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Waterford is a Duchy east of Tuscana, north of the Sea of Grass and south of Elfenburg and south of the Dwarven stronghold of Azadmere. The Duchy has three Counties: Pevensey, Almwick and Dunstanburg

Pevensy is run by Clare, Alnwick by Julia McSpadden and Dunstanburg by Bridget Jane Dymock.


Pevensey is a largely human area with elves in the mountains to the west and dwarves in the far north. The county seat is at Pevenston. The local language is Saxony, but most merchants speak enough Common to sell you stuff.

(I've lent my Pevensey maps and other info to Gordon will update when I get them back - Clare) (Clare's slightly water-damaged maps and info are currently with me and I'll have a go at digitising the maps --Errol 09:50, 15 Sep 2006 (NZST))


  • Edric: Earl of Pevensey
  • Matild: Lady of Pevensey
  • Godric - Eldest Son & Heir of Pevensey
  • Estrild - Only Daughter of Edric & Matild
  • Oswald, Youngest son - Founder of the Hormikleton Fortifications
  • Henry the Illustrious, Celestial Mage, venerable
  • Harold - Lord of Horsham
  • Robert Llanggan - Master of Horsham & Mikleton (currently residing in Hell - remind us to get him out in Spring 807WK - after a year and a day of service).


A Map of SE Pevensey

Forest of Hormikleton

Until recently a quiet little forest (five miles across) between Horsham & Mikleton. In 803wk a party ventured there as an aside to escort Lord Oswald of Pevensey into a trap. Their purpose was to rout the miscreants that had plotted to kidnap Lord Oswald. It turns out that the miscreants were agents of The Dark Circle and they had slaughtered the village in the forest to raise them as Zombies and Ghouls. The party tangled with these agents, who sported a vampire, and got young Oswald out of trouble.

Even though he was still a boy, the lord carried the guilt of the slaughter with him and vowed vengence. He sued for the right to fortify the area when he received reports of more supernatural activity.

Autumn 804wk: Another party was hired to 'sort out' the problem and return Oswald to his mother's loving arms. They uncovered an old (100 year) doom set over the forest.

The scribe notes will be in the library soon. (Notes are MIA, Bernard to provide summary --Errol 09:50, 15 Sep 2006 (NZST))

It is a haven from The Dark Circle and is not affected by it. Neither can it be affected by The Powers of Light or Dark. Mortals in the forest lose any memory of or link to The Powers. All abilities that are derived from Powers do not work in this area.

Pevensey Towns


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