitation with Turf.

This pisses even more people off

At dinner we mention the lack of payment. Turf promises that we will be paid

fire pearls

The next day we head down to Gullet Hollow to neet with. He tells us that the last delivery from the mine in Gallows Wood missing. We offer to transport the next delivery of supplies to the mine while we go looking for the missing goods. Expected wedding materials due to be delivered by the Brevdice trading concern (the Felice Trading Company.

The afternoon is spent driving a cart through the woods on the way to the mine. In the evening we find a likely spot and make camp. During the night the ghot of the rider sent to deliver the fire pearls comes to haunt us.

He was set upon by goblins around here as he was heading into Gullet hollow. We agree to avange his death and immediately comence the hunt for the goblins. First we lift the cart off the road so as to render it difficult to steal.

The goblin camp

Scab the shy and retireing forest creature easily deals with a sentry on the road. He uses the skin of the fallen gablin to transform Gnash into a goblin and he bravely goes in alone to reconioter the goblin lair. Unfortuneately goblins don't have much health and are vicious. Gnash makes it back to the rest of us in one piece.

Scab flies in invisible and takes out the other guard.

Then we all piled in. Combat ensues, The goblins have a mind mage and two direwolf / hellhounds... okay they were definitely immolated. We are victorius.

Questioing the golbins it is discovered that they had spread disease throughout the mine

The mines

The next day we head up to the mines - they are keen to dispense justice upon the goblins. Who are summarily hung. We clear the mine of disease and cure the miners. Deliver the goods and return to town heros with all the paperwork in correct order.

Back to Castle Black

Headubg back to Castle BLack we find that they had taken delivery of some statues that they are having trouble moving.

A quick instill flight and strenght potion later we make short order of the task.


  • Argent a 4'2" dwarf. Senior management
  • Francis the head cook a hobbit
  • Leitentant Message
  • Turf
  • Sargent Racka
  • Ranger Gerald
  • Vor
  • asser and a assad - fairies
  • Galler
  • Sargent Elnd
  • taiann the Elvis guard
  • Johan the sennishal
  • isha the tailors assistant
  • lady entan


  • Amulet of Animation x4
  • Goblin teeth
  • Dead mans hand
  • whatever the goblins had in the way of armour and weapons
  • amulet of luck